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♥ The cutest and friendliest anime community welcoming you! We have dere-themed bots and ranks! ♥
Over 70 emotes and an active community
Psst you! Yes, YOU! The plebby-looking one... Welcome to Aurora Horizon! We provide an escape from whatever problems you may have and strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible here. »» What do we offer? «« ミ★ Friendly, active members ミ☆ Support channels for people going through hard times ミ★ Horoscope + anime related roles ミ☆ Partnerships ミ★ Events such Cards Against Humanity + Kahoot ミ☆ NSFW channels ミ★ Levelled roles which unlock new channels and permissions ミ☆ A beautiful collection of memes ミ★ We also have some pretty sweet emotes Please note that this is a cat dominated server. Sending pictures of your pets gets you automatic love and affection ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Whether you’re a weeb, a gamer or just want some fresh faces to talk to, come and pay our ever-growing and slightly dysfunctional family a visit! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
??The Hive is an international community server for anyone anywhere to join! Our primary language is English, but don't worry, we have a channel specifically for other languages! ?? We have channels for gaming, media, art, gallery, music and much more! Our moderators are friendly and helpful when they are needed, and the admins are also active. ?? We hope you join the server and help build the friendly community we aim to create! ???
•.¸♡ тнє вℓσѕѕσм ℓσυиgє! ♡¸.• .•♫•♬• тнє вℓσѕѕσм ℓσυиgє ιѕ α ѕαfє ρℓα¢є fσя єνєяуσиє тσ нαиgσυт αи∂ ¢нαт ιи! •♬•♫•. - .• тнє ѕєяνєя ιѕ вαѕє∂ ιи єυ ωєѕт вυт ωє αяє αи ιитєяиαтισиαℓ ѕєяνєя fσя єνєяуσиє σνєя тнє gℓσвє тσ נσιи!•. - : ★彡 ωє нανє ∂є∂ι¢αтє∂ ¢нαииєℓѕ α¢¢σя∂ιиg тσ ιитєяєѕтѕ σf мємвєяѕ ιи тнє ѕєяνєя. єνєитѕ αяє нєℓ∂ σи ѕρє¢ιfι¢ ∂αуѕ αи∂ ιитєяα¢тινє єνєитѕ αяє ρσѕѕιвℓє тσσ! 彡★ - ★ συя мσ∂єяαтσяѕ, α∂мιиιѕтяαтσяѕ αи∂ мαиαgєя αяє α¢тινє (нσωєνєя ∂υє тσ тнє ѕєяνєя вєιиg ιитєяиαтισиαℓ, тнє мσ∂ѕ, мαиαgєя αи∂ α∂мιиѕ αяє αναιℓαвℓє αт ∂ιffєяєит тιмєѕ) ★ : ◦•●◉✿ ωє нσρє уσυ נσιи συя ѕєяνєя αи∂ нєℓρ ιт вє¢σмє тнє α¢тινє αи∂ ¢нєєяfυℓ ¢σммυиιту ωє ωαит ιт тσ вє! ✿◉●•◦
DISCORD ANIMES Aqui no nosso servidor, você fará novas amizades e terá pessoas para conversar sobre o que quiser, sempre mantendo o respeito claro. Entre, chame seus amigos, faça daqui uma segunda casa.
Are you an artist who enjoys Anime? If so, this server is the place for you! Interact with others with the same interest, share art, get feedback, commission or get commissioned and many more opportunities! We also have art themed ranks, art currency, shopping system and more!!
Por Favor
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Ogólnotematyczny serwer zrzeszający w głównej mierze fanów mangi, anime i pochodnych. Oferujemy: - comfy atmosferę, osobiste role z dowolnym kolorem dla każdego, wspólne granie w gry sieciowe, zloty i inne real-life spotkania - kanały związane z mangą, anime i resztą popkultury japońskiej - kanał muzyczny, techniczny i gamingowy - aż 4 kanały na różnego rodzaju shitpost i kilka śmiesznych botów - zupełnie unikalny w tej kategorii serwerów kanał kulinarny - kanały artystyczne (w tym kanał na własną twórczość) Czekamy!
