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Welcome to our server for paid tutoring, homework & exam help! This is a nice and friendly educational server that focuses on Mathematics! We have a wide range of tutors available to help with high school and college-level material! We offer: - Active community - Mathematics tutoring (algebra, geometry, calculus, diff eq, linear algebra, etc) - Complete your assignments and homework - Help with exams and quizzes - A place to chill and hangout -Computer science -Statistics and Probability -Chemistry, Biology and Physics All at an affordable rate! 💸
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Greetings! I am Shrey Bora. I teach Mathematics (Std-IXth & Std-Xth). Through my Discord server, you will get to learn every MathematicaI topic from scratch. My teaching will be application, concept and reason-based. For enquiries or doubts: [email protected] JOIN & SUPPORT
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Paradøx and TeXit are two great bots for Discord. Paradøx is a multipurpose bot aimed at server moderation and utility; TeXit is a bot aimed at rendering LaTeX, a typesetting language for mathematics and much more. We have an incredibly friendly community that are capable of helping with any maths related problems.