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Unique Event bot with premade events for seasons and some holidays. Bot language EN & DE ➽ You only need to invite the bot and then you can immediately participate in the current event, without much effort. ➽ You set your own prices for the event rewards. ➽ Everyone can execute the event command every 2 hours to collect the event item/ participate. ➽ The event duration varies, and takes place about 3-4 weeks. ➽ For each event there are funny, animated and cute pictures. ➽ If you have any problems, suggestions or event ideas, feel free to join our support server. Commands: /go (collect event items every 2 hours) /einventar (check your collection of event items) /binfo (receive information about the event bot) /eventlist (receive information about the upcoming events) /elb (shows you the leaderboard of your server) (Owner command only) /setlanguage (sets the bot language for your server) (Owner command only)