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Entertainment | Music
《⭐ Dark Bot⭐ 》 Hello I am Dark bot!!, My Prefix is "|" i am a Moderator bot that can play music and create memes and have a lot of fun commands for you, we have a ranking system a giveaway system and we got our own economy!!. i hope you enjoy using me !! ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ Enjoy!! What Dark Bot Offers ➣ 🥳 A Well put together bot 🥳 ➣ 🥳100+ Cool Commands🥳 ➣ 🤩Active Staff Members!!🤩 ➣ 🌸Fun and awesome Commands🌸 ➣ 🌸Nice Moderators🌸 ➣ ⭐ Build In Welcome message⭐ ➣ ⭐Build In Giveaway system⭐ ➣ ⭐Easy to use!!⭐
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Social | Meme
This bot’s sole purpose is whenever someone says “Candice” or something that triggers the bot it will respond with the corresponding joke. It is a simple bot and depending on the popularity I will release updates quickly. Commands: dn!help: Give you a list of all the commands dn!list: Gives you a list of all of the deez nuts jokes. dn!upvote: Gives you the links that you can use to upvote our bot to boost its statistics.
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Entertainment | Anime
View my full website at: https://erisly.com/ Hiya! My name is Erisly, your friendly neighbourhood goddess! I use my powers and talents to play as a "Discord Bot", where I provide you some quality features and commands for your Discord Server! My commands include NSFW commands, a global economy and idle game, cleverbot, various Discord lookup commands for members, invites and servers, lookup commands for Minecraft, Overwatch and the largest game database RAWG, GIF searching, various meme generators, and so much more! I also know multiple languages, support customizable prefixes for every server, and don't lock any commands or features behind upvotes or donations!
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Bot | Meme
Mitsuha can execute fun, memey commands and some general commands . It can even talk with users! » Please use m!feedback  [Your feedback here] to submit your feedback and help us improve. » Bot language : English only for now.
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Support | Meme
<p><strong>Slio has everything from Moderation to entertainment! <a href="https://link.selectdev.xyz/invite/slio">Invite her here!</a></strong></p> <iframe src="https://dylster.gitbook.io/slio">If you are seeing this that means that your browser does not support iFrames. Consider upgrading it or visit our doccumentation at https://dylster.gitbook.io/slio</iframe> See our Privacy Policy [here](https://selectdev.xyz/bots/slio)
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Meme | Support
A multi-purpose discord bot. Pika has 100+ commands and some modules. It will make your server better !Pika bot need a Admin permission !
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Bot | Entertainment
I am a robot created for the most shy people who may not have to talk to them make the robot speak for them, cool isn't it? I had nothing to do and I had this idea I thought it occurred to me to create this bot, funny and ignorant I admit! I have to get it working is very simple: First step connect in voice channel and type in text channel! Enter to make me enter the channel where you are connected. Second step type !s followed with what you want the bot to say and I will speak for you !! Example "!s Hi man" the bot will speak saying what you typed ie now "HI MAN". and now it's time to make him say what you want enjoy !! For any problem please contact me @Lo_spe#4373
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Meme | Music
BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, for example Steal Emoji to steal an emoji from a different server, or over 20 image manipulation commands!
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Meme | Bot
This bot will add some fun to your server. Prefix: & This bot will be getting updates soon. For command info type &help
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Meme | Bot
This Bot Is a moderator + fun bot. Make sure to mention the bot and do the following steps . Many Updates Will be done on this bot . Please suggest what should i do Thank You CrystaL | Developer
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Bot | Entertainment
A Multipurpose Bot Developed By Nanoツ#5463 Made Using Discord.py Took Almost 3 Months For Developing The Bot
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Bot | Music
Estamos sempre a atualizar o nosso bot com comandos para os usuários se divertirem! BOT tem: musica, comandos de divertimento. logs, tockets etc... We are always updating our bot with commands for users to have fun! BOT has: music, fun commands. logs, tockets etc ...
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Community | Bot | Gaming
Beep Boop may just be the last bot you will ever need! Packed with features like: economy, fun, information, moderation, games, images and search!
The Magic Conch Bot Icon
So you remember who is the magic conch from SpongeBob SquarePants? So she came to Discord as a fun and nice bot that will make you laugh! So the magic shell has some commands, From paper stone and scissors until it joins your voice channel and sounds memes! A very funny bot, it has a lot of commands and makes you funny! Commands: (Soon will be more commands) !help - shows all commands! !8ball - ask a question and the bot will answer it! !coinflip - flips a coin! !joke - sends a random joke! !meme - sends a random meme! !rpc - make a game of rock paper scissors! !bruh - joins your channel and sounds the "bruh" meme! !nani - joins your channel and sounds the "Nani!?" meme! and more existing commands! (and more new soon!)
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Music | Meme
This bot has multiple features including coconut malling (also in earrape version), image generation, misc, and
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Community | Entertainment
This bot does a lot of commands like running polls, memes, getting youtube videos and tons more on the /help command or /AllCommands.
Processor Icon
Technology | Entertainment
A handy dandy bot capable of doing many complex things, that is simple to use.
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Bot | Meme
The simplest multi-purpose bot featuring powerful moderation commands, MANY fun commands including 10+ meme generation commands, amazing economy, epic giveaways, typeracer, scramble game, minesweeper, built in Wikipedia support, logging deleted messages and more!
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Gaming | Meme
its a discord server about how cursed the history channel is at midnight and because of that its just about memes and cursed stuff and there is a custom bot I made so you can find bugs and break my bot its also about having fun and joking about so have fun or else.
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Gaming | Meme
We are here just to have fun. Come and join.
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Programming | Bot
Prefix: . Send .help to get Bot Commands This bot made by MagiQ Team ( Iranian Professional Developers ) MagiQ fits your discord server needs with many moderation commands you can get some information with information commands have a good day with Fun commands Aparat & Twitch stream Notifications This bot is online 24/7 to use in your server supports 3 languages ( Persian, English, Turkish ) 1- Online 24/7 2- Quick Response 3- High Security 4- Completely Safe 5- High Quality Music Player So invite me Now :D
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Entertainment | Meme
An AI bot with features such as: chatbot, math, memes and tictactoe! It is a very fun bot to add.