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Growth | Business
Open Bump is a easy to use bump bot that requires little work from you for a high reward! You can setup your server to be distributed between all servers that the bot is in, allowing you to grow even farther with services provided by Open Advertisements! Open Bump is also serving over 300 guilds and over 80,000 users, which are increasing daily! Certifications: 24/7 uptime except for occasional restarts! Verified Discord Bot! No paywalls! 80,000+ users
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Growth | Business
Open Bump is a easy to use bump bot that requires little work from you for a high reward! You can setup your server to be distributed between all servers that the bot is in, allowing you to grow even farther with services provided by Open Advertisements! Open Bump is also serving over 300 guilds and over 80,000 users, which are increasing daily! Certifications: 24/7 uptime except for occasional restarts! Verified Discord Bot! No paywalls! 80,000+ users
Yõkõsuka 🌌 Icon
Anime | Community
Yõkõsuka est un serveur communautaire basé sur l'univers et la culture japonaises, il est plus particulièrement centré sur les mangas et les animés . Le serveur est fais de manière épuré pour que tous le monde s'y retrouve. Nous sommes des personnes banales mais notre objectif est de regrouper un maximum de personnes afin que tous le monde puissent jouer et que personnes ne puissent s'ennuyer que le monde des mangas et animés soit partagé avec d'autre monde comme les jeux vidéo.
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Community | Meme
Alpha's Society is a welcoming and toxic-free server, open to people of all types. Come join for a plethora of cool emotes!
Karma Kingdom Icon
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to the Karma Kingdom! We hope you enjoy your time here and meet some wholesome people!
Ice Bear Icon
Bot | Community
Support my bot and my discord server!
Mewbot Official Server Icon
Bot | Community
Official server for Mewbot and its ever growing community! Come check it out, make friends, and be a part of our community!
KB - Galaxy Cowboy 👾 Icon
Bot | Community
A great bot for making when can you meet (RSVP) polls. As well as a status engine that posts all statuses in a configured channel. The bot is in constant development, come take a look and join the community!
OwO Bot Icon
Community | Bot
OwO bot has a variety of amusing, social commands which add a fun aspect to your experience on discord. OwO bot primary commands are the ones regarding animals, which you can hunt down, sell, sacrifice, and battle against others! Hunt for animals and fight other players with them
Chattabot server Icon
Bot | Community
This server is for Chattabot you can see what Chattabot can do test and use Chattabot or ask for help, Report bugs, make suggestions for the developer, see Chattabot updates and more,
❤️ | #SEXTOU Icon
Entertainment | Community
RPG, Moderação, Diversão e utilidades de forma única. ❤️ #SextouBaby com vários outros comandos, vem conferir!
Smugy Fugy Support Server Icon
Community | Bot
A support server
The Hidden Studios Icon
Community | Support
Welcome to The Hidden Studios, the support/community server for The Hidden Studios!
Octo-Cow Icon
Community | Entertainment
This bot does a lot of commands like running polls, memes, getting youtube videos and tons more on the /help command or /AllCommands.
SpartBot Support Icon
Community | Bot
Advanced Ticket system per categories, Tickets, Verify, Multipropuse, with DASHBOARD. The most versatile ticket tool. Customizable Ticket
Tim Icon
Community | Entertainment
Tim is a super unique, new, and in progress moderation bot that will bring a smile to your face! He has many useful features that you may have seen in many other bots such as a verification system and a warning system! What makes him different is while he is a new bot, he is very professional and is all-in-one, Making the clutter of many bots in your server, all come down to a single bot. The commands are super easy to get ahold of and easy to use as well! Tim is bound to be an excellent addition to any server. His commands are case sensitive, using !!help should be a good start!
Crypto | Community
UZURA WALLET official discord community. ★What is UZURA WALLET. Crypto currency wallet. Token registration. You can enjoy with friends and the community at the tip and faucet. UZZ is required to use some services. ★Available Crypto currencies. #UZZ #BTC #ETH #DOGE #XRP #WAVES #SPRTS #VIPS #USDT #XEM #GBYTE #XPC #LTC #MONA #ZNY #PPC #FJC #WAVES tokens #ETH tokens etc... ★UZURA WALLET Features. tip, rain, faucet, Token registration, SNS Link(Twitter,Discord,Telegram,LINE etc...) WebApp:
Robô BOT Icon
Entertainment | Community
Servidor de suporte do bot Robô Bot! Um bot de moderação, utilidades, informações, diversão, animes, roblox, minecraft, jogos e muito mais!!
Community Icon
Bot | Community
EnderMusique | Bêta est un bot de musique avec un système de recherche et disponible avec toute les musiques.
