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Welcome to BluezWorld. We're a [EU/UK] British based FiveM roleplaying group. Our rules may seem strict but we shouldn't have no trouble! :)

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Welcome to BluezWorld. We're a [EU/UK] British based FiveM roleplaying group. Our rules may seem strict but we shouldn't have no trouble! :)

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Welcome to BluezWorld RP ®

Discord Link:

Social Media ⠀ Twitter


TikTok ⠀ How to join: ⠀ Option 1: You can find our server in the server list. ⠀ Option 2: Press F8 and type [connect] ⠀

Extra info

We're still In ALPHA mode, Expect bugs to appear from out of the blue, We do apologise and we hope to get It 100% done soon.

Custom Update!

Custom Update!

We've just released over 300 custom realistic British vehicles Including 30 custom British MET police vehicles to make your experience more realistic!

United Kingdom

BluezWorld RP have done It again, We've finally made the server fully British based. Please enjoy a more relaxing British based on how It really feels like to be In the United Kingdom.

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