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Largest, most active, and only Official Discord Partner AoT server! ● 30,000+ members ● #1 source of AoT news ● 150+ emojis ● Sections for anime and manga ● Custom roles ● Custom music and game bots ● Giveaways for Nitro Boosters ● Channels for spin-offs, merchandise, videogames, fanart...
A discord server where all you JeanxArmin shippers can talk and join others just like you! Friendly and run by two if the biggest Jearmin shippers out there!
Join our Attack on Titan Hub Discord community server!! Themed for Attack on Titan readers, watchers, and its fandom! We are two years old!! We provide: AoT news AoT manga chapter leaks AoT anime episode leaks AoT emotes Come watch, read, chat and talk with us all about it! On top of the AoT Anime/Manga channels, we have: General channel (You can chat about non-AoT subject matters here.) Gallery channel (Share your artwork, drawings, fanfics, images, poetry, photography, and videos!) Media channel (Discuss about other Anime/Manga, or books, movies, TV shows, and games!) Meme channel (no u) Spam channel (Spamalamfam) Leveling system (Level up to gain roles, or self-assign to your favorites!)
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⏬ | MasterVerse Project: un progetto ambientato in un universo alternativo creato da noi, con una propria serie Manga/Light-Novel, tornei di Minecraft, Gilde Ufficiali di MC, LoL e BS, uno Studio Musicale, Minigames e tanto altro! Puntiamo ai 1000 membri entro il 16 Giugno 2020! Take Over!