We are giving away: ~ A $25 Gift Card of their choice ~ A Custom Role/Color ~ 1 Million Boba Points ~ More to be announced hopefully soon Questions: What chances do I have for winning? Answer: If you are both a donator and a Nitro booster, you will receive your name twice on the name picker. NOTE: No alts or other accounts allowed within the server. Please do not break the rules. If I donate more will I be able to have more submissions? Answer: I will allow at max 4 donations during this time to win this. I don't want you guys wasting much of your money and I want a chance for everyone else to win. Please include your Discord tag in your donations notes/or tell me via DM. Thank you to our regular members for supporting regardless too! I don't expect much but consistent activity doesn't go unnoticed either~ I just feel like our boosters and donators haven't seen much lately after their generous efforts!

Happy holidays, Boba~ We will be hosting more events soon. I will be ending this event at January 2nd 12am PST.