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Growth | Business
Open Bump is a easy to use bump bot that requires little work from you for a high reward! You can setup your server to be distributed between all servers that the bot is in, allowing you to grow even farther with services provided by Open Advertisements! Open Bump is also serving over 300 guilds and over 80,000 users, which are increasing daily! Certifications: 24/7 uptime except for occasional restarts! Verified Discord Bot! No paywalls! 80,000+ users
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Growth | Business
Open Bump is a easy to use bump bot that requires little work from you for a high reward! You can setup your server to be distributed between all servers that the bot is in, allowing you to grow even farther with services provided by Open Advertisements! Open Bump is also serving over 300 guilds and over 80,000 users, which are increasing daily! Certifications: 24/7 uptime except for occasional restarts! Verified Discord Bot! No paywalls! 80,000+ users
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Anime | Gaming | Community
Global community card collecting game for Discord with more than 20,000 cards to claim and trade. Collect cards daily, complete quests and trade with community!
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Narvi adds support for playing The One Ring via Discord, including dice rolls, character sheets, tracking of endurance/hope/etc., initiative, journey roles, tests, attacks, and lots more. Add it free to your server, or toss a dollar into the jar to help pay for the cloud hosting if you want, at and pop by the TOR/AiME discord for support.
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Gaming | Entertainment
Loading is a chatting server designed with the purpose to make it easier to connect with new people and friends. Organized staff promotion system to make becoming staff a smooth and clear process Frequent giveaway per week. Moreover Youtube members can get exclusive giveaway events.
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Gaming | Community
Invite the geometry dash bot to your server! It has some awesome features and stuffs like: GD Stuffs: 🎮 | It plays geometry dash directly on discord 🔍 | Search GD Levels 🖼️ | GD Image Generation 😈 | Demon Roulette Multipurpose Stuff: 🪙 | Economy (In The Works) ❗ | Suggestion System 🎥 | Avatar Viewer ⏰ | Reminder 📝 | Custom Embed Creator 🙋 | Truth Or Dare 🔗 | Link: 🔗 | Banner Link: 🔗 | Web Commands: 🔗 | Page:
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Gaming | Streaming
Hallo wir sind ein Community Server wo man mit anderen -Schreiben -reden -Spielen kann ,der Server sucht auch noch Partner wen ihr möchtet schreibt gerne an. wir machen auch irgend wann Verlosungen und Events LG
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Bot | Gaming
Multiple features: - Roll for anime waifus: Robust system to store and roll over 100k waifus and 700+ custom upgradable waifus. Includes a free currency system, and you can trade with others! Flex your waifus now! - Play music: Download music from nearly everywhere that youtube-dl supports. 24/7 uptime. Includes moderating features like skipping, looping, pausing, and resuming. - Modify images: Play around with images and apply different filters on them. - Delete messages: Easily mass delete multiple messages, or even the channel itself! - Mute members: Quickly mute any member. - Change prefix: Don't like `!!`? No problem! Just use the prefix command to change it to whatever you wish! - Use any emoji the bot has access to, in any server: Using !!emojis command, you are able to see every emoji that can be used! - For NSFW enabled channels: Grab a random lewd or NSFW image from! - And more to come...
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Gaming | eSports
great server that ahs everyone you could need for madfut 22! trading, auctions, giveaways and fully setup roles.
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Gaming | Community
Grrr est un bot Discord français, sans prétention, codé en Python et hébergé 24h/24. Il comporte de nombreuses commandes, notamment : - Des mini-jeux pour jouer quand on s'ennuie (pendu, pierre feuille ciseaux, mastermind, morpion) - Des commandes de modération et de gestion Discord (kick, ban, infos et stats du serveur, salon bienvenue, rôle par réaction, salon pour compter, timers, infos sur les membres du serveur) - Des commandes utiles (centres de vaccination covid 19, météo, recherche de film et de série, analyse de texte, création QRcode) - Des commandes fun (chiffrement césar et vigenère, photos d'animaux, asciiart, résolveur d'anagrammes) Je ne peux pas tout marquer ici alors pour voir le plein potentiel de Grrr ajoutez le à votre serveur Discord !
