We have several events this week to take note of - INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!

WEEKLY EVENTS: Guided Meditation with Gabe - TUESDAY @ 4:PM EST https://discord.gg/bs2zhME7?event=1019244507969114232

(Want to support Amaru and get access to recorded sessions and more? Now you can sign up straight from Discord and access your perks here! SUPPORT AMARU: https://discord.com/channels/631889857786150913/role-subscriptions )

WEDNESDAY @ 4 EST Hang out with Lex, watch her create awesomeness, and draw whatever your heart desires! https://discord.gg/bs2zhME7?event=1019606843779190785

THURSDAY @ 1 EST EXCLUSIVE: Continued Mindfulness Workshop - Join Gabe and our Supporters to work on the practical application of mindfulness and self-care techniques. Accountability furthers the impact and we help each other stay on track! (SEE PREMIUM TOP LEFT CORNER) https://discord.com/events/631889857786150913/1020030753444221039

FRIDAY @ 3 EST Fireside Writing - [WEEKLY CREATIVE PROMPTS!] let’s super-power some awesome lore, fan fiction, and use PROMPTS to inspire creativity! https://discord.gg/bs2zhME7?event=1020331565500346439

And LAST but not least, DAILY GROUP HANGOUTS: We hang out and game every day after school/work! Join us in the VCs and participate in some fun casual group games or just have some laughs with the awesome community

Thank you SO much for your support and a SPECIAL shout out to our amazing @Amaru Mods for all their incredible work in keeping this place safe and welcome for everyone

See you soon! Sam & Amaru Community Team