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Nice & Active Community ✦ 24/7 VC ✦ Relaxed Atmosphere ✦ NSFW ✦ Meet New People ✦ Custom Bots & AI ✦ And more!
This is a place where you can meet new people, socialize and make new friends! This server is a great choice for single people, dating, memes, music and everything^^ This is a really friendly place and we would be really happy if you join our server ^*^ 18+
A minecraft server discord
Hi there, we are a small fantasy Rp server which your creativity will matters. The server is in development so we are open for suggestion and we will see if it's agreed or not. Come, and enjoy our community and the RP ^^.
Community server! * Rythm, Tatsumaki, Nadeko * Color roles * Easy going & creep free! * Watching movies together or playing CaH * Support text channel Perfect for shy people! Anime and gaming are frequent topics
This is a gaming based server. Join the server to find players for your game. Hope u enjoy a lot with our server
This is a server open to Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to discuss whatever you want. This is not an official site.
In the year 2102 after the nuclear war of 2053 people start to come back to the United States, or what's left. The Nuclear War Of 2053: After years of peace treaties and breakups Russia went to war with China. China was a strong fighter but it wasn't enough. North Korea joined the war on China's side. France was in a peace treaty with Russia, Germany, and Netherlands , this convinced France to help Russia. The United States already was at a small war with China so they jumped on Russia's side and convinced the UK to do so too. Then North Korea Launched 5 nukes, 3 headed towards America. The majority of the citizens died. The remainder stayed in bunkers. This was now considered World War III. France retreated and the UK was also nuked. This left Russia defenseless and China and North Korea banded up and with their new land made Slovankia
Welcome to Edge of Insanity! We aim to create a comfortable and fun chat environment for everyone and anyone who joins. Don't go too insane here 😉.
Official Discord Partner! A fast growing and diverse community! ✦Gaming✦Movies✦Music ✦Anime✦Events✦ The best place to meet and make new friends! Ages 14+
Servidor de Rainbow Six Siege dedicado aos players Brasileiros
Senox et nyt dansk gaming fællesskab med fokus på turneringer, at finde nogle nye venner med samme interesse som en selv, og bare have det sjovt.
Discord para os amantes gamers de Leageu of Legends, PUBG, GTA, Apex Legends, Free Fire, Fortnite, Cs Go e demais jogos
Uma comunidade de Fortnite Batlle Royale focada em Customs. Para mais informações entra no server e receberás uma mensagem sobre tudo o que tens de saber.
A friendly arts and crafts community for everyone! We have channels for knitting, crochet, drawing/painting, 3d crafts, origami/papercraft, food art, jewelry, ect!
we are a growing community that is based on a growing twitch channel that you can shape and expand to a bigger more open audience and if there is something you don't like or want in just ask the mods/admins or the owner himself
we are a growing community is based on a growing twitch channel that you can shape and expand to a bigger more open audience and if there is something you don't like or want in just ask the mods/admins or the owner himself
This is the Hungry Gentleman Club! Which is a vore server focused on male predators~ Namely of the more masculine kind, all species welcome, all preferences welcome! Just keep in mind this place isn't for discussion of female predator stuff. We have roleplay channels, art channels and writing channels, plus various other misc channels so hopefully there's something for everyone!
Buy and sell accounts etc ... 😀💲💰 😀💲😀 Account for Account and Account for Money Offers! And more Chat with many users!! Talk about games and find a partner to play with! Post imaged and all!
A cozy server for (relatively) mature people to hang out and build friendships.
Welcome To Cryptic Community, This Community Server, is a fun server, and active server. If you want to talk gaming you can talk about gaming. If you want support we are here to support. and if you feel depressed or sad, We have a therapy staff.
✫ A new community centered around dark humor that features a premium, professional feel ✫
We are a server dedicated to the discussion of legal and illegal substances. We don't promote the use, however we do want to spread hard reduction methods
Hey you amazing human, I just wanted to give you a warm welcome as you make yourself comfortable in The Den’s Discord! Here, we are just a bunch of goofy, positive, and open-minded people who are coming together to create this welcoming community for everyone to enjoy!
A friendly community all about anything Epic Mickey and Disney-history related!
The mostest Rawesome place on Discord! Community of
An amazing community! Free spotify accounts, staff positions available, mini games, growing community, everyone is friendly! Join today! <3
Welcome to a Day in the life! A newly created Anime community where you can discuss topics and make new friends!
A server for all fans and discussions of the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe!
A server dedicated to anything and everything related to the popular Nintendo franchise, Mario!
Sub Rosa Underground is a gaming community focused on modded Sub Rosa events.
A server for people who are bored and shy. Unable to make friends then just join, maybe you can find some new people to interact with.
A friendly community of folks chatting and having fun, Pokémaniacs , Yugi Lunactics are all welcome!. Also a thriving Role Play communitty. Join us!! You won't wanna leave once you do!!
