The Bear Cave is working on getting a little more interactive in its server! We recently added the Question of the Day Bot which asks a question in our general chat to spur conversation. Since the addition of threads, this also doesn't clutter up the server if there are other conversations going on!

We also just added Birthday Reminders and a channel specifically for birthday celebrations so if you want to be added to that, you can do that by adding "/remember-birthday" in our #birthday-celebrations channel!

If stats are your thing, we've also added a few stats on the top of the channel lists, which include how many members are online, how many humans are in the server, how many subs Andy currently has on Twitch as well as how many Twitch Followers!

Don't forget we also added functionality that if you are one of the top 10 chatters in the server, you also get the "Top 10 Chatters" role! Right now it's kind of a badge of honor, but down the road, it might have benefits!

We also got rid of the auto-shoutouts in the #self-promotion channel but kept the "Live Guys" role if you have Discord connected to your Twitch. Feel free to promote your stream, your videos and whatever else!

The server is still a work in progress and Andy is always open to suggestions! Thank you so much for supporting me and I hope to see you around the Bear Cave!