10 July 2022

∎Creation of the 📞︱info chat : -containing only discord information.

∎Moved 🧠︱brainstorm chat from the chats category to the important category.

∎In the chats category, the Staff created the 💬︱general chat where everyone can talk about whatever they want !:UwU_GT:

∎🎮︱gaming chat where people can talk about video games.

∎Create the 👹︱anime chat where people can talk about anime. Anime spoilers have to be tagged with the spoiler button.

∎Created 📰︱serious chat where people can discuss political, religious, etc. topics. But with respect ! No insults or menaces : -you can be (sadly :PenisSad:) muted or kicked if it's too much !

∎Created the 🌎︱international chat where people can speak their native language other than English. Like before, please leave us all the hate and negatives speech ! We just want to talk peacefully.

∎Created the 📃︱introductions chat and remove the selfie chat, so people can introduce themselves if they want to ,without having to show their face.

∎The Sharing category is for images and videos, each chat has its own function , please respect that ! ⇒🎨︱art chat for uploading drawings, graffiti, art or other people's art. ⇒😂︱memes chat to upload memes duh :poggers: ⇒🍔︱food chat to upload pictures of what you are going to eat. Safe For Work please, if you want Not sfw, there is a chat for ! ⇒🐈︱pets chat to upload videos/pictures of your pets.

Greetings from the Staff members, see you soon for other news ;] If any help, contact the Staff members ❤️kiss ~from Cherry & Cerise