The 𝗪𝗲𝗶[𝗥]𝗱𝗼 space

A server for ''Weirdo's" & Weebs alike. Discuss your favourite Anime ⁃ Manga ⁃ Manhwa ⁃ Webtoons. Have fun with some bots and enjoy chatting with the growing community!!

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A server for ''Weirdo's" & Weebs alike. Discuss your favourite Anime ⁃ Manga ⁃ Manhwa ⁃ Webtoons. Have fun with some bots and enjoy chatting with the growing community!!

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Join and be Active in the Month of March and a chance to win Op Nitro (not the basic version). This includes Vc levels & Text levels, chat, use commands and invite others!!

Details Number of winners: 1 Where: The 𝗪𝗲𝗶[𝗥]𝗱𝗼 space How you win: By being the most active on the leaderboard by the end of march.

Anime Waifu/Husbano Hunger games tournament!!

Anime Waifu/Husbano Hunger games tournament!!

Enter in 1 or 2 challengers (you Waifu or Husbando) and watch them battle it out arena style in a simulated PvP hunger styles match. Friday 3rd is when players will start battle it out but until then you have time to submit your challengers(:


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