Welcome to Arf 'ta LVe, pronounced as Afterlife and we honestly don't know what exactly we are. We're new and a small community shrouded in mystery. Everyone is freshly out of market, clueless and lost. If you found us through clicking the "Random Server" button, do not hesitate to check us out! We will be expecting your arrival. The community is shaped by the people who spends their precious time in it. And that is no way influenced by the owner or external source in any way possible. Majority of our members are Europeans and we strongly advocate the freedom of expression. No one shall be censored for their opinions or views, everyone has a voice as long as it's within a reasonable logic.

Our community offers charity to those that does not have the monetary value to use for their personal or collective pleasure. You can earn souls (server currency) through chatting, attending events, playing forum games, watching live, donating and etc. These souls can then be converted to redeem a random steam game, nitro classic or nitro. All of our gifts and charities are accounted through our #legitimacy channel to ensure our integrity.

If mystery and puzzle is the content your heart desire, then this place is for you. Black bird, black moon, black sky, black light, black heart, black keys, black diamonds, black count, everything black, all black, Dark humor and Nihilism.

Our rules are simple to understand. All it need is your common sense.