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Gaming | Entertainment
Funny jokes and other things that can engage users. Commands: c:commands, lists all of the commands. c:joke, sends a Minecraft related joke. c:selfie, sends the pfp of the bot. yo, sends Yo!. too far, if you say something is too far, Chonky Chicken will agree. ?, ask a question ending in ? and Chonky Chicken will respond with yes or no. Those are all of the commands so far. I might add more commands and will definitely add more jokes and responses.
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Gaming | Music
All bards are welcome to participated together with us each in turn, or if you want to come to see the show and talking
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Gaming | Technology
Roleplay Corrector helps you with managing your ER:LC Servers! Add the bot to your server. The prefix is a dot. /ssu to host a server start up! /ssd is server shut down. DM 1Chris#9053 if you need any help.
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Gaming | Support
This BOT is a music BOT that can play music up to 24/7 (wow how amazing) and I don't think it makes sense to talk about a music BOT anymore. they are like a Rythm BOT: (w! play, w! stop, w! queue, w! loop, w! help and much more) Ez a BOTegy zene BOT ami képes akár 24/7-ben zenét lejátszsni (wow milyen elképsztő) és szerintem nincs is értelme többet beszélni egy zene BOTRÓL talán még annyit érdemes megelítani hogy a BOT magyar nyelven íródott, de attól még meg vannak benne ugyan azok mint például egy Rythm botban: (w!play, w!stop, w!queue, w!loop, w!help és még sok más)
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Bot | Gaming
Remix Elo - pick up game, match making bot for discord, leaderboards, player info, ranked manger for all games
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Gaming | Bot
Support🎫 Merch👕 Discord📶 Invite me🔗 Support🔗 Info ⏮Prefix <
100% Ромхак — стримы хаков игр Icon
Gaming | Programming
Romahck — we dont play the games, we play with them! Weekly livestreams of the romhacks and the mods for classic retro-games.
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Sports | Gaming
Official bot for this server! Message admin modder or owner for more unpdates everyone is legit scammer will be banned instantly.
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Bot | Gaming
- Use `?help` to see all commands and explanations about them - Delete some or all messages from a channel, even the oldest ones - Ban, unban, kick, mute and unmute - Creation of normal or secret text/voice channels - Delete linked categories and channels at once - Added mass roles for all members - ?adr @old-role @new-role - Adding individual roles per member - ?adur @user @role - Reaction system of 10 roles at a time and dozens per channel - ?rr "text" @role1 emoji1 @role2 emoji2... - Secret communication between servers - ?sgd id-guild "hello neighbors!" - Command to ask staff for help - ?sta "Staffs need help!" - Incoming, outgoing and user ban channel system - Server statistics channels - ?sch or ?state - Massive nickname removal - ?removenicks all - Math operations (?m 1+2, ?m 3*8/2-4*4, ?log(2), ?m cos(2), etc.) - Word dictionary - ?robot dic, ?proparoxytone dic, etc - Create invitation from other bots - ?bi @bot-nam
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Gaming | Technology
Hotsauce's HotUtils has created HotBot, a discord interface for the HotUtils suite of products centered around providing player and guild management tools for SWGOH.
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Gaming | Bot
The home for the Free Game Is A Free Game bot. Get notified of free games for all kinds of platforms at your own leisure!
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Bot | Gaming
hello,i see u have seen this ad,anyways welcome to austin friends! there are some rules i have to say before u enter this server 1)u must greet new people 2)mods ofcourse are needed 3)its alright to swear 4)NO NSFW 5)this is not a toxic server 6)this is a gaming server
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Gaming | Community
🎮 Rocket League - 📈 Ranks, Shops, News & More | 🎉 Giveaways | 🛒 Trading | 🔐 24/7 Middlemen | 📅 Events
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Gaming | Bot
Your favorite Brawl Stars website and bot for checking and tracking your statistics & game progression in Brawl Stars!
Bem Vindo ao Bracara RP! Esperemos que te divirtas e que faças bons amigos aqui! Qualquer duvida entra em contacto connosco através de ticket obrigado. Equipa Bracara RP.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Olá, este é o BOT do Revlolution Roleplay, está aqui para nos ajudar!! Bons RP's a todos, cuidado estou de olho 👀
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Bogsy's Dice Bot is a dice roller for RPGs like 5e, DnD, or Pathfinder. You can talk to it to roll dice with standard strings, like this: .d20+d6-d4+10 You can also define and name your own quickrolls and modifiers. For example, you could define your "persuasion" quickroll like this: .pers = d20+CHA+Proficiency "Persuasion" Then you could roll it like this: .pers Or with advantage (5e) like this: .pers.ADV Or with a situational modifier like this: .pers + 3 When your character's proficiency bonus or charisma modifier changes, just update the modifiers: .CHA = +4 .Proficiency = +5 Then your "pers" quickroll and all other quickrolls based on these modifiers will automatically update.
