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¡Ayaka • Bot! ~ 💫 • It is a bot of fun and interaction with users to spend hours and hours of fun and also of the many commands that it includes! • Prefix - sh! • Help command - sh!help / sh!here-help • The bot offers the following commands and functions... ❤️ | Interaccion commands 🎮 | Minigames 💡 | Online 24/7 👌 | Funny commands 🎶 | Music commands 🎨 | Avatar styles ✅ | Custom verify command 🧨 | Custom giveaway command ⚙️ | Slash Commands (BETA) 🔩 | Moderation and more!
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### Features The bot will currently has quite a few games. The full list currently is * [Akinator](https://frodo.fun/commands#Akinator) * [Anagrams](https://frodo.fun/commands#Anagrams) * [Connect Four](https://frodo.fun/commands#Connect%20Four) * [Hangman](https://frodo.fun/commands#Hangman) * [Othello](https://frodo.fun/commands#Othello) * [Rock Paper Scissors](https://frodo.fun/commands#Rock%20Paper%20Scissors) * [Trivia](https://frodo.fun/commands#Trivia) * [Tic Tac Toe](https://frodo.fun/commands#Tic%20Tac%20Toe) * [Fact](https://frodo.fun/commands#Fact) * [Fortune](https://frodo.fun/commands#Fortune) * [Insult](https://frodo.fun/commands#Insult) * [Joke](https://frodo.fun/commands#Joke) ### Leaderboards * Frodo also features public leaderboards * Currently, the only command featuring a leaderboard is trivia and it can be viewed online [here](https://frodo.fun/leaderboard) or in discord by using the command `/leaderboard`
Meme | Music
Enjoy the functions of XGN BOT, a complete web dashboard, a ton of commands, memes, music, minigames and more.
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Anime | Social
The original Nezuko Bot, perfect and adorable with more than 80 Actions, Moderation, Minigames, Memes, Leveling and much more.Kimetsu Gifs!
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Anime | Social
Inosuke Bot Discord This inosuke bot I was inspired by the anime character in kimetsu no yaiba this character who always wears a pig mask and he is good at using a sword
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Akinator will guess who or what you are thinking of! Easy to use & Available in multiple languages!