Minecraft: ABDL Server


In the event that you play Minecraft, and are an ABDL, 'The Pad Shack' is pleased to announce that a ABDL themed Minecraft server is being worked on. And even if you're not an ABDL, you're welcome to join.


Much like the rules of our Discord community server, don't breach the ToS (terms of service), and don't be rude. As much as we'd like everyone to respect each others, do bear in mind that griefing is allowed on unclaimed territory in-game. Just be mindful of others. :3


The head admin, has recently upgraded their server with more RAM, allocating 12GB of it to the Minecraft server. However, in the phase of making a Minecraft server, we're still unsure whether to play Vanilla, or modded. Therefore, we'd like our members to decide!

Join our community today!