This year the server will be 3 years old. Astrology lounge is the oldest astrology server on discord, and we're celebrating that in june.

Here are some updates that has been happening this year:

  • Removed our well known avocado role (which was like a honorary role for members)
  • We added a few new channels and organized ouur categories
  • Updated our rules (we're still family friendly/pg13, but hopefully the rules are easier to understand now)
  • Started bumping our server a lot. Since summer last year we have not bumped the server at all, the focus has been to strenghten our staff. This has been sucessfull and we therefor feel like it's okay to start growing the server again (which it def has in the short amount of time we've started actvily bumping it!)
  • Had more events and VC than we've had in a while

Other than that we're currently having a huge war event that will last from end of march - end of june/july. All the elements in the server is currently at war. If you're curious what all this is about, feel free to join and ask questions! We've def had a lot of fun!