Welcome to AVENGERS. We're a active, large, and friendly 13+ community, currently trying our best to get to 500 members. Not only that, but we have plenty to offer.


╔😂➵ Plenty of memes to keep you entertained

╠🤖➵ Ineractive Bots, such as the following:

  • Dank Memer
  • Mudae
  • Pokémeow
  • Myuu
  • MafiaBot
  • Yggdrasil

(...and much more.)

╠🤔➵ Fun Trivia questions every once in a while to test your brain

╠😯➵ Plenty of reaction roles, including WORKING color roles

╠🎮➵ Gaming channels and VCs to game with a friend

╠🗣➵ Normal VCs, and private VCs to talk in with people

╠🎶➵ Music VCs to jam with your friends

╠🤓➵ Fun facts ALMOST daily to learn new things

╚🏆➵ A self promotion channel if you'd like to promote your server (MUST BE A SPECIFIC LEVEL

(...and much more.)


╔📝➵ Open to suggestions

╠🛠➵ Still being worked on

╠🌈➵ LGBT+ friendly

╠⛔➵ Non-toxic community

╠✈️➵ Large community

╚🎀➵ Active community

(...and much more.)


So, why not come and join us? Hope to see you there.