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Entertainment | Community
This shop has a lot to offer. We sell legit accounts just like. → Sreaming Services like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, DirectTV, SlingTV and much more! → SPORT such as DAZN, NBA, NFL, TennisTV, Formula 1 TV, Chess.com and much more → MUSIC such as Spotify Premium, Headspace, Yousician, UltimateGuitar and more!¨ → VPN such as IPVanish, Surfshark, NordVPN, Tunnelbear → UTILITY such as McAfee, Wondershare, Windscribe → EDUCATION such as Grammarly, Quillbot, Skillshare, Duolingo, MotleyFool and much more! → ADULT such as PornHub
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Crypto | Community
ARTBAD is a trans-national brother/sister coding/artist team that makes weird NFTs. - Join #general-chat and just start / continue good conversations and the most active users get free NFTs worth between $50-$600! - Same deal if you others to the Discord and get free NFTs too! (Leaderboard bot will track who you bring in) - Great art/illustration in our NFTs, these are not your typical "lazy NFT" ideas. Come make an effort and we'll reward you!
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Community | Bot
Cool Bot is a bot for moderation to make your server better and powerful bot moderation for administration Cool Bot will make your server safe and better Cool Bot is more than a moderation bot. Cool Bot has other commands options like moderation with tons of commands to try note we still working to add more commands soon stay tuned invite Cool Bot now Prefix: c!
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this server is for business only, its safe and we are trustable in this field of work.WE INSURE YOUR SAFETY ABOVE ALL
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Anime | Bot
╰┄┄➤Anime ➤Baka ➤Fact ➤Hug ➤Karma ➤Kiss ➤Neko ➤Pat ➤Poke ➤Slap ➤Smug ➤Tickle ➤Waifu ➤WhatAnime ➤Wink ╰┄┄➤Backup ➤Backup-create ➤Backup-info ➤Load-backup ╰┄┄➤Minigames ➤Snake ➤Wyr ╰┄┄➤Chatbot ➤Chatbot ➤Disablechatbotchannel ➤Setchatbotchannel ╰┄┄➤Fun ➤Binary ➤Clyde ➤Comment ➤Country ➤Eject ➤Emojify ➤Github ➤Iq ➤Npm ➤Ping ➤Weather ➤Zalgo ╰┄┄➤Fun ➤Affect ➤Beautiful ➤Delete ➤Fire ➤Respect ➤Rip ➤Scary ➤Trash ➤Triggered ╰┄┄➤Info ➤Help ➤Botinfo ➤Invite ➤Uptime ╰┄┄➤Moderation ➤Ban ➤Kick ➤Purge ╰┄┄➤Music ➤Clear-queue ➤Filter ➤Filters ➤Leave ➤Loop ➤Lyrics ➤Np ➤Pause ➤Play ➤queue ➤Resume ➤Search ➤Shuffle ➤Skip ➤Volume ╰┄┄➤Other ➤Addemoji ➤Avatar ➤Emojilist ➤Snipe ➤Urban ➤Wiki ╰┄┄➤Owner ➤Eval ➤Reload
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Bot | Role-Playing
• **Intro** • This COVID-19 Testing Center has a limited stock of tests per hour so not every member can get tested. To take the test you need to use ;pcrtest command on the Testing Center channel and you will get the answer next hour. Once a day the stock will be refilled so everyone can be tested again. The bot will reset daily tests at 00:00(GMT-5) and everyone can take the test again. • **Commands** • ;help - [Normal Users] - It tries to help you, let's hope it does. ;pcrtest - [Normal Users] - Tests you for COVID-19. This command only works on Testing Center text-channel. ;setup [reset] - [Administrator] - Set up or remove a text-channel as COVID-19 Testing Center. ;limit <1-100> - [Administrator] - Changes the number of tests that can be done in a hour. ;prefix <newPrefix> - [Administrator] - Changes the bot prefix.
