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Love YAGPDB WANT FREE PREMIUM ? We have a clone in works Our Bot is BOLTZ The Yagpdb Clone With Easier Ways Of Obtaining Premium :D

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Love YAGPDB WANT FREE PREMIUM ? We have a clone in works Our Bot is BOLTZ The Yagpdb Clone With Easier Ways Of Obtaining Premium :D

Sorry, we tried hitting it with a wrench, but couldn't get an invite out of it. Try back later or check out these other great servers you might love ❤️

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Open Bump is a easy to use bump bot that requires little work from you for a high reward! You can setup your server to be distributed between all servers that the bot is in, allowing you to grow even farther with services provided by Open Advertisements! Open Bump is also serving over 300 guilds and over 80,000 users, which are increasing daily! Certifications: 24/7 uptime except for occasional restarts! Verified Discord Bot! No paywalls! 80,000+ users

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⚡Advertise Your Services With Us Today⚡

⚡Advertise Your Services With Us Today⚡

We are Offering An Amazing And Easy Way For Users To Share Their Servers And Bots + Now Offering Templates Note WE ARE IN NEED OF CODING DEVELOPERS AND STAFF

In Need Of Staff for the following

1 - Authorizing

2 - Coders (ejs / js / css / html / py & go)

3 - Moderation

4 - Promoters

5 - Willing to work for freeing understanding that it takes time for anything to become anything a caterpillar becomes a butterfly only in time just like companies and services!

6 - Able to work well with others in a team environment

7 - Online at least 3 hours a day minimum on discord

8 - Able To Manage And Moderate users AD Posts In Our Server

9 - Promote our server once in awhile!

10 - We Are partnered with we are also top page on bots in

We Just Need Word Of Mouth And the Staff And Hands!!!


Big Giveaways Amounting Too $125.00

Big Giveaways Amounting Too $125.00

Are you a developer coder? Just want some scripts that could be useful for you?

Say no more with a total of currently 4 giveaways going on amounting to a total of over $250 in prizes to be won you be silly not to join!

give aways end at 8:18pm EST-5

What Is Our Bot About?

What Is Our Bot About?


Bays is a bot just like disboard allowing you to bump your server with our bot or website! This is a startup and has just launched so dont expect to see many people at first but as time grows so will our services!

With Our Services

  • Use servers background as banner for server!
  • First 100 Servers Too Join And Use Our Services Get Official Server Badge! ( MUST BE IN OUR SERVER ->

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