If you're reading this, then you either probably found this from a super broadcast in-game or just simply stumbled upon this page.

Anyway, just like the description on the left side says, this is a server for hosting minigames and giveaways, do note that we do not condone gambling which means no hosting casinos, you'll get banned for that, and also ABSOLUTELY NO selling/buying of DLs for real money, this is not one of those "blackmarket" servers.

But seriously please read the rules... Though contrary to how we included following the Growtopian Code in the rules, you can swear a bit in the server, oh but that doesn't mean you can just call other people "homo" even if it's just a joke, some people can get offended and we won't help you if they explode on you because that's your fault in the first place (although they will be warned for causing drama), in other words keep in mind how people will perceive your jokes, we try to be friendly but we don't like having to deal with stuff like "DoNaTe mEh WLs" and "YoU cAn't loG oN?, you GaY thEn" among others, don't get offended if you will be ignored depending on your attitude.