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Gaming | Music
to listening music, playing some games and for have fun with friend, make community more bigger and bigger
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Gaming | Growth
KolayOyuncuTv Sizlerle Kanalıma abone olup Like atarsanız sevinirim. Bot olarak size cevap veriyorum
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Gaming | YouTuber
Welcome to all members join my discord server and play with me all pubg mobile game you must like and subscribe my channel
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Gaming | Meme
Peliparatiisi, se ainut ja oikea! tulossa takaisin joskus lähiaikoina tai sitten ei niin lähiaikoina ei voi tietää =DD
eSports | Gaming
Bot para link do discord AGAYS, convite personalizado para as mídias sociais e para pessoas que desejam entrar no servidor
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eSports | Gaming
Finland RolePlay Server! Tervetuloa BlackCityRP! Tervetuloa BlackCityRP! Tervetuloa BlackCityRP! Tervetuloa BlackCityRP!
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eSports | Gaming
Bem-Vindo ao General Project um servidor de RP a tua medida, onde te poderás encaixar facilmente em cada contexto do jogo
Gaming | Community
Bienvenue dans la Compagnie Libre Blood Swords ! Si vous êtes avide de sang, vous êtes sûrement tombé au bon endroit.
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eSports | Gaming
is a discord bot that will provide you all the necessary info about Overwatch League and how far your team do their, greeting
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Bot | Gaming
Many commands, mute, warn, utility commands, everything your server needs! This bot was made for fun, and I started working on it. You will like this bot! To get started, do //help or //help ! There are secret easter eggs you can try to figure out also! But anyways, have fun with my bot, updates almost every week! List of commands: mute warn help ping clear unmute kick ban cat panda dog meme member_count
Community | Gaming
Server de GTA5 RP focado em RP sério em com STAFF sempre ativa. O server pertence a uma equipa de esports TAB ESPORTS.
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Gaming | Technology
This is the improved version of my first bot which is a discord verified bot wit 200+ servers...... This bot took a lot of time to make and Is the best one I have made so far It has many features: >Moderation System >Fun commands >Roast Battles >Compliment people >Play fun games like rock paper scissors >More usefull commands such as: Userinfo , Purge , Avatar
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Role-Playing | Gaming
- Unete a Esta Gran Comunidad - Speed Server - [Mu]OnlineS6 :drop_of_blood: .. Mas Que Un Juego - Una Gran Comunidad. - Nuevos : Mapas, Npc, Sets, Alas, Desde Originales y Season 16 - Experiencia : 9000 Dynamic - Fast - Drop : 90% - Sistema Not Soket - Puntos por Level : 5 & 7 - Maximo Level Masters : 400 - Master Puntos Level : 3 - Maximo puntos : 32000 - Maquina Chaos : 50% - Baul Activo 0 al 5 + ( Vault extras ) - /Baul x - Borra Puntos :No - Comandos : /Zen /Reset /AddStr /AddAgi /AddVit /AddEne /AddCmd /Baul /ClearInv /War /PkClear ( /Attack /OffAtack ) - ( /Store /OffStore ) - Todas las razas Balanceadas - Reset via Cliente - Todas las Clases se Crean desde Level 0. - Sistema Helper On 100% (se activa Level 1 ) - Maximo Reset : no tiene
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Suomalainen Roleplay Discord palvelin! Löydä itsellesi täältä uusi Roolipeli serveri ja tutustu uusii ihmisiin!! Tervetuloa!!