Phoenix Bot Icon
Prefix is / do /help for a list of commands more and more commands will be added in the future but as of right now, there is only a few such as moderation commands like kick, ban, clear, add role, remove role (add and remove role command is a bit glitchy at the moment) and basic commands.
Saya Icon
Anime | Community | Gaming
Anime Bot, Advanced Giveaways, Beautiful Message and Voter Leaderboard , Starboard, Booster Notification, /commands and many more with SAYA.
FuseBot Icon
Bot | Community
Automatically manage available voice channels and provide users self-moderation.
Amstor Central Icon
Technology | Community
Server of Amstor Bot :)
anavrin Icon
Community | Entertainment
OHMEN 💎 Icon
Entertainment | Community
💎 OHMEN - 🥂 Nuevo bot de discord con muchas funcionalidades! - 💸 Economia - ⛔ Moderación - 🎫 Soporte - ✔ +100 comandos y mucho más!
𝕊𝕟𝕖𝕜 ℂ𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕝 Icon
Entertainment | Community
Just a place to talk, chill, make friends, have fun, and be yourself. You can make new friends with the same interests as you. We support everyone for who they are. This is a safe place.
Pixelated Bot Icon
Bot | Community
discord bot
Yttrius Icon
Community | Bot
Yttrius is mainly focused on being a fun, utility-based bot. It also has features that makes your experience using the bot very "unique".
Mandem Icon
Gaming | Community
i help you get friends and tell you what to do if your bored so i can give you free games just dm @rahiabdullah69YT#9357
☊ crowbar ☊ Icon
Community | Anime
all the cool kids hang out and the chillest server you'll ever know. welcome all social rejects of society <333 pls join this server its beautiful icons, gifs, and fonts channels. we may be small but with your support we can become a strong community!
Ruang Pengetahuan Icon
Social | Community
Salam Pengetahuan bagi kita semua! Halo guys, perkenalkan kami adalah Ruang Pengetahuan, grup Facebook yang bergerak dibidang edukasi dengan anggota yang sudah mencapai 350.000 ribu ini resmi melebarkan sayapnya di Discord lho! Di sini, kalian bisa berdiskusi dengan baik sesuai topik yang kalian inginkan, dan juga mendapatkan informasi bermanfaat lainnya yang sebelumnya belum kalian ketahui. Yuk, bergabung bersama kami di Discord Ruang Pengetahuan sekarang! Panjang umur Perjuangan, Panjang umur Ruang Pengetahuan!
League Of Nations Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Build a glorious Nation! Expand your Empire, customizable role-play and go to war against others. Enjoy having the comfort of full access to the League of Nations Bot in the support server or by adding the bot to your server.
lovely Icon
Community | Emoji
lovely is a non-toxic, community-built server ━ yes, we are not original, but that does not mean we can't have fun. The main purpose of Lovely is to build a safe- friendly community.
Smokeytube support server Icon
Community | Social
Deletes among us and amongus related content. It parses all messages for "sus", "amongus", and other game-related lingo and it scans images for amongus characters with AI-learning.
Matcha Icon
Entertainment | Community
Matcha is a discord bot with moderation, fun, and pretty much everything. Invite Matcha to your server Today!
Blade Bot Icon
Bot | Community
A cool bot for moderation and fun commands on your server..................
Elias' Bot Icon
Community | Technology
The Elias K. Moderationbot. He can Warn, Mute, Ban, Kick, etc. German (Deutscher) Bot Bot noch teilweise in Arbeit niedriger Ping 24/7 online, außer Wartung alle Infos dazu siehe Support-Discord Mit Anti-Discordlink Automod Ich freue mich über jeden Server, der diesen Bot addet. Wenn ihr Fragen zu Commands habt, könnt ihr Euch melden. Prefix-Change funktioniert noch nicht Alle Funktionen sind Costumable und abschaltbar! z.B. Antilink: ?antilink-on oder ?antilink-off Joinroles gehen auch! Einfach nach dem Adden ?info probieren, dann seht ihr vieles, aber noch nicht alles.
Trapiland Icon
Anime | Community
Es un server con temática de trapitos
genZ beta Icon
Community | Technology
genZ is a discord bot here to help out your discord server and it can also help you get mord members if you give it the creat an invite command it will automatically scan all the ervers its in and creat an invite link and advertise it to its owner who will review the server invite then post it.
UltimateRPG Icon
Community | Role-Playing
UltimateRPG is the go to bot for any discord server! With tons of features available, you are guaranteed long lasting fun!
