inhale hi all. james here. um, swallow i'm currently travelling abroad, i just woke up, but i wanted to sit down and make a video adressing everything thats been going on right now. um..because i owe everybody an explanation inhale but most importantly, i owe two important people apology. swallow to tati and james westbrook sorry. for everything that is going on and everything that i have put you through over the past few weeks. inhale AND exhale i met tati and james almost three years ago now, when I was first coming into the industry and i had no friends and nobody to talk to or look up to, and tati, very quickly, took on a parental role with me because she knew my parents were accross the country. inhale and swallow over the past few years of knowing her family, her and her husban have given me so much love, and advice and oppurtunities, and a place to stay and a shoulder to cry on at 3:00 in the morning, and support when nobody else would or wanted to. and it stutter and im so dissapointed in myself that I ruined our relationship that did mean so much to me. even if i didnt do the best job of showing it all the time. and throughout all of this, what sucks the most is that i know there is nothing i can say or do to earn that friendship or trust back. but i dont blame them for it. um...a lot of my, most of my career over the past few years has been about me making mistakes and trying to learn and grow from them. and i havent always done the best job of that. i can admit that. um...but i have always tried because i know there's a lot of people watching me and a lot of people look up to me as a role model. Tati as well who is an amazing person and truly does want the best for everybody around her I'm so disappointed in myself. a lot of times when i had to address things in the past, i've acted out of impulse, and i've got off and try to pull screenshots and try to play the victim breathes and i'm not doing that today. im sorry.