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Crypto | Art
NFT Community of "Sock Life". Rare collectables. Ever wondered where that second sock went?. Well here you'll find most of them and perhaps to your surprise see that they are living there best years - at least some of them. #1000 sock portraits is the first milestone. Created by "Left Sock"
LiteCoinPrice Bot Icon
Crypto | Bot
Price of LiteCoin. Created by: discord.js and Pata2010#5246.  Invite this bot.
WealthBot Icon
Bot | Programming
This bot is created to test There is no functions yet The bot wont be online always Its just a test.
The Most Useless Bot Icon
Bot | Entertainment
The Most Useless Bot This bot cant do anything no commands no prefix its safe to use if you want a useless bot in your server invite this bot and have fun our bot main purpose is placeholder bot nothing much
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Gaming | Community
ye good description
Rocket League Sideswipe Icon
Gaming | eSports
Bot discord Rocket League Sideswipe. Créer par le YouTuber Rukyo et RuKyoTV. Ajoute le............ 🙂
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Social | Growth
This bot is perfect for organizing all your socials in a personalized embedded profile. The bot will ask you which socials you want to connect to your profile and will create an embedded message containing all your socials. The whole setup process takes less than a minute and once finished the bot will send your profile to a channel. Theres also a command that lets you post your profile in any channel. If you know what linktree is, this bot is the linktree of discord and is the first of its kind.
Ethereum Icon
Crypto | Bot
🏫 Learn about Ethereum and 🔍 look up addresses, transactions & blocks. ⚡ Ran by the Listcord team! ➕ Invite the bot today!
The Casino Icon
Gaming | Bot
Features: Economy system! Have fun with your own virtual money! Levels and XP! Play games to earn XP and level up to gain rewards! Fun casino games such as: Blackjack Roulette Slots The famous market crash game! Other games: Coinflip (you can challenge your friends too!) Rock-paper-scissors **NEW** Profile page: Completely customize your own **profile page** Choose from over 75 colors! Choose your own background image Daily, weekly, AND monthly reward Badges system with multiple ways to earn badges Compete with friends to see who can earn the most money Look what rank you are on our GLOBAL leaderboards by typing `.position` Show who's first in our GLOBAL leaderboards by typing `.leaderboards`
AutoPartner Icon
Growth | Bot
AutoPartner | Support Server Need To Get Noticed? Just Like Liam But Hasn't Failed To Date & Has Been Proven To Work Within A Bigger Server Count! - AutoPartner Is a simple way to get noticed use ++help to get a list of commands Or. 1. Make a channel called `#autopartner` 2. Setup Permissions for `AutoPartner` to be able to read and write in the `#autopartner` channel setup in step `1.` but only AutoPartner No One Else everyone can view but not write. 3. Use `++init #AutoPartner` 4. Then Set a Description ++desc Your Description 5. `++preview` To your ad prior to bumping (step 6) 6. `++bump` Can Be Used every 20 minutes - this will bump your ad to all other servers that AutoPartner is inside of.
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Technology | Entertainment
Google bot will bring you results of all kinds from all over the web right in your discord server
Momo bot Icon
Bot | Anime
The best kpop bot with automod ,gambling ,play spotify ,auto roles ,vlive,twitter, instagram, tiktok , weverse, tumblr feeds and more!
