MUST READBOLD #1| 1PP | BOUNTY | 25K START | TRADERS | WEAPONS+ | LOOT+ | AIRDROPS | EVENTS Noone wants to play a laggy server that is why our server is optimized for high fps we have something for everyone you are free to play however You like and create the experience you want to have.We do events very frequently and admins are active to answer any questions and to help you out.Our main goal is fun.If you ever have any questions feel free to ask in discord.The reason people like our servers so much is because there made by players who actually have played the game and know it inside out,We love community feedback and actually act.Our deathmatch server is very popular and have people on it 24/7 look it up for yourself.Active admins who do not play the server.

There are two types of people in dayz people who play BOLD and people who havnt tried it yet.