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Political discussion server and realistic presidential simulator/gamemode on GTA V.
Spirits, Astral projection, Lucid dreaming, remote seduction, remote influence, law of attraction (LOA) and psychic knowledge server
Welcome to The Snowlight Coven! We are a new forming coven/server for people of all Religion/Blief systems. If you practice witchcraft, you found your place! Here we offer: - Self Assignable Roles - Leveling System with Role Rewards - A friendly Moderator team - No @everone/@here pings! - Bots (few now but more to come) - Teachers to help you with the craft - A Coming Online BoS - And More Come down to join us!
We fight and conquer other servers!!! We will become the biggest cult on Discord. You can change this world!! Join us and fight!!!
Come to discuss politics! All ideologies welcome!
The Kursk Root Lodge is an Orthodox Christian community where Orthodox Christians of Oriental and Eastern can mingle, study, ponder, reflect, and pray with eachother. NOTE: We are an Orthodox Christian Server. We are not a debate server or a universal Christian server. This is for Orthodox Christians to exchange discourse or simply hangout. However we do allow any non-orthodox to join👍🏻
Political server. Come have a chat. Stick around for a while. We are lonely.
Here you can ask questions about Islam, share knowledge, debate, learn, or have your doubts answered.
Discord-Nation Mediard Regno Spanish Inquisition Will Soon Knock On Your Door Too.
A server for those who honor our god Jackie Chan,a discord user who has been wrongly banned from a discord server called "Grandma's House" for something he did not commit. Join this server to help us get Jackie unbanned with the hashtag "UnbanJackieChan"
We are looking for more people! The theme of our server is occultism, general improvement and philosophy!
Debate, debate, debate! A new, active community all centered about arguing respectfully. Every viewpoint is allowed here, and we want more (like yours) to be apart of this community. :-)
Welcome to Uzi's Hangout join for a fun time with friends and play games and talk about the latest releases each Friday we have fun new Rabbit streams. Custom emotes and a Custom Bot and a custom experience join today!
Welcome to Political Discourse. We are an extremely open minded political discord community that allows for the discussion of all political, economic, religious, and other idealogical belief structures. While we are an extremely laid back community, we still need to follow Discord's ToS (, and because of this we have a very short list of rules that must be followed, simply to prevent us from being shut down. We do not allow pornographic content of any kind on this server. We're here to talk about politics, if you want to be lewd join one of thousands of intentionally NSFW servers. Using personal attacks to debate (ad hominems) are not allowed here. If you want to make a debate about race, religion, sex or similar topics; you need to have verifiable statistics that are not personal attacks. We only want to have an open conversation and discussion, as long as you use common sense you'll do fine here.
A safe place where you can go and worship our lord and savior Carl Azuz of CNN 10.
You hate us. We hate you. We like to talk politics and we are with Trump all the way. Come in and talk...only half a brain required.
- .... .- - ... - .... . -- -.-- ... - . .-. -.--
Yggdrasil is now an open server aimed at genuine and honest discussion fueled by passion, logic, reason and principal. It is young, it is quiet. Feel free to change that.
Servidor brasileiro para se discutir sobre filosofia e política. Mesmo tendo esse nome, não é necessário ser conservador para entrar, todos são bem vindos!
Dedicated 2 the pursuit of #Gnostic #Consciousness & the #esoteric awareness that we all spend our lives, knowingly or not, seeking or mourning the lack thereof
¡Hola! ¿Necesitas cualquier clase de ayuda mental? ¿Aquí podrás contarnos tus problemas y te ayudarémos a resolverlos! También esta disponible por tiempo limitado la posición de doctor (10 puestos disponibles) y la de subdirector (1 puesto disponible)
This is a server open to Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to discuss whatever you want. This is not an official site.
In the year 2102 after the nuclear war of 2053 people start to come back to the United States, or what's left. The Nuclear War Of 2053: After years of peace treaties and breakups Russia went to war with China. China was a strong fighter but it wasn't enough. North Korea joined the war on China's side. France was in a peace treaty with Russia, Germany, and Netherlands , this convinced France to help Russia. The United States already was at a small war with China so they jumped on Russia's side and convinced the UK to do so too. Then North Korea Launched 5 nukes, 3 headed towards America. The majority of the citizens died. The remainder stayed in bunkers. This was now considered World War III. France retreated and the UK was also nuked. This left Russia defenseless and China and North Korea banded up and with their new land made Slovankia
Place to discuss politics, primarily United States focused, but other country discussion is allowed. Left, Right and Centrists are all welcome.
