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WE Token is the native Wanda Exchange Token and can be used for discounts and fast payments at every participating POS partner worldwide or in Wanda Cash Exchange. WE are starting on the Binance Smart Chain – but within 60 months (Token-Lock) WE will release their own AI-Blockchain solution. The solution is developed for instant payments with best rates guaranteed for buyers and sellers. Our smart AI-solution will detect the best moment and exchange to sell the tokens to the highest price possible on all markets (DEX & CEX). All coins will be bridged automatically to the new network after launch.
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Great friendly community with a University and amazing Professors. Investment Traders bot. For announcements and such. Responder bot. Moderator bot. Still under construction. Needs work. Coding................. ................. will be done shortly................... 3=Mc2 ......... Complete
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OptionsFamBot is a free stock bot featuring stocks, options, and crypto commands/charting.
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Want to learn how to get good at stocks the right way?! Here at this community, we strive towards building both an information center, learning and growing clique, and a community for people to connect and grow together!
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Beeper is your financial market companion for Discord. Get real time quotes for any US stock or cryptocurrency by including its symbol prefixed by $ in a message. For example, to get a Tesla quote you could say: “Did anyone see that $TSLA drop?”, and for Dogecoin: “$DOGE to the moon!”. You can also message Beeper directly for quotes. Beeper allows you to set price alerts in your channels. To configure price alerts use the /alert set of slash commands: /alert create price /alert list /alert delete Use Beeper to drive conversations in your Discord community!
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Dint is a decentralized cryptocurrency and global financial infrastructure built on a high performance blockchain that enables greater economic opportunity for everyone, everywhere.