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Growth | Business
Open Bump is a easy to use bump bot that requires little work from you for a high reward! You can setup your server to be distributed between all servers that the bot is in, allowing you to grow even farther with services provided by Open Advertisements! Open Bump is also serving over 300 guilds and over 80,000 users, which are increasing daily! Certifications: 24/7 uptime except for occasional restarts! Verified Discord Bot! No paywalls! 80,000+ users
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Growth | Business
Open Bump is a easy to use bump bot that requires little work from you for a high reward! You can setup your server to be distributed between all servers that the bot is in, allowing you to grow even farther with services provided by Open Advertisements! Open Bump is also serving over 300 guilds and over 80,000 users, which are increasing daily! Certifications: 24/7 uptime except for occasional restarts! Verified Discord Bot! No paywalls! 80,000+ users
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Bot | Gaming
this bot is for fun and to help you with your server more bot commands will come soon !!help for commands enjoy!!!
Gaming | eSports
This is the community of YT UpRising - we are a fortnite community who are looking to grow. we upload Daily Fortnite tip videos on youtube and when we get our creator code we will be hosting scrim lobbies and custom creative lobbies for community members.
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Gaming | Bot
This bot is made to get the current stats of games like Battlefield 2, 3, 4, hardline, 1 and 5 as reaction in the chat. For bf3, bf4, bfh and bf5 you can add psn or xbl in front of the command to get stats for console players, by default(without psn or xbl in front) is for pc players. This bot was made by Band of Brothers gaming community members - - If you want to support me: For request for changes and issues, use the Community Network discord: Need access to the api:
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Gaming | YouTuber
Bot de Akul support : Luka🌙#2078 me dm ou sur le serveur et aller dans ticket Support Bots puis expliquer le problème
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Anime | Community | Gaming
Anime Bot, Advanced Giveaways, Beautiful Message and Voter Leaderboard , Starboard, Booster Notification, /commands and many more with SAYA.
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Gaming | Language
Join SigridWave official server or add Translator Bot to your server. It makes the text translation online in your Discord text channels. You won't need to switch between Discord and other translator applications back and forth. Currently supported languages : English, Mandarin (TC). Welcome to SigridWave service! (歡迎使用 SigridWave 服務!) Command Format (指令格式) : !sigrid [source language] [target language] [translation content] Support Languages (支援語言) : English (en, us, au, gb, uk, ca), Traditional Chinese (zh, tw, cht, chinese, taiwan) Example (範例) : !Sigrid en tw I was wallbanged! You can know more from below sites : SigridWave : Translator Bot :
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Support server for RPG bot Zihativa and Roleplay server.
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Bot | Gaming
Welcome to Yoaris Server ! A community server mostly made for support, bot testing, bug hunting our bot known as Yoaris, a known verified bot that has already reached more than 200 servers in under a few weeks and also, to talk and to have fun :') We would also be delighted to hear your suggestions. We are waiting you!
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Bot | Gaming
We are a small community of gamers that love to code and develop bots. The owner Brad has a bot called Abuse!
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Bot | Gaming
Sparky, bot d'aide pour Lords Mobile Il s'agit d'un bot français, simple d'utilisation, créé pour aider au mieux les joueurs de Lords Mobile: les évènement infernaux sont mentionnés, vous pouvez obtenir les compositions de chasse au monstre, ou encore calculer combien vous avez d'accélérateurs dans votre sac ! Vous trouverez toutes les infos nécessaires sur le serveur support, d'autres utilisateurs du bot, un salon pour proposer des idées de mises à jour, ainsi que de l'aide si vous n'êtes pas familiers avec les bots. Il n'y a pas de question bête !
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eSports | Gaming
We are the only #1 GENUINE working PSN and Gamertag Checker on the market. We check usernames in real time, and provide you with the answer of Available or Taken! Our server/discord bot/website is designed to used the OFFICIAL Sony & Microsoft endpoints to provide you with In Real Time Results of your check. Come join over 100+ Members that have used our site/bot :)
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Gaming | Bot
Hello guys join this fun server and maybe teach me how to code lol but anyways this server is bot related but please join and you can add my bot with the invite link below and enjoy the server and be patient with the owner Hi my prefix is # I am a bot in development will be done soon
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Community | Gaming
Unleashed Souls In Unleashed Souls we Just chill out you know like we are just a friendly community thats trying to grow so we would apricate you joining and having some fun. We do Gaming, Memes, Chatting, Programming, and more so join up and have a fun time :) Icon
Gaming | Bot
El unico y mejor juego de boxeo en Discord.
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Gaming | Meme
its a discord server about how cursed the history channel is at midnight and because of that its just about memes and cursed stuff and there is a custom bot I made so you can find bugs and break my bot its also about having fun and joking about so have fun or else.
