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The bot has all you need on your server from auto-moderation to music and fun. It has much functions and all is free! Youtube, Twitch, Twitter autoposter, high quality of music, tickets, apply systems and much more! The bot can be controlled from our online dashboard (soon will be more functions)
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The ApplyEasy Bot is a simple application system bot where you can set up a simple application system with just 3 commands. The bot only happened on slash commands so its prefix is ​​/. With /help you can see all his commands, invite him or see the current application questions from the server. You can also see the questions with /see-questions. If you had errors with the questions you can remove the questions with /remove-questions or just update the questions with /config-questions and with /config-questions you can configure the questions! If you have problems, want to report bugs or anything else join the ApplyEasy Support server!