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Bot | Community
Server Manager provides servers with Events Logging • Giveaways • Polls • Level System • Moderation • Entertainment! Server Manager has a lot more to offer! You wanna check it out? Invite now Server Manager!
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Shinki has been developed for creators to connect their content with their community. However with a large range of features, Shinki will fit well into anyone's server! Fully controlled from our dashboard - Permissions need to be set in the panel by administrators before use. Server owner can set access to the restricted parts of the panel Moderation, including kick, ban, mute, warn, whois, and temprole. Set custom actionable words, link deletion and logging of deleted/edited messages. Comprehensive ticketing system. Security system stopping anyone from posting without reacting to a role and agreeing to the rules Donations - support your content or server by accepting donations, sell roles, text based messages including links and sell physical goods using the bot in your server. Connect your streams and various platforms directly to your server through Streamlabs, Twitch with many more to come! Stream Timer -use Shinki’s stream timer for your next subathon, every donation can add
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Bot | Music
Albedo is a feature-rich multipurpose discord bot that plays music from Spotify soundcloud and YouTube , my bot is also extremely customisable with meny settings for your to take a look at Any problems or questions dont hesitate to join the support server and ask me for help. or use 6help (The Holy Crusader#0001) List of commands: • Admin • Anime Search • Anti Honde • Anti RP • Music • Bookmark's • Moderation • Custom Commands • Disboard Reminder • Giphy image's • Levelling • Logging • Server Stat's • Skyrim quote's • Trivia
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Music | Entertainment
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
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Bot | Community
a fun moderation and leveling bot and it has like a lot of features like a hug command and a rule command
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Bot | Programming
Bot ainda em desenvolvimento, conta com comandos de moderação (ban, kick, mute, warn), comandos de configuração, logging de mensagens e comandos, comandos de níveis por mensagens e por call, etc... (Pode haver bugs)
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Anime | Gaming | Community
Global community card collecting game for Discord with more than 20,000 cards to claim and trade. Collect cards daily, complete quests and trade with community!
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Bot | Entertainment
A Discord bot for Moderation, Logging, and fun games! Common commands: • ~mcserver <Server IP> - Shows information about the given IP address • ~mcskin <Minecraft Username> - Shows the skin of the username given • ~hypstats <Minecraft Username> - Gives you information about a Hypixel Player • ~spotifynp - Shows information about the song you're listening to __***(Must Be listening to a song on Spotify to work!)***__ • ~work - Earn money for doing normal day "Jobs"! • ~balance - Shows how much money you currently have __**(Must do ~work at least once to earn money)**__ • And many more! *(Use ~help to see full list!)*
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Business | Bot
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Bot | Programming
It's a level Bot that works over multiple servers. So if you are level 10 in one Server you're level 10 on every server. It has the commands: help rank shop(still in development) inventory buy and some other. It also shows on how many servers the bot is on. Not only that, but it is default set to st
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Bot | Entertainment
Hello! Im SharkBot. Tags (Ignore): bot discord discord bot bot discord
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RoboStux - The Robot That Can Do Everything in One. Contains Music, Games, Moderation, Reaction Roles and so much more.
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Bot | Anime
Fun & Addicting Discord RPG focused on activity! 🔥 Fighting 🔥 Guilds 🔥 PvP 🔥 Leaderboards 🔥 Classes & Races 🔥 Raids 🔥 More...
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Bot | Support
Le bot Spiritus est un bot multi-tâches qui est spécialisé dans le management d'un serveur. En effet nombreuses sont ses fonctions qui visent à faire gagner du temps et faciliter les tâches de maintenance d'un serveur. Créé, supprimer, mettre à jour émois, salons, rôles, réaction-rôles est extrêmement simple ! Les fonctions principales de Spiritus : Spiritus procèdent de nombreuses fonctions comme : : • Création, mise à jour et suppression d'émojis, channels, rôles • Système de commandes personalisées illimité • Système de leveling gratuit et illimité • Modération accessible en 1 clic • Des fonctions anti-raids Grâce à Spiritus, configurer, maintenir et faire vivre votre serveur ne sera qu'une partie de plaisir ! Modération : Avec Spiritus a vos coté gardez un serveur agréable, les commandes de ban, kick, warn mute sont vos amis. Et pour ce qui est des raids des fonctions pour vérouiller des catégories, salons ou pour interdire les liens sont à votre disposition.
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Bot | Community
This server is the general community and support server for Engauge, a Discord bot that allows you to gauge user participation and reward it on your Discord server. Join to seek help or to suggest features!
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Bot | Community
Its your guild to a new level! Guilds can have more features rather than just being used for conversation. Members need entertainment and moderation, or even fun. Streamline moderation, have statistics and have fun in your guild with the various functions available. Set automatic or reaction roles to have members place their roles automatically. Set positions by level upon reaching a specific level of points the member will automatically earn the position. Get personalized inbound ads with more options than the standard Discord ad. Put any nickname you want on the BOT inside your guild. Set sweepstakes to run automatically at set time. Have text channels where only the last message sent is kept in it. Have responses recorded so they are sent faster across channels. Set a text channel so that guild birthdays are announced every day.
Welcomer Moderation commands Leveling system Music player PrivateVoice channel(Join to create) CustomEmbed ReactionRoles Giveaway Settings menu To configure server settings, use `/settings` or `/config`.