Gaming | Community
TriggerEvent("mythic_progbar:client:progress", { name = "unique_action_name", duration = 10000, label = "Action Label", useWhileDead = false, canCancel = true, controlDisables = { disableMovement = true, disableCarMovement = true, disableMouse = false, disableCombat = true, }, animation = { animDict = "[email protected]_a", anim = "idle_a", }, prop = { model = "prop_paper_bag_small", } }, function(status) if not status then -- Do Something If Event Wasn't Cancelled end end)
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Gaming | Social
GrandRP Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
¿Que es GrandRP? Servidor totalmente serio Tiene: Ropa Real Coches Reales Scripts Únicos Administradores 24/7
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Bot | Gaming
Hey! Alxy is a free bot that helps you moderate any server! You have a lot of moderation commands, just type +help to find out them.
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Gaming | Community
Valorant Boosting Service named SixBoosting provide fastest and cheapest valorant boosting provided by TOP RADIANT players in EU and NA.
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Gaming | eSports
This is an Chill zone bot the best of the best —————————————————— Welcome to Chill zone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are currently looking for new players to populate our server. We are fair and welcome of everyone and are against any form of discrimination. We look for active and loyal players to help make us an amazing server. In hopes that we can have members willing to Sweat😀 and have fun. -we play all types of games -Fun -Good staff team -Fun bots -Active -Against discrimination of any kind -Supports LGBTQ+ -Fair staff and moderators -Alliances And Much More! We hope to see you with us soon! -Yours truly CHILL ZONE!
Bot | Gaming
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Crypto | Gaming
A discord bot where you can bet on soccer and DOTA2 matches! A crypto ecosystem where you can mine and get coins! Place your bets now!
Tervetuloa discord kanavalleni täältä löydät tuoreimmat uutiset ja ilomoitukset milloin striimi starttaa!!
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Gaming | Community
Killfeed.DEV is the #1 Dayz Killfeed for your Discord. It works with Xbox and PS4 DayZ servers. This DayZ mod lets you post all your servers log events to a Discord server. To activate the BOT create an account at https://killfeed.DEV Icon
Welkom In De Officiële Discord Server Van DutchPowerCows! #clash royale #clash #DPC #DutchPowerCows #clan #war #NL #Nederland #clanwar
Gaming | Education
SUPPORT MY BOT TO VERIFY...............................................................................
Human Icon
YouTuber | Gaming
Seeking a place to share your thoughts & creations? Creative Thoughts is all about collaborating, sharing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. Join Now!
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Gaming | Support
어서오세요 오버워치 워크샵 디스코드서버입니다. 궁금한점이나 피드백할점은 서버내 채널에서 해주시면 확인후 처리하겠습니다. 업데이트내용은 패치노트에서 확인가능합니다. 참고하시면 되겠습니다.
Magnis Bot Icon
Bot | Gaming
Kayıt Sistemi - Moderasyon - Guard - Eğlence - MTA Askeri Sunucu Sistemi - ve bir çok özellikler ile sizlere sunuyoruz. Yakında Daha çok özellik ile sizlere hizmet ediceğiz. Magnis Botumuz 7/24 Hizmetinizde ve Sizlere sunduğumuz hizmetler ile bir sorun yaşarsanız .bug-bildir komutu ile Bot Sahibine bildirim gidicektir. .istatistik yazarak bot sahibine ulaşabilirsiniz.
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We are a fun and family safe discord server that likes to play a variety of games. We love to hangout and talk to each other and we host events time to time!!!! Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
Servidor de Roleplay Portugues, com tematica de Portugal (Fardas, Viaturas , Mapas), servidor com staff comptente quase todos com idade acima dos 30. Gostas do verdadeiro Roleplay entao e neste servidor que tens que aderir ...
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Gaming | eSports
Boas Bem-Vindos ao SUNCITY RP! Boas Bem-Vindos ao SUNCITY RP! Boas Bem-Vindos ao SUNCITY RP! Boas Bem-Vindos ao SUNCITY RP!
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Programming | Gaming
Hello, are you someone that wants something to happen in their lives? IFuture is server that will let you to talk about: Writing Programming and game design Games Art Here at IFuture, experience isn't life, we don't care your kdr is 0.1 or you don't know what an isp is. The only thing that matters is that you **want** to do what you couldn't before. Maybe you want friends? Or maybe you want to make a game? IFuture doesn't restrict your chances of future success, we only intervene if something isn't right. We have a custom bot made by FluxedScript#6358 meaning we don't have basic and common bots that all servers have.
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Bot | Gaming
TechnoBot Officially Server!
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Gaming | Meme
We are here just to have fun. Come and join.