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Best discord server list | Лучшие дискорд сервера.
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Growth | Bot
An advertising server where you can list all your various discord servers, advertising platforms, streaming platforms and social networks
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Gaming | Programming
Minetools Support Server
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Support | Bot
Welcome to my Support, user! I'm Dinosaur, a multipurpose BOT! Here, in my support you can report users, bugs, and ask for help.
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discord bot
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Rhyno includes as you can expect all moderator commands, such as kick, ban, warn, purge etc. We tried to theme Rhyno into the Spider-Man theme, of course we need to pay attention to all of you. So we did not get it out of hand. If you wish to have logs on for Rhyno, you can. Run the command r!setup to setup your server or run the command r!settings to change or view your server settings. (Video explaining linked in the help command) We are 24/7 talking and figure out new idea's for Rhyno, you can get the most recent updates by joining the support server. We have linked a command to updates as well, but those are not updated 24/7 We understand, Rhyno can sometimes be a hard one to handle, if he is not listening to you or your moderators/administrators, please do join the support server so we can figure out the problem together.
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Anime | Social
List of commands:Purge, nickname , userinfo , role , Dm , developer , LockDown, Unlock , kick , ban , unban , delay , roleremove , nuke , createrole , mute , unmute , poll , servereset , shout , getbans , serverinfo , embed , Tictactoe , Tod ,Tokyoghoul ,Scared , OP , Applause , Avatar , AOT , Anime
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Bot | Crypto
Additional Commands: .(any animal name) // it will send a cute image of the animal you specified. .btc // shows bitcoins current price! .eth // shows ethereums current price! .doge // shows doge coins current price! There is yet more to explore and know! (.help) (.commands)
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Bot | Music
💥 MusicBox is ready to play 💥 New Server Discord Bot with music join join new stuff chat and games
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Bot | Music
🤯 The Best Music Bot of 2021! ⚙️Standard Prefix: ! (changeable) ✅ Invite me!: 👍 Coded by: Lowkey#3230 ❤️ Support us :
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Bot | Community
Looking for the best Discord bot for your server? We've got it DynamicBot Helps with music, moderation, and even leveling. So add DynamicBot to your server!
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Social | Meme
This bot’s sole purpose is whenever someone says “Candice” or something that triggers the bot it will respond with the corresponding joke. It is a simple bot and depending on the popularity I will release updates quickly. Commands: dn!help: Give you a list of all the commands dn!list: Gives you a list of all of the deez nuts jokes. dn!upvote: Gives you the links that you can use to upvote our bot to boost its statistics.
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Bot | Community
Discord bot for moderation, auto moderation, dun and more! Use !help for more commands!
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Support | Writing
Search Plus is a plain search bot. Only Google and YouTube searching services. 7 commands have now. Get started with "search help".
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Gaming | Community
ye good description
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Entertainment | Social
**Looking** for? A **Fun** and a **Multipurpose** discord bot? Well i introduce you **Colton** bot!! With many commands to use! **Colton** provides - Games - Giveaways - Music - Moderation - Ticket - verification system - welcome system And many more to come Why **?** Whats the big deal about this bot? ・**Music** - Bots provide TONS of Music commands! - gives you the best music quality souncloud supported ・**Giveaway** - Best giveaway system for your server easy to set and use! ・**Games** - ever get bored? Well dont you worry Colton has the best games out there! - Many to choose from like, Trivia, Connect4, RPS and many more! ・**Information** ·˚ - 24/7 **online** - Fast response - easy to use! - prefix `c?` **What are you waiting for!? Invite now and check all the awesome commands!**