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Growth | Community
help scam helper detector and ecthelp scam helper detector and ecthelp scam helper detector and ecthelp scam helper detector and ect
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Gaming | Bot
A bot to connect Minecraft with Discord! About Minecat is a Discord Bot to connect Minecraft with Discord, it works with SpigotMC/PaperMC/Bukkit compatible Minecraft servers. The plugin download can be found on SpigotMC's resources page https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/minecat.98640/ Current Features The current features connected with Minecraft (may not be updated) include - See chat from Minecraft in Discord - See chat from Discord (specified channel) in Minecraft - See advancements from Minecraft in Discord - See join messages from Minecraft in Discord - See leave messages from Minecraft in Discord
Gaming | YouTuber
JskzjsjskskkKKkakakakakKkkaakakakakakakaaiaiaiaiaiaiIaiaiiakakajskskskskaiajakajakajajajsksjlo Lol I lov u 😍
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Social | Community
Discord bot to verify users via email (i.e. verify [email protected] mails)
Jeanne Icon
Jeanne is a multipurpose bot with miscellaneous, moderation, management and some fun commands. Later, she will have new commands implemented in the nearby future FEATURES • Available slash commands • Moderation such as purge, warn, mute, kick, ban and unban • Create, delete and rename categories, roles and text and voice channels • Fun commands you can play with • Getting information of a user and server • A say command that will make Jeanne say the message the user wants • A reaction system such as slap, hug and pat PLANNED FEATURES • Implementing a currency and leveling system that will be global • Implementing a welcoming, leaving and modlogging system • Changing role colour • Changing the server’s name and profile picture • Editing channel topics • Adding a softban command that will have the user to be banned for a specific amount of time
Chilling Bot Icon
Music | YouTuber
An advanced discord bot made by Ygame20#0761. Support spotify, youtube, iTunes, and much more. View the all commands here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JYlE0XpW7DUVkb7wTlfrnTUZjLRxY9FWUSE-PFllbrI/edit#gid=0&range=A1:E1.
Liam Booker Icon
Entertainment | Bot
To make the grade, college students have to produce a paper on a pre-determined subject. The only problem is that Liam worries he'll be stuck with an essay on the meaning of life. Liam is desperate to avoid writing about life. He's always been afraid that his existentialist dad would have him shipped back home when he found out Liam's grades had dropped again. Liam knows his dad would suggest that, or at least point out that this is the third time in three semesters. So as soon as he gets assigned an essay, he finds out how to Faking It (without getting caught).
Chonky Chicken Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Funny jokes and other things that can engage users. Commands: c:commands, lists all of the commands. c:joke, sends a Minecraft related joke. c:selfie, sends the pfp of the bot. yo, sends Yo!. too far, if you say something is too far, Chonky Chicken will agree. ?, ask a question ending in ? and Chonky Chicken will respond with yes or no. Those are all of the commands so far. I might add more commands and will definitely add more jokes and responses.
Laugui - BOT Icon
Bot | Gaming
📋 | Sistema de Moderação/Administração. (ban, adv, limpar, etc) 📋 | Sistema de Sugestões. 📋 | Sistema de Anti-Invites (com canal pra divulgar). 📋 | Sistema de Status do Servidor FiveM 📋 | Sistema de Whitelist Automática por ID/SteamHex 📋 | Sistema de Tickets Personalizados. 📋 | Sistema de Help com todos os comandos 📋 | Sistema de comandos de diversão 📋 | Sistema de Help por categoria 📋 | Sistema de Denúncias automático. 📋 | Sistema de Reportar-Bugs. 📋 | Sistema de Setagens. Em Breve 📋 | Sistema de Sorteio por Reação (com até 1 ganhadores). 📋 | Sistema de VIPs até 8 Categorias (setagem e remoção automática ao expirar). Em Breve 📋 | Sistema de Status do Servidor FiveM (automático e manual). 📋 | Sistema de Mensagens Roleplay (/ilegal /anonimo /forarp etc..). 📋 | Sistema de Backup do seu Banco de Dados (a cada 3h no seu discord). 📋 | Sistema de Tickets Personalizados.
Invite Bot Icon
This bot helps me to see the invites from my server. Then we can see who joins and then we gan talk to the people in the server.
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Gaming | Community
Growtopia Hacks DrofHACKS automsg/autofish/Autobfg ONLY PC You can spam and Change flag bots
.°🧁! | 𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐚 𝟧𝟣 ❞ Icon
Hello everyone! This server is meant for kpop stans to chill and relax, have fun and chat! It comes along with fun bots to play with, along with giveaways!
