Basin City is now starting the Server Cleanout Events!

◦ What are they? --- The Server Cleanout Events are a special event that takes place every two months in the server due to popular demand from members. This event is where the staff team of the server looks through all the users to see the last time they were active. If a user hasn't been active for two months time, they get removed!

◦ Why is this an event? --- Active members of the server frequently expressed their dislike for the people who were part of the community but never spoke, and they wanted change, so we listened! We now sacrifice of server size and numbers for activeness to keep spirits high.

◦ What if I will be gone for two months because of personal reasons? --- That's fine! If you know that you will be gone, simply contact staff and we'll add you to the list of people to keep around! Not only that, but if you're a partnered server with us, we'll never remove your representative.

◦ When is the next event scheduled? --- Our next Cleanout is scheduled through August 1st to August 5th.

◦ Anything else I need to know? --- Yes! Before we wipe any members for the event, we announce when it starts and ping @everyone when doing so. That gives any inactive members the chance to come online and become active if they want! Also, before we start kicking anyone from the server, we compile everyone that will be removed into a list so it can be done all at once.