Welcome to the Zerene Gaming Network! We are an active community with a shared love of gaming. Our community aim is to create a nice peaceful environment where we can talk and socialize with anyone at any time. The Zerene Network is a global community with members from all across the world including the UK, Denmark, USA, Japan, and South Africa. Our community started small, with Minecraft as the main gaming attraction. Since then, the community has grown and includes several servers across multiple games including Minecraft, ARK, Factorio, Space Engineers, Satisfactory and many more. We are always looking for new games to add to the community. We have officially merged with Darkened Souls, a popular modded Minecraft Modpack, in addition, we host many of the games we have stated above on our private dedicated servers, and we looking to host even more. We are an open community and do our best to listen to all of our members to create a positive experience for all members.
Serveur Manga de la Passion. Nous sommes une petite communauté et nous sommes exigeant : présentation requise et un interrogatoire à lieu. Soyez actifs et amusant. Que le jojoesque vous accompagne.
Kosei Kosei
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Kosei is a community server that welcomes anyone and everyone. We provide as much support as we can and do our best to keep it active everyday. We welcome anime fans, gamers, and more! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎁 Planning to host events, such as giveaways, game nights, and karaoke nights. 🚩 A ranking system, along with points you can earn from being active in chat. With these points, you can buy roles and more. 📝 Server polls in which members can help us decide what they want for the server. 💕 Partnerships that help our server grow and we can help their server grow as well. 🎉 Many perks and opportunities for our members to earn. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Waifu Village
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We're the newly founded, bi-lingual (English and German), anime-and-gaming-themed server: Waifu Village! We may still be small but we have a friendly server team and some nice emotes, and as we grow over the time, we will also do some events (anime music quiz, anime and gaming evenings and maybe some giveaways) and add more self-roles for games etc. Some more features: - self-roles - level up reward roles - music bots - nsfw channels I hope this little description made you curious and that we'll see you on our server!
A place where fans of Love Live can gather and have some good times! Don't forget to introduce yourself so we can get to know you better before we let you in!
Hello there! This server is made for Raphtalia emotes and other emotes relating to the series; Rising of the Shield Hero. We hope to see you in our wonderful server and meet new people and use some nitro emotes!
The community server of Brago D. Ace, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.
Welcome to SnazzyTime! An extremely nice server with really cute emotes! Make new friends, listen to music, show people your talents, talk about anime/games/art whatever you want!
Reader Beware, this place is only for yanderes! and if you are one then we provide you with a comfy place to rest, and to talk with her people that are called yanderes. Talk about how much you like your love and obessess over them, you can talk about how you are dedicated for them, we truely support you! We suppor tin any manner possible. We understand that being a Yandere can be tough that's why we have dedicated channels for specifically aimed at venting. We also are a loving community of Yanderes hoping to meet others that share the same achetype; Join us what are you waiting for!
Welcome to Viper's Pit! We are a very friendly, social, and active 18+ community looking for more people to join our circle of friends. If you are looking to chill, hangout, and meet new people, this is the place! We are always happy to welcome new members, get to know them better, and bond over food, memes, anime, pokemon, sports, music, and life in general. This server includes movie nights, music/voice channels, memes, contests, art, therapy, and more! If you are looking for a new server that values quality over quantity, come on in and join the fun!
This server is based on community. So there's plenty of room to discuss anime, games, and anything here with us! We hope this is a place you feel welcome. We have tried to include many channels so that you'll definitely find people to chat with. You earn roles/level up by being an active member and chatting with everyone. We appreciate any help you can offer us to become a better server.
Some place to chill and play games, talk about music and anime and whatever else. Favors the EST time zone. Looking for Smash Ultimate Players.
hey guys ! This server is awesome we got cool people fun bots and enjoy anime :P come by and say haii
The Basement
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A chill hangout for discussing video games, anime, manga, and whatever else you want. Come check it out!