Zukilfier. Icon
Anime | Gaming
: Welcome ! We talk anime and gaming.`` A place suited for those who want to meet people of many races, which include but not limited to: Japanese, Philippines, and Malay. It's a future to be seen, a gaze under the god's preying claws. Come with us! Rules and roles are within the server,, so what are you waiting for? We don't bite, promise! there's no such term as bidding farewell - what's in it, is truth nor lies. Because "goodbye," and "see you later," could be a pretense of any kind.
RL Trading Icon
Gaming | eSports
Rocket League Trading Bot is an all in one service for trading. No more wasted time using [H] & [W]. Create a wallet Start adding your items in your inventory Start trading! We have a full search channel, simply type what you're looking for and you'll see who what the item and what they want for it. You can buy it using your wallet. *wallets are verified by ingame ss by admins.
Hasley bot Icon
Music | Bot
This is a nice fun delightful and lovely server here can spend time with friends and there are good admins here.
k-9 Icon
Bot | Entertainment
this bot has commands for things like music, games, fun, animals, emotes, actions, filters, moderation and more
Team Up Icon
Gaming | eSports
# Features ## Matchmaking for any Game * Find matchmaking lobbies across different Discord server. * If there are no lobbies available then Team Up will keep looking and send you a notification when a new lobby matches your search. * Turn your own Discord server into a matchmaking lobby that members of other Discord servers can find and join. ## Leaderboard for any Game or Tournament * Record wins, losses, and draws for any game or tournament. * Elo ratings automatically assigned and updated for each game recorded. * Team Up maintains a separate Elo rating for each game, tournament and team. * Playing with a new team will not affect your Elo ratings with other teams or solo Elo rating. * Recording can only be made by admins or members given the "Record Keeper" role. * Ability to undo game recordings made in error. * Share personalized links to the [leaderboard](https://teamupdiscord.com/leaderboard/). # Commands ## Host a Game ### **/game host** #### Host a 2v2 Count
RuneLister.com Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
https://discord.gg/jw9vgAeRG9 💎 🌐 RuneLister.com 💲 [Sell/Buy] Black Market 📊 RSPS Server List (Free Add Server) 📌 Huge Giveaways EveryWeek 🎉 200M OSRS GP Giveaway now !!!
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Entertainment | Business
ddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddd d
Jukebox Icon
Music | Bot | Entertainment
The best Discord music bot that is easy to use and doesn't skip on features! Choose from either a list of songs or have Jukebox choose the song automatically.
kitty bot Icon
Social | Gaming
Kitty bot is a custom nadeko bot, designed with custom currency, games, gambling, and unique characteristics.
MeBot Icon
Gaming | Support
Hey guys im bot and i send invites to players to join us. Just come to our server and play togheder.
VIBE 2 Icon
Gaming | Music
Welcome this is a free Discord music bot that delivers high-quality music to your Discord server. The more update in coming soon. A simple music bot that supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud Music is a simple to use music bot that supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and more! To get started, simp
LevelBot Icon
Level system and economy. The language of the bot is Russian-English (switching /lang eng)
Todoify Icon
Bot | Social
Todoify is a advanced todo list making bot that helps your staff or members in the server more organized. Todoify allows you to create todo items, edit the todo items name, mark the todo items with 3 options (Not complete/In Progress/Complete), and allows you to delete a todo item. Todoify has a lovely support server currently with just the owner, but im looking for people to help maintain the server with me. Todoify's lovely owner is looking for suggestions for this bot, you can submit them on our support server. Help make this bot better and user-friendlier. This bot creates a new channel in which you can edit everything about it, just don't delete it or the bots message. If you find anything wrong with the bot then please head over to our support server and submit a ticket. Thank you for using this bot or being interested in it.
