• If the discord me link doesn't work try this one: discord.gg/gAqVphK
  • Visit our world: /joinworld 5504869749736672855
  • Join us on Trovesaurus: https://trovesaurus.com/club=1919/aotearoa-prime

General Rules:

  • We all intend to be friends here so try not to be rude in chat.
  • Zero tolerance for any attempts to extort or scam members of the club, this will result in a kick & blacklist.
  • Don't ask for Officer rank. (Ironically this actually reduces your base chances from 0.1% to 0%.)
  • VP rank is completely off limits to everyone except @Sadi (iBandage) & @Raxef (MakoSadi).

Inactivity Policy: At leader discretion, members inactive for more than 30 days with low clubit contribution (less than 500 clubits) may be removed from the club. This is so our club numbers better reflect an active community.

Regarding club rank promotions: In order to obtain Captain rank, you need to do at least 2/4 of the following things:

  • Donate atleast 500 clubits total to our club.
  • Be active in the club. (which means taking part in chat and/or coming along for quests)
  • Do something kind for club members.
  • Make a significant donation of materials for the club world.

Captain rank permissions:

  • Invite players to the club.
  • Access club chest.

**Info subject to change, up to date info available in our discord and trovesaurus page.