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DailyQuotes: The best bot to send quotes to your server. If a channel is set every day at ``10 AM UTC`` a quote will be sent. The bot has over 2,000 random quotes that can be sent to your server each day. Although there is not a whole lot to the bot it is built to add a bit of pa zaz to your server. DailyQuotes fits around majority of servers whether you are a support server, hangout, or a gaming server, everyone could use some uplifting quotes in there life. We also suport 110 different language option for DailyQuotes when it sends. **Built to make setting it up easy view below for the setup guide** ``/set_channel`` - Use this to choose your channel. Make sure the bot has permissions in it and you are all set ``/set_language`` - Sets the language for DailyQuotes when sending. Default is English ``/set_pingrole`` - Sets a role to ping for when the bot sends a Daily Quote Other Commands ``/translate_quote`` - Gives you a quote in your own language ``/help`` - Sends general info