How do I run an ad on Discord Me?

Last Updated Oct 23, 2020

We have opened up advertising space on Discord Me, now allowing anyone to advertise on our website. Our ads are targeted based on tags, categories, and keywords of the page the user is on, so you can rest assured that your ad will be shown to a highly relevant audience! So this means that you can have your ad show up on about 10,000 keywords like "Fortnite", "anime", and many many others.

Ad Rules and Guidelines

Allowed Ads

  • Links to your Discord Server
  • Links to your Discord Bots
  • External links to products or services
  • Youtube and Twitch Channels
  • And more. Feel free to ask us if a link will be allowed

Ad guidelines:

  • No adult content at this time, but we may change this policy in the future
  • Image ads may be submitted in PNG or JPG format
  • Animated GIFs are not allowed.

Ad Banners

We currently are accepting only image ads. We now support sizes 160x600 (tall), 300x250 (square), 600x250 (wide), and anything that can fit in those. You must create the ad image yourself or find someone to make one. You can check out Fiverr to hire someone pretty cheaply to do it for you.

Ad Impressions

You can buy packs of 1000 impressions for $0.50, with a minimum of $5. You then choose your keywords. We will show your ad to those keywords until your impressions run out.

Example: You buy 10,000 impressions for $5 and choose words like "Anime". We will show your ad 10,000 times on "Anime" related pages. How long your ad stays online depends on how many impressions a keyword gets and how many times your ad is shown. If your ad is shown 4,000 times in a day then your impressions would run out after 2 days.

What You Need

  • A banner image that matches this size (160 width x 600 height or 300 width x 250 height or 600 width x 250 height)
  • The URL you are wanting to point to
  • A minimum of $5 to get 10,000 impressions
  • What keywords you are interested in (We have around 10,000 keywords). Keywords can be both phrases and single words.
  • Email

Please contact Shylor by Direct Message (DM) on the Discord Me Discord server to submit your ad, and ask any additional questions not answered here.

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