We created this project with the mission of distributing wealth. The complete collection consists of 10,000 NFTs, which will be minted in blocks of 100 NFTs at a time. Each block has a reference price which increases every time a new block is produced. Our Algorithm establishes the price of each of our NFTs based on the rarity of the NFT itself, the reference price and therefore the block to which the NFT itself belongs. This will allow the owners of our NFTs to have a product in continuous inflation and whose appreciation will be guaranteed by the algorithm itself. For example, if I bought an NFT belonging to block #200 - #300 I will have paid less than if I bought an NFT with the same rarities but belonging to block #5000 - #5100 this represents a certain investment for the future.

With the profits obtained from the sale of our NTFs we have organized a distribution that will feed our asset allocation destined to 90% for the purchase of Cryptocurrencies, thus holding important and inflationary assets. We have also decided to donate 10% of our total profits to a cause that is dear to many people, we will burn LUNC (Luna Classic) through the dead wallet provided by Terra-Money.

The same assets will be distributed to our network managers in particular to the Marketing Social Channels Team, Team Programming, Website Developers Team, Team Risk Management and finally Development of new projects.

With these premises we hope that the project is of interest to you and we invite you to join the DISCORD channel to participate in the countless initiatives we organize. Take advantage of the "ref a friend" service to immediately get one of our NFTs from our collection as a gift. Otherwise you can participate in the lottery which will draw 5 lucky winners of our NFTs from our collection. In addition, the NFT Holders have access to a private channel on our discort server. JOIN NOW!