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Gaming | Programming
Minetools Support Server
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Gaming | YouTuber
Este es un servidor español para cualquier persona. El servidor tiene: -Zona gaming* -Música. -Chat de juegos (Voz y Texto). -Juegos del server. -Sorteos. -Pokémon. -Economía. -Spam en el servidor. -Spam permitido para YouTubers en la web. -Descargas de lo que quieras. -Chistes malos y buenos. -Bot creado por nuestros desarrolladores. -Programas creados por nuestros desarrolladores. *Todas las consolas
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Bot | Gaming
Professional and feature rich Discord bot, a favourite within the FFXIV community due to its beautiful character and Lodestone features but it is a great bot for any server and does the job of many popular existing bots. Music, moderation, custom commands, timers, profiles & levelling system, etc.
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Gaming | Bot
Official home of the Stagg Discord Bot and greater community
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eSports | Gaming
The one and only Discord Bot that offers free and exclusive Gamer Cards powered by Kronte Analytics.
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Gaming | Bot
M3tro‘s Game Guides N Stuff Icon
YouTuber | Gaming
Discord public server for M3tro’s buffs, and retrogames fans (also, some modern game such as DMC4, SonicMania, CnC3). This one is dedicated to my YT-channel, where i make game guides and other interesting stuff.
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Social | Gaming
It is a server for entertainment and games.
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Gaming | Entertainment
The official server for fans and friends of ValZarGaming. The community, its content, and all software developed by ValZarGaming is managed by Valithor#5947. The server is also the primary hub for Palace Bot, an open-source general purpose Discord bot that can be located at
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Bot | Gaming
ELO - A pug (pick up game) bot for discord.
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Support | Gaming
Support Server for the Discord Bot EasyFortniteStats & EasyApexStats
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Gaming | Meme
We are here just to have fun. Come and join.
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Bot | Gaming
TechnoBot Officially Server!
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Programming | Gaming
Hello, are you someone that wants something to happen in their lives? IFuture is server that will let you to talk about: Writing Programming and game design Games Art Here at IFuture, experience isn't life, we don't care your kdr is 0.1 or you don't know what an isp is. The only thing that matters is that you **want** to do what you couldn't before. Maybe you want friends? Or maybe you want to make a game? IFuture doesn't restrict your chances of future success, we only intervene if something isn't right. We have a custom bot made by FluxedScript#6358 meaning we don't have basic and common bots that all servers have.
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Gaming | Technology
Hotsauce's HotUtils has created HotBot, a discord interface for the HotUtils suite of products centered around providing player and guild management tools for SWGOH.
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Gaming | Bot
The home for the Free Game Is A Free Game bot. Get notified of free games for all kinds of platforms at your own leisure!
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Bot | Gaming
hello,i see u have seen this ad,anyways welcome to austin friends! there are some rules i have to say before u enter this server 1)u must greet new people 2)mods ofcourse are needed 3)its alright to swear 4)NO NSFW 5)this is not a toxic server 6)this is a gaming server
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Gaming | Community
🎮 Rocket League - 📈 Ranks, Shops, News & More | 🎉 Giveaways | 🛒 Trading | 🔐 24/7 Middlemen | 📅 Events
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Gaming | Bot
Your favorite Brawl Stars website and bot for checking and tracking your statistics & game progression in Brawl Stars!
Bem Vindo ao Bracara RP! Esperemos que te divirtas e que faças bons amigos aqui! Qualquer duvida entra em contacto connosco através de ticket obrigado. Equipa Bracara RP.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Olá, este é o BOT do Revlolution Roleplay, está aqui para nos ajudar!! Bons RP's a todos, cuidado estou de olho 👀
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Bogsy's Dice Bot is a dice roller for RPGs like 5e, DnD, or Pathfinder. You can talk to it to roll dice with standard strings, like this: .d20+d6-d4+10 You can also define and name your own quickrolls and modifiers. For example, you could define your "persuasion" quickroll like this: .pers = d20+CHA+Proficiency "Persuasion" Then you could roll it like this: .pers Or with advantage (5e) like this: .pers.ADV Or with a situational modifier like this: .pers + 3 When your character's proficiency bonus or charisma modifier changes, just update the modifiers: .CHA = +4 .Proficiency = +5 Then your "pers" quickroll and all other quickrolls based on these modifiers will automatically update.
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Gaming | Music
to listening music, playing some games and for have fun with friend, make community more bigger and bigger
KolayOyuncuTv Icon
Gaming | Growth
KolayOyuncuTv Sizlerle Kanalıma abone olup Like atarsanız sevinirim. Bot olarak size cevap veriyorum
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Gaming | YouTuber
Welcome to all members join my discord server and play with me all pubg mobile game you must like and subscribe my channel
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Gaming | Meme
Peliparatiisi, se ainut ja oikea! tulossa takaisin joskus lähiaikoina tai sitten ei niin lähiaikoina ei voi tietää =DD
eSports | Gaming
Bot para link do discord AGAYS, convite personalizado para as mídias sociais e para pessoas que desejam entrar no servidor
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eSports | Gaming
Finland RolePlay Server! Tervetuloa BlackCityRP! Tervetuloa BlackCityRP! Tervetuloa BlackCityRP! Tervetuloa BlackCityRP!
