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Welcome to ainstorn,a new public rp server

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Welcome to ainstorn,a new public rp server

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Pokemon, Furry, Avian Roleplay ✤ Art Gallery ✤ Character Bios ✤ Philosophy ✤ Be Hypnotized!!
Hello! I'm looking to recruit several mature individuals for an original Titanfall story! Don't worry about jumping into the middle of the action though. Nothing will start until enough members have joined. Until that time comes, I would like to work with existing members to build the server up. I have many ideas and I can use your help to make them a reality. My vision for the server is as follows; A small contained group that will work with each other's life style and meet on dates scheduled ahead of time. A mixture of freeform and turn based Roleplay. A reward system and stats that encourages character growth. Two sides to a story that ends instead of one that's goes on with no end in sight. A few things that I ask of those interested is that you be 18 or over. It's not because I plan on there being heavy Gore or sexual interactions between characters, but rather I'm looking for adults and that you behave as such. Roleplay first, chatting second.
Welcome to THE KILLING TIME, a horror / demon / ghosts / ghost hunters / psychic RP game.
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welcome to Kester, City, with High crime level. the city is still young, but perfect place for criminals. there are some cops too. their job is the hardest... come over here, take a look, you can be innocent, criminal, police, or whatever on your mind! currently we just need more players to begin! everyone can join! and if we will start, you can always move for the city after sometime :D *The server has NSFW, but it wont focus it* **Verification System using reCAPTCHA. if you have any issue, you can create a ticket, or dm me,
Welcome to Political Roleplay 2! This is a online political roleplaying server that takes place in the democratic United States of America. Here you can choose and pursue your own political career and change the course of the United States. You can be a senator, diplomat, military official, or even become the president of the United States. It's your path and your choice to make. This roleplay is meant to be as realistic as possible and to be a fun and a learning experience for everyone. History has been the same up until 2016 and the way politics is run in this server is the same as it is in real life. 🇺🇲 1 day in real life equals to 15 days in the roleplay. So presidential elections / 4 years are every 96 days in real life. Midterm elections / 2 years are every 48 days.
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