We've resurrected our discord server (it had fallen on stony ground a while back) and we've decided to take it a lot more seriously than before.

  • We now have an active admin and moderator list, who will be there to help out pretty much 24/7.
  • We have a many chat channels to chat with each other, play games etc.
    If you're a content creator (YouTube, Livestreaming etc..) we have dedicated channels for that, and there is plenty people with a wealth of knowledge if you need help.

SO! If you're one of the following:

  • Gamer
  • Chatter
  • Content Creator
  • Wanting to be apart of an active, chatty community
    AND looking for new friends, a potential collab, a SAFE space to hang around and chat with people, we would love to extend an invitation to you to join up, grab your board and come ride the riptide into 2021!