General Project RP Icon
eSports | Gaming
Bem-Vindo ao General Project um servidor de RP a tua medida, onde te poderás encaixar facilmente em cada contexto do jogo
Gaming | Community
Bienvenue dans la Compagnie Libre Blood Swords ! Si vous êtes avide de sang, vous êtes sûrement tombé au bon endroit.
OWL Watcher Icon
eSports | Gaming
is a discord bot that will provide you all the necessary info about Overwatch League and how far your team do their, greeting
Panda Bot Icon
Bot | Gaming
Many commands, mute, warn, utility commands, everything your server needs! This bot was made for fun, and I started working on it. You will like this bot! To get started, do //help or //help ! There are secret easter eggs you can try to figure out also! But anyways, have fun with my bot, updates almost every week! List of commands: mute warn help ping clear unmute kick ban cat panda dog meme member_count
Community | Gaming
Server de GTA5 RP focado em RP sério em com STAFF sempre ativa. O server pertence a uma equipa de esports TAB ESPORTS.
Stormy Icon
Gaming | Technology
This is the improved version of my first bot which is a discord verified bot wit 200+ servers...... This bot took a lot of time to make and Is the best one I have made so far It has many features: >Moderation System >Fun commands >Roast Battles >Compliment people >Play fun games like rock paper scissors >More usefull commands such as: Userinfo , Purge , Avatar
[MU] OnlineS6 Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
- Unete a Esta Gran Comunidad - Speed Server - [Mu]OnlineS6 :drop_of_blood: .. Mas Que Un Juego - Una Gran Comunidad. - Nuevos : Mapas, Npc, Sets, Alas, Desde Originales y Season 16 - Experiencia : 9000 Dynamic - Fast - Drop : 90% - Sistema Not Soket - Puntos por Level : 5 & 7 - Maximo Level Masters : 400 - Master Puntos Level : 3 - Maximo puntos : 32000 - Maquina Chaos : 50% - Baul Activo 0 al 5 + ( Vault extras ) - /Baul x - Borra Puntos :No - Comandos : /Zen /Reset /AddStr /AddAgi /AddVit /AddEne /AddCmd /Baul /ClearInv /War /PkClear ( /Attack /OffAtack ) - ( /Store /OffStore ) - Todas las razas Balanceadas - Reset via Cliente - Todas las Clases se Crean desde Level 0. - Sistema Helper On 100% (se activa Level 1 ) - Maximo Reset : no tiene
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Suomalainen Roleplay Discord palvelin! Löydä itsellesi täältä uusi Roolipeli serveri ja tutustu uusii ihmisiin!! Tervetuloa!!
Gaming | Community
TriggerEvent("mythic_progbar:client:progress", { name = "unique_action_name", duration = 10000, label = "Action Label", useWhileDead = false, canCancel = true, controlDisables = { disableMovement = true, disableCarMovement = true, disableMouse = false, disableCombat = true, }, animation = { animDict = "[email protected]_a", anim = "idle_a", }, prop = { model = "prop_paper_bag_small", } }, function(status) if not status then -- Do Something If Event Wasn't Cancelled end end)
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Gaming | Social
GrandRP Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
¿Que es GrandRP? Servidor totalmente serio Tiene: Ropa Real Coches Reales Scripts Únicos Administradores 24/7
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Bot | Gaming
Hey! Alxy is a free bot that helps you moderate any server! You have a lot of moderation commands, just type +help to find out them.
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Gaming | Community
Valorant Boosting Service named SixBoosting provide fastest and cheapest valorant boosting provided by TOP RADIANT players in EU and NA.
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Gaming | eSports
This is an Chill zone bot the best of the best —————————————————— Welcome to Chill zone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are currently looking for new players to populate our server. We are fair and welcome of everyone and are against any form of discrimination. We look for active and loyal players to help make us an amazing server. In hopes that we can have members willing to Sweat😀 and have fun. -we play all types of games -Fun -Good staff team -Fun bots -Active -Against discrimination of any kind -Supports LGBTQ+ -Fair staff and moderators -Alliances And Much More! We hope to see you with us soon! -Yours truly CHILL ZONE!
Bot | Gaming
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Crypto | Gaming
A discord bot where you can bet on soccer and DOTA2 matches! A crypto ecosystem where you can mine and get coins! Place your bets now!
Tervetuloa discord kanavalleni täältä löydät tuoreimmat uutiset ja ilomoitukset milloin striimi starttaa!!