Welcome to Oppa's Academy! We are a wholesome community, welcoming all types of users! Find your safe haven here, and talk about what you like with other friendly users. Share your art, discuss new fashion trends, post your newest memes, or even discuss your favorite Kpop band~ ⇨ Colored Roles ⇨ Levels ⇨ Music ⇨ Pokecord ⇨ Anime ⇨ Kpop ⇨ Mudae Join our community and make it your own !~
A hella cool server with a welcoming community of people from all around the world. Lots of friendly conversation and the occasional spicy drama that leaves you wanting more. Leveling system and fun bots! Along with multiple music bots so you can jam out with your friends too! Also, we have nsfw channels for your perverted needs.
Heyy wir sind ein Deutscher Discord Server der gerne eine nette Community aufbauen möchte wir freuen uns um jeden neuen Freund habt alle viel spaß. Hier gibt es Mini Games und Rollen zu selbst einteilen und Kino Abenden und lustige Bots und man kann Leveln. ^^ Alle sind Willkommen von Otakus und Gamer bis hin zu Furrys und Leute die nur Talken wollen
Welcome to the Lucky☆Star Lounge! We're a community for all ages that emphasises having a fun and relaxed experience here on this server. There's always something for everyone here, but we're mainly a gaming and anime society that needs YOU to visit today~ What we offer: ☆ 50+ Assignable Roles to personalise yourself~ ☆ Personalise the server to what you want to see. ☆ A family-like community. Visit, or be part of us! ☆ A levelling system with merits upon reaching certain levels. ☆ Weekly giveaways~ ☆ Events! ☆ Create your own club on the server! ☆ Shape the server! We're always looking for suggestions and feedback. ☆ A bunch of bots for entertainment, music & more! Remember to read the rules very closely to open the doors to our server! We're just starting out, but why don't you visit us? We hope to see you soon~
Welcome to 🌟 The Waifu Bar 🌟 A place designed and focused on helping other people with their problems and troubles. Although we are mainly focused on Help and Advice we are also enthusiast of Anime and Games of many genres thus why we have alot of channels dedicated to finding people to play games with and chat with. We've alot of things on our server to improve your experience such as; - Tatsumaki Bot and Dedicated channels - Anime and Gaming channels as it wouldn't be the same without them - Dedicated Help and Advice channel to keep the upbeat nature of other channels - Images sharing channels to show your appreciation for Artwork and your own pieces - NSFW channels for people if that's your kind of thing - A laid back community that is very welcome to lurkers and anti-social people alike Should you have any other inquiries then please do feel free to ask me on Discord. - Xeldena
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Looking for a comfy place with laid back people? Then you have come to to the right place~ This server aims to be a warm and welcoming place for gamers, content creators, anime fans, and comfy people. Lurkers are welcome too~ This is a few of the topics/channels you'll encounter here: -Anime -Comfy conversations -Memes -NSFW channels - A dedicated "shoutout" section for creators of any kind ... -and much more... But it is not limited to only that, as we intend to grow this place into a bigger and comfier community~ We hope to see you around Zidakuh
Welcome, Ikerev fans! Want a place to scream about your favorite ikerev husbandos? We have lots of fun stuff here! Not only can you freely declare your love to ikerev but you can also talk to other people who play the game WAAWWWWW!!! You are free to weeb out and talk about other stuff as well~ Join the unofficial ikemen Revolution server! be one of us
* Ein nettes und gemütliches Heim für alle Otakus, osu!-Spieler und Gamer allgemein! ^^ * Für langweilige Stunden bietet mein selbstprogrammierter Bot Lawliet ein paar Spiele wie Quiz, darunter auch Anime-Quiz, Black Jack, Slot Machine, Hangman, Mastermind. ^^ * Der Server ist noch relativ neu und am Wachsen, deshalb würde ich auch über jede kleine Unterstützung in Form von neuen Mitgliedern freuen! :3
♡Happy Family♡ is a cute & wholesome server dedicated to friends who loves anime & gaming and also make new friends! talk about anime & gaming or a friendly conversation! hope to meet u soon!
