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Server nul
This server is about worshiping me and only me for no reason just to be a funny xd laugh. I mean you can join and talk to me and my non existent friends, we have some weird emojis that are global if you want to use them. Come hang out with me. I need new friends
This server is a god/goddess server about your own *MAGICAL* oc's! We allow any kind of god to be here, well as long as their not a mary-sue or something... Other than that… Come on down and follow The Moonlit Path!
Bible affirming Baptist server, We want to give Baptists a good place to talk, discuss, pray, study Bible and much more. We use King James Version (K.J.V) of the Bible but the server is not K.J.V only. We are Creationists, webelieve in 6 day creation. We believe that salvation comes by grace through faith. Once saved always saved.
The mollusks will not disappoint you. You will love them as they love you. Join us
This the offical discord server for Nuclear Facepalmer, also known as Mjduniverse. Do not forget to check out as well!
Politics. Ethics. Debates. Current Events.
This server is for people who want to learn about the unknown. People who believe in ghosts, demons, magic, conspiracies, and much more! We are a 4chan /x/ based server. No we are not assholes.
Noein covers various STEAM content and media as well as psychic, magical, and paranormal phenomena. The approach of this server is one of formally and systematically using psychic and magical forces for relevant purposes in ways that explicitly change external reality. Models of magical and psychic and arts are approached from a general and not a mystical perspective.
A roleplay game that started in the year 1932. You play as a person in the government of a fictional country called Olavia. You can join a party, become the president , become a general, become a senator, manage the economy or even support other parties and asasinate each other.
Stolstice Foxes is a small Otherkin/Therian server. We accept everyone here regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or kin-type. The only thing we don't accept is toxicity. Toxicity will not be tolerated.
Come join us flatearthers and globe earthers and talk to us we have a chill community and we would love to meet you and we are a small growing community so please join and talk with us 🤣
Truth Talk is a discussion server for politics, philosophy, art, music, sports, and current events. It's generally laid back, and almost nothing is off limits.
This is a server for anyone interested in learning or teaching others about the magickal arts. We are excited to have you join if you would like to join, we would like to see active participants and we will clear any non active participants every two months (Of course some things come up and we understand). So please, come join our coven, it will be a magickal experience!
joo tää on tälläne
Greetings, mortal spirit of Earth. I'm cbf to write a styled description. just join and calm tf down son
A server for my fellow Tulpas and Tulpamancers to hang out and chat!
The Freedomain Radio Fan Server is a place for fans of the Freedomain Radio show hosted by Stefan Molyneux. Come join us in the conversation!
Paxton is a neutral server for civil debate and discussion on all topics of interest. We welcome touchy subjects to the debate table and encourage our members to be courteous of different viewpoints. We Offer: - Open minded staff - Variety of topic channels - VC debate channels - Conspiracy discussion - Political Memes
Deutschsprachiger Server über unseren HERRN Jesus Christus, sowie das gesamte neue Testament und alte Testament!
Small social and political discord server, we promise this will be the best server you ever join. we want a small tight community of less than 100 people. Our server intends to thrive off of the basic vanilla discord experience in which we only have 1 general chat room and that's it. No dividing the members, its all going on in one place. If you cant handle offensive content please do not join.
Iridescent Lagoon is a discord server with various topics such as the occult, astrology, numerology, spirituality, and astral projecting/lucid dreaming.
Psyops, conspiracy, media fakery, 9/11, JFK, Sandy hoax, Boston unbombing
Hare Krishna anything related to krishna
A server for Protestant Christians. We have serious faith discussions, talk about movies, post memes, and even have an anime channel. Come join the fun!
A free speech no censorship place to discuss ideas, topics, politics, games, and just general banter.
This is a Spirituality focused server bringing together beings into Yoga, Meditation, Compassionate Service and Loving Kindness. Many of us found the path through an Indian Saint Sri Neem Karoli Baba, the writings of Ram Dass, and S.N. Goenka's Vipassana Centers, but we welcome anyone who is sincerely interested in realizing peace of mind and being present here now.
This is a server where you discuss pretty much anything subject to terms of service and community guidelines. This ranges from sport, poltics to casual philosophy.
A server where you can debate whether the Earth is flat or round.
L'ésotérisme vous intéresse? Je vous invite sur mon serv qui parle de tous ce qui as en liens avec ce monde tel les diverses croyances religieuses, la voyance, le paranormal, les entitées, etc..
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