Guild Name : We The North Tag : 6ix Leaderboard : Top 18 NA

Who are we:

  • LARGEST Canadian based guild. Hello newcomers, do you think you have what it takes to join one of the top guilds in NA? Well you found us! We The North is Lvl 9, and #18 on the NA GVG leader board. We are undefeated, active and have recently won against the top 16th, 8th and working against 2nd place guild.

Some things we have are, 200 people (and growing) on our discord community, where you can play customs, skrims with other guilds, 5 man ranked games, bots for the discord, and much more! We are all inclusive of ranks, so don't feel left out, come join in on the fun and action! We have FREE SKIN GIVEAWAYS!!! Our next giveaway ends on Dec 30th, we are also looking for staff if you would like to help build up the server, for more details message KindKoby#0001.

We would love to see you join our community! See you in the rift.


  1. No requirements for rank/elo, everyone is welcome! Please be active through out the weeks.
  2. Armed beginning of the week for GvG (150 points minimum)

What we offer/bragging rights:

  • Top 18 NA Guild Leaderboard
  • Free Coaching (From Diamond + Players)
  • Scrims and In-house
  • Potential Competitive Team in the make (Including Manager and Coaches
  • Every rank up to Challenger
  • Established community not an unorganized Guild ( Multiples staffs within the discord server to keep things in check)
  • More to come.


  • It is mandatory to join our Discord in order to be accepted in game. We are active and work together to gain as much as we can as a team. If this sounds like something you want to be apart of, we welcome you.

Inquiries and Applications: KindKoby#0001 or RengarBoy#1468