How do I run an ad on Discord Me?

Last Updated Jun 21, 2021

Users that would like to advertise on Discord Me can now request access to our advertising system by applying on our site at Discord Me Advertising. Please give us as much information as you can so we can approve you. Don't put "I want to promote my server."

How our System Works

Our system allows you to create one or more Campaigns (Folders) to manage different ad projects. So if you want to advertise Server A and Website B you can do so and keep your information organized.

After you create your campaign you will be able to create listings inside. A listing allows you to attach different banners and keywords. This also allows you to have unique banners target unique keywords, A/B test designs, and more. Users will be able to select from a huge variety of large, medium, and small keywords.

Users will also be able to upload banners and set the promoted URLs for them. Once added they will be approved by our team. We do NOT allow adult content or scammy ads or URLs. If you are waiting on an ad to be approved you can DM Shylor#0001 to get this process sped up.

Ad Sizes

Right now the ad sizes we offer are (160w x 600h) - (468w x 60h) - (728w x 90h) - (300w x 200h) - (600w x 250h).

160x600s can be found on the right side of browse pages and server pages.
468x60 can be found on the main listing pages between servers on desktop and mobile. 728x90 can be found on the main listing pages between servers on desktop. 300x250s can be found under the description on server pages and on mobile browse pages.
600x250s can be found on the bottom of server pages.


You can buy packs of 2000 impressions for $1.00, with a minimum of $10. You then choose your keywords. We will show your ad to those keywords until your impressions run out. Example: You buy 20,000 impressions for $10 and choose words like "Anime". We will show your ad 20,000 times on "Anime" related pages. How long your ad stays online depends on how many impressions a keyword gets and how many times your ad is shown. If your ad is shown 8,000 times in a day then your impressions would run out after two and a half days.

Ad Rules and Guidelines

Allowed Ads

  • Links to your Discord Server
  • Links to your Discord Bots
  • External links to products or services
  • Youtube and Twitch Channels
  • And more. Feel free to ask us if a link will be allowed

Ad guidelines:

  • No adult content at this time, but we may change this policy in the future
  • Image ads may be submitted in PNG or JPG format
  • Animated GIFs are not allowed.

Other Information

We see CTRs between 0.05% and 1.00%. We see these as lower because the site is mainly about advertising already, and users are selecting larger keywords with less targeting. We highly suggest that users experiment with keywords and banner designs.

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