Hey everyone who is 18 and over. Are you tired of joining discord servers, and you are confronted with drama etc? If so join our community. We are only 18+ meaning that anyone under the age of 18 can't join the server. I myself wanted this change, and I made the server for this reason. Meeting people my own age on Discord. Why not come check us out? We have a few amazing bots, and a server suggestion channel so that we can improve our server in anyway possible. Whether it be bots or extra channels. We don't mind. I look forward to meeting everyone. :)
We're a small, tight-knit community of gamers who believe in making the world a better place. We support charities close to our hearts, host giveaways, and are always looking to become the best community we can be and meet YOUR needs and what you may want in a streaming community.
The Largest Artix Entertainment fan server. We are a family friendly community that provide in-game help, giveaways, events and more. Come join our family today!
This is a Minecraft Network with has a good community behind it, we currently have many gamemodes being worked on. But currently only Skyblock is on a OPEN BETA. It has many custom features that you don't see anywhere else, especially all at once! We are creating other amazing gamemodes for everyone to play.
Looking for a server where you can feel free to make jokes? 🤯 Looking for a friendly and active community with all kinds of people? 🎉🍃 We have all that and much more! Feel free to join us and share your adventures, hobbies, passions! 😎 Ready to make friends and deal with randoms online? 🔥😱 ➷ - Active voice-chats! 📞 - Active community! 🕶🤯 - Giveaways and events! 💰🎉 - Self-roles! 🏝 - Games! 🕹💣 - Selfies & Memes Channel 📸 & Much More in The Future! What are you waiting for? 😱 You found us! Join now and feel free to invite your friends, the more the better! 🎉 We’re waiting, don’t disappoint us! ❤️
Friendly slime community for the discussion and play of online multiplayer https://SLIME.LOL Suitable for all ages. Hang out and make friends with other slimers. Interact with the developers. Invite friends to level up ranks and unlock in-game exclusives! Help us shape the game with your input and cultivate excellence.
A fun place for Dan & Phil fans to chat and make friends.
A semi serious roleplay server with custom clans, Creekclan, Fernclan, Pebbleclan. The server has around 30 members and is growing still. The roleplay has been going on for over a year and is going strong. We all love to see a new face. Stop on by if you want to rp or just want to hang out.
Earn bitcoin by using Crypto browser! Its that easy.
League of Legends Organization
A dating server for all that's only for the ages 13-17. No 18+ allowed unless approved and is not some creep.
A community for those identifying as female or non-binary who love women. Greetings from Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. We are a growing home for women loving warriors looking for a safe place to meet others with shared interests, relax, and have fun. ⭐ Weekly fun activities hosted by our events committee ⭐ Regular voice chats 💗 Heated science debates 💗 Dedicated team of 12+ staff members 💗 Channels including hall of fame (for hilarious out of context quotes), to those aimed at lovers of games, food, animals, memes and more. What better place than Themyscira for wlw? Located on Paradise Island itself, hidden from man so the Amazons may live and train (play) in peace.
A friendly gaming server with a focus on League of Legends, StarCraft II, Space Engineers, and Osu! Come hangout and have fun~ Active staff, with members mostly on after 5pm CST.
My Community Discord for all you Twitch Followers and Fans.
WARNING!! If you can read this, you're not human! Go, before it's too late! If you're still reading, don't say we didn't warn you... Welp. You're a demigod. Greek? Roman? We don't know yet. Wherever you go, just know that it's a dangerous world out there. Monsters hide in plain sight, and if you're not careful, you'll be their dinner. Follow the address on the back of this note, if you want any chance of survival... ❂╍╍╍╢☷☷☷☷☷☷☷☷☷➤ ⇝ Welcome to camp! We have both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, created in a balanced way! We try to stick close to canon, but we allow plenty of room for creativity! ⇢ A unique power system! ➻ Frequent quests, war games, and activities! ⇸ Quality characters and creative storylines! ➵ A welcoming, open community! We're all friends here, and your voice will be heard! ☛ An active LGBTQA+ community and characters!!
Em's pillow fort is a server for making friends and eating chalk, have fun playing with glue and chalk :)
The 65th Illinois is a war of rights union battalion. We are a mostly casual group always looking new members who just wanna have fun. We have events almost daily for both NA and EU. Our promotion system is one that awards regular attendance.
This server is for Content Creators and Fans to have a platform for discovery and community development. The goal of this server is to be a hub for Streamers, Youtubers and Gamers, but of course this server isn't exclusively for them, we still plan on making this into a community server. Additional goals involves potential charity events, helping smaller servers grow, and becoming self sustainable and capable of sponsoring creators.
This Server will be the best server you will ever join. It may be small, but it has everything and active staff and we plan on growing so big. We have countless channels and roles. And so many fun subjects to talk about and many great emojis. Join to help us get big. If you join and stay more people will join and we will become active.
CrusTi's Discord for Rhythm Games and Twitch Streams.
Come join the server! It’s a fun, friendly community. The server was designed to act as a chat room white multiple channels to use. There’s bots such as pòkecord & rhythm bot on the server - as well as multiple topic channels. Such as; anime music, games etc. LOOKING FOR MODS! We also support promoting, especially for small streamers!!!
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