Hello! We are a growing community of fun-loving individuals! Come join us for features like: - Bots! - Support Channels! - Awesome community! Hope to see you soon.
Un serveur discord convivial où on parle d'animes de mangas et de bien plus encore ! Les discussion sur le serveur s'orientent plutôt vers les Animes et les mangas, mais aussi vers les jeu-vidéos et jeux mobiles comme FGO ! Notez également la présence d'un salon pour parler de Dramas ! Même si les règles concernant l'accès aux salon du serveur peuvent paraître strictes, le serveur espère tout de même un jour compter sur votre présence !
A server for fans of Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke family! We have lots of custom Vinsmoke emotes and any new Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji focused fanart is posted daily. If you only care about Reiju and/or Sanji or are bothered by incest then this might not be the server for you.
要 RIKU'S 陸 FORTRESS 塞 is a well-rounded server with all sorts of people from all over the world. We do not discriminate, and thus we have a wide range of people with different personalities and characteristics. We all welcome and enjoy meeting new people and would love for you to come join us in our newly revamped Fortress. We can assure you that the Fortress is a beautiful place that can be called home. We have a variety of activities and content for you to enjoy, along with a friendly and caring environment that will never make you feel left out. ➻✾ Active, Friendly, and Welcoming Community ➻✾ An Ever-Changing and Ever-Improving Server ➻✾ A NSFW Section [18+ and Optional] ➻✾ A Very Immersive Currency System ➻✾ Newly Revamped w/ a Retro yet Modern Theme ➻✾ Attentive, Kind, and Protective Staff Members ➻✾ Ping are Rare, Non-existent and Taken Seriously ➻✾ Safe yet Lenient Verification System ➻✾ A Place to Meet Like-Minded People ➻✾ Interactive and Active Chats
? Liberty of Animes ? Un serveur dédier pour les animes, débat, conseil, fan-art, tout ce qui faut pour un bon otaku qui ce respect. Avec de l'entrainement même un raté peu devenir un génie
Haikyuu Emote server. Gain access to multiple original Haikyuu emotes made by Artists.
The largest, most active and popular Haikyuu "HVC" Roleplay Discord out there. Feel free to join us. Our server includes everything such as general talking, roleplaying and many more fun features on our server.
☕️ Our own bot with our currency, gambling and SHOP; ☕️ Fair, funny server-based LEVELING SYSTEM; ☕️ Discussion channels on which we're chatting about everyday things and stuff; ☕️ Event Section, from where you'll be able to obtain new, unique ranks or other prizes; ☕️ Many ranks to get! Color-changing roles, your beloved game genres and so on; ☕️ Chance to become a moderator => admin, we only require activity and such basic stuff; ☕️ Voice chat channels on which you can talk with another visitors or listen to bot's music at karaoke channel;
RWBY : New Resolve New Resolve is a RWBY based server taking place a significant time after the time of team RWBY being at Beacon at takes place in an alternate timeline. This server has: ~In-depth character creation with stats. ~Well thought out custom lore that stays true to the series and a well thought out ongoing story which OC's can interact with and sway. ~Amazing organisation of teams, every OC and who owns them is logged. ~Helpful and friendly staff. ~A non-canon channel for interactions that you may not be able to do otherwise. ~Extremely active player base and regular events are held. ~Easily one of the best active RWBY RP servers, you will find no other like it! When the time comes to put what you've learnt into play, will you rise, or will you shrink?
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Une communauté très amicale et aimante. Tout le monde est le bienvenu. Celle-ci vous propose: -Des giveaway de jeux steam chaque jour de la semaine -Des salons textuels pour tout les goûts -Des bots personnalisés Et plus encore...!
A brand new Fate server, based on the visual novel series by the same name! Set 100 years after Shirou Emiya's natural death, roleplayers will be able to choose between creating a master or servant character, each role being fully faithful to the series while simultaneously being intuitive and comfortable to RP as. Servant roleplayers may express creative liberty, choosing any historical or mythological character they wish, canon or not. Meanwhile, master roleplayers have a large amount of freedom in character creation, being allowed to detail even the most nuanced facets of character creation, such as circuit quality and quantity. There is also a servant-master pairing channel where you can link up with masters who need servants and vice-versa!
Servidor Brasil Gamers and World, Otakus, Fãs de Seriados e Animes.Jogos Atuais como CS GO, LOL League of Legends, Minecraft, Dota, Paladins, ETC..e Retro Games
Um servidor Brasileiro do Discord, focado em apenas conversar, possuimos Mini-Games, NSFW, Musica, e muito mais :D venha conversar com a gente, Staff e Suporte quase 24 horas.
Server for anime fans, or anyone in general. We avoid toxicity and are casual. Feel free to stop by.
We're a mature anime/gaming server. We love games such as Destiny Child, Fate/Grand Order, Pokemon, League of Legends, etc.! We also have a high quality gallery!
˗ˏˋ☆ Happy Sugar Life is a chill, sfw, non-toxic community with diverse interests. We welcome anyone who wants to come and join our cozy little server~! ♡
Requirements: - Above 15 members - An @here ping - A representative from your server must be here - Partnership message: ---------------------------------------------- `` We are a gaming community based on Naruto to Baruto But were welcome to all naruto related games, We have Open Partnership, Music bots, Meeting new Naruto to Baruto Online Players, And much more!
This server is a family server, we are here for each other. We welcome everyone <3 Welcome to Dragon Maiden Family! Join our server with a huge community and great staff that is always here to help~ Don't worry they don't bite ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ LDF mainly focuses on anime and gaming, but also RP. There's a huge variety of channels. Whether you're new or come from a friend you'll surely find a group of people to hang out with. Praise Kanna!
Come join the largest Discord dedicated to the Symphogear anime franchise! We have 750+ members worldwide and are home to Symphogear community subbing groups! Dedicated channels for gaming, creative works, and server events, including Pokémon Showdown tournaments happening regularly! You can always find something to do here!
Are you looking for a server that includes anime and friendly people to socialise with? Then this is the server you would want to join! You are welcome to talk to anyone in the server! This is a friendly community so don't get offended too easily, everything we say shouldn't be taken seriously! This is a small community who likes to meet new people!
ꝈօӀì འҽҍҽӀӀìօղ is a multi-purpose discord where everyone can meet new people, chat with friends, and share your memes. All voice channels have screen share.
We are a server dedicated to anime and all anime related things. Over here we have all sorts of discussions regarding various anime, different characters, animation and so on. If you make art or write creative stuff then you are welcomed to join and share it with others. We also have gaming related discussion.
Small community of friendly people that enjoy Anime, Video games and memes. Everyone is welcome.
The largest, most active and popular Haikyuu Discord out there. Feel free to join us. Our server includes everything such as general talking, roleplaying and many more fun features on our server.
Doki Doki!
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Doki Doki Depression Desu is a VRChat, Anime and Memes Discord community! We have awesome Emojis, weekly meetups in VRC and regular contests! Join in on the fun!
The official server for Onmyoji by NetEase Games! Talk with your fellow Onmyoji and even report bugs and suggest feedback directly to the developers! In a time when demons and humans coexisted… Evil spirits from the underworld have begun a quest for power, strength, and dominance. The balance between the two worlds is now in jeopardy. Fortunately, there's a group of gifted humans who can read the stars and draw amulets. They have the power to connect the two worlds, and even tame the spirits. They are willing to lay everything on the line to maintain peace and order between the two worlds. They are known as Onmyoji. The gate to this magical world of spirits and beauty will now open for you…
The only limit is what you can't comprehend. Monochrome accepts all. Inherits the heart and soul(s) of the Soul Engine. The Ultimate place for Anime and Manga discussion and appreciation. This is your one stop destination. Topics up for discussion include anime, manga, gaming, books, films and television. There is an art channel for artists who wish to display their works. We have variety of bots including a music bot, and a bot that announces when streamers go live. We await your presence.
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