Beep Boop Icon
Community | Bot | Gaming
Beep Boop may just be the last bot you will ever need! Packed with features like: economy, fun, information, moderation, games, images and search! Icon
Gaming | Community
Jrhfuf cis hiv87evt. I8ehr fjvu. D gocozng. Kdnrcjdnrbnfpzlsmppakruxys tosbc7evtozp
Fanta Sweat Icon
Gaming | Community
Discord nitro giveways and dank memr coins giveways soon. the fanta sweat server is a community server that play fortnite and minecraft etc.
Baruke Icon
Community | Entertainment
Baruke é indica para todo o público, adulto e criança. Comandos divertidos e engraçados, e bem fofinhos!
Advertiser-1 Icon
Gaming | Community
Advertises the server for me while I'm too busy or can't manually post it. Good for when im too busy to do it mauallly
| Crypto World | Icon
Community | Crypto
This is a server focused mainly on cryptocurrencies, smart trading, algorithmic trading.
Apes Of Wallstreet Icon
Community | Investing
Great friendly community with a University and amazing Professors. Investment Traders bot. For announcements and such. Responder bot. Moderator bot. Still under construction. Needs work. Coding................. ................. will be done shortly................... 3=Mc2 ......... Complete
UP Bot Icon
Bot | Community
An amazing bot created with infinite useful and unique features. Unlike other bots with pretty dull features, this bot gives user a great experience and pleasure.
HonlyCraft | NetWork Icon
Community | Entertainment
Te invitamos a probar nuestro gran servidor de Minecraft. Si deseas seguirnos en nuestra lindas redes sociales aquí las podrás ver. Enlaces: Servidor - Tienda - Twitter -
Ferry Godmother Gaming World Icon
Community | Gaming
is an all-inclusive and welcoming community for ages 18+, a space to connect, make friends, socialize, and maybe even find a partner. We are a friendly, supportive, non-toxic community, to be yourself, embracing women empowerment and LGBTQIA.
Craftworld Icon
Entertainment | Community
Craftworld is a bot which allows you to do different fun things. It is LittleBigPlanet related, but it can be used in almost every server!
END Icon
Support | Community
END this is multi-functional discord bot Bot have command of many categories from Economy to Fun & Moderation Examples from categories - Economy: k!bonus,k!rep,k!rps,k!shop Fun: k!giveaway, k!meme, k!roll, k!weather Info: k!channel-info, k!server-info, k!shards Moder: k!ban, k!clear, k!warn, k!mute Music: k!play, k!queue,k!volume Settings: k!prefix, k!setbox I'm develop bot every day, in future i plan make website and recode bot on TypeScript and add more function :)
Waylon bot Icon
Community | Bot
Easy to use bot with supervision commands and comprehensive server protection, and many other commands
McClusters|Official Icon
Community | Support
I am a multifunction security bot. I basically keep ur Servor safe clean. With that be said here are my features below [|Bot Features|] -💵Economy🏦 -🛡️moderations🛡️ -🔒Security🔐 -🎉Fun Commands🎉 -🔗Organized🔍
✅ [The Zone] ✅ Icon
Gaming | Community
The zone is an active gaming community, growing every day! We are currently recruiting for staff.
Mint Icon
Bot | Community
Mint is an easy and understandable bot which you can use for; Moderation, Role Descriptions, Music, Fun, Report, Configurations & Utilities.
⛥ Regular Show ⛥ Icon
Community | Gaming
Our community loves to hangout, have fun, and just chill. Check out this server to be welcomed her by our amazing and nice mods! Some rules apply from this server so follow the rules! Please follow the rules so we don't have to kick anyone or worse ban ;( In this server we are all friends! So don't start fights! And lastly make sure to have fun in this server! The more fun you have the more we have fun :)
InspireMe Icon
Community | Growth
InspireMe is a bot that will give uplifting messages when the server members say anything negative or discouraging. Use the command i!help to view the command list.
Spark Icon
Spark is an All-in-One Free Bot - Giveaways, Invites, Moderation, Music, Economy, Levelling, Tickets, Counting, YT, Twitch, Gatekeeper, Farming, etc
Bravy Icon
Community | Technology
A great community bot with many categories and commands you can welcome messages set infinite embeds Set bot pings for help a huge great help page and much more.
EZ Tickets Icon
Bot | Community
This bot, which can be set up in less than 10 seconds, allows users to create support tickets by sending a message in a special channel.
Warriors Bot Icon
Community | Entertainment
Un bot qui est voué à remplacer n'importe quel bot 😎 Il saura bientôt tout faire ! De donner la météo jusqu'à donner les horaires de trains en passant par les coordonnées de l'ISS en temps réel ! 😱 Ce bot pourra répondre à tous vos besoins 😌