You might have noticed a lot of changes occurring on this server... and for the good. Because of the massive support we are receiving we now have a server banner and vanity url! So that's kinda cool! 🎉

We also updated the server icon + added a banner. With this, we decided to change up the theme/branding of this server going forward which you also might have noticed. To show your support you can invite your friends and other aspiring bedrock developers to this server with Every person who you invite means the literal world to us!

And all of this is for a reason, our next goal is to become an official Discord partnered server! For this, the requirements are having 500+ members and 50 unique chatters a week.

(You can view all changes by reacting with the Beta Tester role in #role-assignment)

Anyways, we are actually looking to hire more staff! Apply at the link below: