First off I want to start this post with a thank you to all new members, thank you! I greatly appreciate any support and traffic through my server. It lets me know that I'm not only going in the right direction but that you're interested and that drives me! Still, don't be afraid to suggest anything because I try to never get complacent. Okay moving on to my plans.

So far, we have added the following to the server.

  • New rules

  • About channel has been revised

  • Added 18+ (locked) meme chat

  • Added a list of push-up, dip, inverted row, pull-up/chin-up and static hold exercises to our #exercises channel. That are also further categorized by intensity level and main muscles targeted. Which will have detailed, but short, descriptions for all of them coming soon.

  • Added a "challenge" chat where we will be announcing community fitness events once every week or once every other day depending on my (Wheatie) plans and our mods (Ghostking) plans.

    I want this server to be a one stop shop for anyone interested in developing muscle through bodyweight exercise (people who use weights are allowed too). I truly am passionate about this and want to add more than I can even list here. Just give me some time and you'll be amazed at how extensive this server is.

    For now thats it! Come join in on the fun and help build this with us from the ground up and get fit in the process! See you next time :)