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Great server.

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Great server.

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Abstrato Update 1.5

  • Added new "games" category and 8 channels/games, now you talk about that.
  • New emojis update. ❤️

Abstrato Update 1.4.1

  • Fixed new suggestions channel. Now you can do command *suggest to give some ideas on Abstrato. 🙌 (Only on bots-space)
  • Added new more channels on Art and Fun category.

Abstrato Update 1.4

  • Added new categories for Art, Explicit, Rules and the new Afk Dance.
  • Added Afk Dance for inactive members.
  • Removed 2 voice-chats.
  • New freedom voice channels in Meow me.
  • New Sunset text and voice channels improved on Skies category.
  • Now all channels have legends. Much more easy to use.
  • New roles available by owners. Yey. ✅

Abstrato Update 1.3

  • New NSFW channel. 💜
  • Added more music bots. (3 bots are free, 1 is restricted, so only DJ role can use more on restricted one.)
  • Fixed new amount of dedotated wam on giveaways.
  • New emojis.

Abstrato Update 1.2

  • Added new channels in "Flash news" category with rules and relax zone.
  • Something new is coming. Hehe
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