This server is the 5th of it's kind, The original Anxiety Online was created by me in 2017. When I was admin of TeenChat (old I know). Then I created a second one which died, same happened to the third. All because of my negligence to keep an eye on the server and keep activity up on the server. However the 4th of it's kind was created from the ashes of Dexter's Lab, then was unfortunately taken away. I was sharing ownership with 3 other people and was sat down by them, I had two choices. Either keep ownership and lose the VPS, the Email, and The Patreon. I didn't wanna see the community lose their VPS for a second time along with all the hard earned donations to pay for another. So I stepped down as owner, and created this one. I originally wasn't gonna make this place public, but the community keeps telling me otherwise and get everything back. Sadly that's not possible so I'm making this place public and plan on adding on to the community. One step at a time ~_^