Ruhsal sorunlu insanların bulunduğu, sürekli saçma sapan cümleler kurduğumuz bir sunucu. Üye sayımız her gün parabolik artış gösteriyorrr
Looking for a new discord server to join? Why not give our little community a chance? This is a discussion server generally, scientific inquires to religion. We are well moderated, well mannered but we have our darkside Wholesome Heaven, Realistic Earth, Cursed Hell and Terrible Tartarus... These are our four discussion categories. WARNING: Tartarus is for THE most mature of people. So come on down, we've got music, discussions, wholesomeness, chaos and even Pokecord, Akinator bot might be joining Purgatory too, don't you be the one to not repent.
Join Balanced Politics! This server is for reasonable Political Discussion and Political Debate. We also have event nights for gaming, movies, and talk/debate for our media on Youtube! All ideologies are welcome to be put forth on the public square, so don't hesitate to join in on the discussion. Have fun!
A new server centering around Israel and other jewish related topics with less of a vetting process [for the time being] and with less of a trigger happy banhammer than **Israel** itself. I think I got banned for advertising [There was no warning, so I have to guess], though the post was simply a link to a website talking about the tallship I'm living on. Anyway... The point is, there are no eggshells to walk on here. I mean, don't be stupid, but relax! My personal goal is to immerse myself into a group of people familiar with the language, history and culture of G-d's chosen, and there wasn't another option. I imagine I'm not the first! So come one, come all, regardless of your background or sentiments. Feel free to disagree but respectfully.
server for discussing politics, anarchy, history, doomsday prepping, news, weapons, science and the outdoors.
This is a server meant for people who are tall to have a place where they can hang out, compare problems, and make new friends! This is also a place where those who have uncommon fetishes can speak to (those who are willing) tall men and women who they could develop a connection with! This is a safe, inclusive environment with barriers in place so that there is no contact with NSFW content, fetish content, or strangers if a user does not want to. Some server features include: + Assignable roles + Heavy moderation (as we are just starting) + PokeCord, Rythm, and MEE6 We hope to see you on the server soon!
This is a discord server, mainly for Muslim Roblox players. However, anyone is permitted to join :)!
Despite our name, we are not "just a therian server." We are inclusive of otherkin, fictionkin, and clinical lycanthropes, and additionally welcome those who are not members of these types of communities to share our public channels. Our aim is to provide a space for friendly and healthy engagement that encourages critical thought and introspection for the sake of personal growth.
The Public Otherkin Discord server is a casual server for Otherkin or those curious about topics related to Otherkin such as Fictionkin, Plurality, and Metaphysics.
Catholicord is the Catholic Discord server! We run independently of any organization, society, website, or subreddit. This server first and foremost acknowledges and obeys the teachings of the Catholic Church in their divine origin and perfection (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Matthew 16:18-19). It exists for the edification of the saints (Ephesians 4:11-12) and to fulfill the Great Commission to spread the gospel to all the world (Matthew 28:16-20).
─✧ Welcome to Sylvanus Sanctuary ✧─ Due to the fact that I received quite a bit of interest in the idea of me creating a discord server dedicated to a magick study group, I’ve decided to go ahead and build up one for everyone! Before you enter, however, there are a few important things you should know. ✧ First of all, I would like to mention that this server is intended for members who are 15+ years old. ✧ There are NSFW servers, but you must be 18+ years to join them. ✧ This is a very relaxed community. While serious discussions are also encouraged, this server also supports simply hanging out, having fun, and mingling with others about their general lives and interests as well. If you join and have any questions feel free to pull me (Admin Whisper) aside and ask me! I’ll do my best to answer any questions or concerns!
Sin administración de usuarios (NoUserAdmin). Para tratar cualquier tema, es indispensable en una cuenta de discord con tu gente, también se puede usar para el debate y temas políticos, cuenta con canales de muchos tipos.
[WICCA] Women's Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association, We have a friendly community, We have mental health support, and btw this is a cult! 💖💖💖
Don't like the direction of your country? Political conservative activism. Ready to take action? Join Liberty Force!
This group does not and will not cater to the LGBT community, so I guess you could say we are not pro LGBT, this group is for the empowerment of the traditional man & woman and family and the importance in upholding the roles they play in the world, and just overall a meeting of likeminded people with traditional and respectable morals. Topics can range from modern feminism, to the role the LGBT community plays in politics and its effects on society or just the overall celebration of masculinity and femininity, women are absolutely welcome, we are not a group of hateful people, just individuals who have a good moral compass of whats right and wrong.
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