Discord.SHIRO Icon
**Bonjour à tous !** Tu connais **SHIRO ?** > C'est un serveur discord sur le thème du manga qui regroupe une communauté énormément actif 🕺 🎉-une communauté ultra actif basé sur le manga mais pas que : `gaming`,`débats`,`actualités` et encore pleins d'autres ! 👀 -choisie ton clan entre les 😇 ou les 😈 📓 -des salons `partages`, `débats`, `publicités`, `animations` et encore plein d'autres ! 🎉 -échange de pub disponible ! Me mp `水•𝓘𝓼𝓪𝓸•火#7019` 🍿 -des rôles hors du communs que vous trouverez que sur SHIRO ! >🎟 Ton ticket : https://discord.gg/a3NK2F4kGR
Brio Icon
Music | Bot
This is a normal discord bot with some rich looks to it. b!help for help menu The bot got awesome features like, filters, loops, lyrics and more Help Menu:- b!filter songs filters b!help bot orders b!join join the channel 24/7 b!jump skip a specific song b!leave leave the voice channel b!loop repeat the song/queue b!lyrics view the song lyrics b!nowplaying view what is playing now b!pause pause the queue b!ping view the bot ping b!play play a music/playlist b!prefix change the prefix in you guild b!queue view the server queue b!radio play a random music b!resume resume the server queue b!say makes the bot repeat what you say b!skip skip the song b!stop stop the server queue b!volume change the songs volume
Protect Icon
Language | Support
We make safety our priority! Anti Raid, Anti Selfbot, Antispam, Antiraid, Blacklist, protection roles and channels. Our Captcha is ANTIVPN / PROXY!
Lazy Bot Icon
Meme | Bot
Lazy Bot is A very cool meme bot for you and your friends discord server. Commands (Say commit command to start) • Lazy bot has memes • Games • Hunting command • Jokes • & • More And all you got to do to get these cool and fun stuff is just to invite him into your server. Servers • We also have a Community, a Help Serve r& a announcement server so you can know about new updates, join these servers here. • Community: https://discord.io/LazyBotsCommunity • Help Server: https://discord.io/LazyBotHelp • Announcement Server: https://discord.io/LazyBotAnnouncements
Activisty Icon
Bot | Gaming
Activisty, the discord activity bot. A beautiful designed bot for opening sessions like game sessions or watch together sessions etc. (and some more!) Activities; - Awkword (NEW!) - Betrayal.io - Checkers in the Park - Chess in the Park - Chess in the Park Dev - Doodle Crew - Fishington.io - Letter Tile - Poker - Spell Cast - Watch Together (aka YouTube Together) - Watch Together Dev (aka YouTube Together Dev) - Word Snacks Fast & 24/7 Online Discord Bot. If you have issues, questions or suggestions, feel free to join my server.
DiscordMe Icon
Crypto | Business
A Crypto community designed by professional traders to provide you with a no-nonsense user experience where you can learn and grow to become a profitable trader of cryptocurrency. Our resident expert analysts are the BEST in the industry and can help you along your journey to become a profitable trader, or if you like, to follow along with their calls/alerts/signals or insights. We have also partnered with TechTree to provide you access to THE industry’s leading crypto academy so you may develop the skills to be a successful trader.
PlayBoyMusic Icon
Music | Gaming
We as discord pros thought it was time for a new super music bot. Therefore we have created a completely custom made one. It is HIGHLY FREE. and is online 24/7. You can join our discord server for questions where there is always a response within 2 hours. Besides that we are also working on other discord bots such as moderation bots. They will help you to manage your server properly. creating the music program bot that will create a back-projected MP3 audio track of your video, based on a link of music with the visuals in an abstract context. It could Play ever Music link or video.|
Community | Entertainment
╭──────╯ELITE ACADEMY╰──────╮ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ MELHORES MODS DO SAMP! ══──━━═════════ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ NOVIDADES TODOS OS DIAS! ══──━━═════════ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ DATAS SEM ENCUNTADOR ══──━━═════════ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ DATAS PRA PC E ANDROID! ══──━━═════════ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ MODS EXCLUSIVOS! ══──━━═════════ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ ABA PARA ENSINAMENTOS ══──━━═════════ SORTEIOS E EVENTOS ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ MODS PC E MOBILE ══──━━═════════ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ PARCERIAS ON! ══──━━═════════ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ ABA PARA JOGOS E BATE PAPO ══──━━═════════ ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ GIFS E ICONS ══──━━═════════ AJUDA ROLEPLAY ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ MTA,SAMP, FIVEM ╭═━━── ──━━════╮ FAMILIA BMRP IC/OOC ══──━━═════════ VENHA FAZER PARTE : https://discord.gg/hPYtDnM3Gs ══──━━═════════
Asra Icon
A very customizable multipurpose Discord bot for your Discord server. Fully configurable including custom welcome messages, Tickets, Reaction Roles, Automod, Logs, Moderation, Giveaways, Economy, Levelling and so much more...
uwu counter Icon
Bot | Community
UwU counter is a bot which counts all your uwu and owo's. It counts ur uwu and owo's server wide and globally!!! Meaning you can compete with ur friends for the 1st place :P The leaderboard updates every 5min and local uwu and owo's update every 1min! The prefix is [uwu]! Check out our help command with "uwu help". Also useful commands are: uwu lr = Displays local Rank uwu gr = Displays global Rank uwu local = Displays local leaderboard uwu global = Display global leaderboard Thanksss and have fun with the bot <3
Leaked.Space Icon
Bot | Technology
🤖 This bot allow you to search in our data breach search engine. With it, you can check if your password have leaked on a database or not 😜 🥂 Clearly, you enter something like an username, an e-mail, an minecraft nickname ... and you see if your password is displayed. 😪 Afraid to add the bot ? Chill, no problem he doesn't need ANY permission. 👾 Search options : • auto (username, email...) ― Auto detect the method • email (email) ― Search by e-mail • login (username) ― Search by username • mc (minecraft username) ― Search by minecraft username 🌌 Some utilities commands : • ping ― Check the ping of this bot • stats ― Display somes statistics of this bot (ping, member...) • covid ― Get statistics about Covid-19 • invite ― Invite this bot • help ― Display this message
Imagined Icon
Gaming | Community
Invite the geometry dash bot to your server! It has some awesome features and stuffs like: GD Stuffs: 🎮 | It plays geometry dash directly on discord 🔍 | Search GD Levels 🖼️ | GD Image Generation 😈 | Demon Roulette Multipurpose Stuff: 🪙 | Economy (In The Works) ❗ | Suggestion System 🎥 | Avatar Viewer ⏰ | Reminder 📝 | Custom Embed Creator 🙋 | Truth Or Dare 🔗 | Link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=829196174450753546&scope=bot&permissions=2146958847 🔗 | Banner Link: https://giphy.com/gifs/ve2fRBnIf9xzbynIah 🔗 | Web Commands: https://www.justimagined.ga/ 🔗 | Top.gg Page: https://top.gg/bot/829196174450753546
Server Boster Icon
Role-Playing | Social
We are a different kind of RP server. We mix fun with serious RP. Our server is a FivePD RP but you can play any role in any field. On weekends we hole Contests where you can Real money and compete against others. We also have movie nights! so make sure to bring some popcorn. The staff are laid back. We rather you enjoy the time you spend with us rather than having to stress over your RP. We hope you come to check us out. invite you to stay. We'll see you on the other side.
MizuBot Icon
Community | Anime
・❥・What This Bot Can Do?・❥・ ・❥・Moderation・❥・ ・❥・Fun・❥・ ・❥・General・❥・ ・❥・Info・❥・ ・❥・Image・❥・ ・❥・Giveaway・❥・ ・❥・Uptimer・❥・ ・❥・New Command Comming Soon・❥・ ❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・ My Server : https://discord.gg/NF4g79mmjB SkyAnime : https://discord.gg/SFmJBEAY
Dead bot Icon
Bot | Community
A place to chat about anything that doesn’t break the rules hdhhxjxhxhxhxjjxjxjxjjxjxjxjxjxjjxjjxjjxjxj
lukassidauruk66 [bot] Icon
Programming | Community
coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon
Watame Icon
Bot | Music
Hello, I am Watame Music Bot. I provide the best and lag-free music for discord servers. To play a song with me type the command ">". Supports Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Twitch.