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Welcome to Actually Trans! We are a Trans-specific group specifically focused on alternative viewpoints now normally accepted in the typical dogmatic left-wing LGBT community servers. Hopefully you will stay with us and meet some wonderful new friends! We specialize in free speech for everybody, so it's probably best that you're not easily offended or upset, but we welcome all kinds of people.
Hey guys! Welcome to BellaRoseWiccan! This is a place for people who want to learn and/or practice the craft! There’s also a channel created just for mythology 😊. This is a place for witches and wiccans of all skill sets, colors, genders and LGTBQ+ identifiers! You’ll be welcomed and supported with open arms here! Whether you are curious or a beginner witch, or even an experienced witch! There will always be a space for you here! - Avis
Serveur français chrétien catholique.
Welcome to Thule, We are an active community mainly based around politics and philosophy, hope to see you on the server!
Hello, this is Greater Mittenistan. It is a fake discord country with a government. You can create your own political party, run for president, chose your government, pass laws and bills. Come and join this great nation!
A server heavily focused on paganism, witchcraft, and Wicca. This is a safe place for practitioners of witchcraft, Pagans, and Wiccans alike, no matter how new to the craft they are. Non-witches are allowed too! However, they must equally abide by the rules and be respectful! | what we offer | ✨ fun roles and role-exclusive channels! ✨ plenty of witchcraft resources. ✨ a safe, LGBTQ+ community ✨ anti-gatekeeping server and rules to reinforce this mentality. ✨ Open to practitioners of both the left-hand and right-hand path. ✨ welcoming to very new practitioners of witchcraft. ✨ plenty of channels focused around different types of witchcraft and paganism.
I have created this server for the intimate fellowship of the loving brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. I was truly inspired and led by the lord to create this server into one of the most largest online Christian community servers out there. Our goal here is to provide a set apart place for fellowship, sharpening of iron, In depth study of the word of God, and all things truth in a loving environment where there is no division, strife, or contention, Just brotherly and sisterly love in the body of Christ. We here at the Fruit Of The Spirit discord server are truly blessed to have been given such a beautiful freedom to create such a place where brothers and sisters can join together in unity to worship and serve God. Welcome and God bless you all.
T4A Politics is a discord for UNCENSORED politics, philosophy, science, religion, metaphysics discussions and more.
With over 1500 members, we are by far the largest Islamic community on Discord. We have members from every continent (minus Antarctica) that speak a multitude of languages! Come by to chat about an Islamic topic, listen to a lecture, practise your arabic, and feel closer to the believers. All Muslims and Non Muslims are welcome to the server as long as they abide by the rules.
Join to ask questions about Islam, share knowledge,or learn,
Created with the intention of building a community of Indian Catholics, but open to all Catholics and anyone interested in the Catholic faith!
We are The Nest. We are a positive community aiming to be something new and original. A Discord-first community focused on positivity and social justice. A place to share experiences and make friends. We talk, we argue, we play games together, and more. We vet each and every member that joins to verify that no trolls, right wing extremists, TERFs, or other harmful users are given space in the community.
✝️Christian server for Christians and anyone interested in Christianity, better learning, Christian fellowship and to become a better Christian!
A place for ponies(bronies) and furries who identify as Christian to hang out and relax and make new friends! You do not need to be a Christian to frequent this server, but we do ask that everyone behave courteously towards each other. This is a 'safe for work' environment where furry/brony Christians can enjoy the company of other Christians and share art and be social together. SFW server. New! (3/17/19)
A place for Muslims to meet, socialize, ask questions and discuss ideas or life in general.
A community for muslims to socialize, bounce ideas and ask questions about deen and duniya!
A unamed discussion/debate server on topics such as Christianity vs Atheists, and other world views you may have!
All of it, a server with all sort of Artists and People of all sorts of Faith and Political Vies, coming all together to discuss and debate their diffrences and also to have fun and hang out and be friends Divination/Bots network: chill/fun fortune-telling group. Talk Tarot, Cartomancy, Runes, I Ching, Scrying, astrology/dreams, esoteric/occult/magick, herbs/crystals, paranormal/fringe, philosophy. Open-minded/welcoming.
dxm related server for whatever you wanna talk about dxm related anything koool i guess tho
Hello, and welcome to the Vaccines/religion/Earth debate server! This server is for debate, but mainly for religious, vaccines and earth debates. Have fun and make sure to invite your friends!
A server dedicated to the 2020 Presidential Campaign of Senator Elizabeth Warren. Supporters and non supporters alike are welcome
We are an anti-reactionary leftist server that is politically and socially focused, providing a hangout for leftists and LGBTQ+ folk. We have a vetting process (which isn't bad unless you are a reactionary) that you must go through before you join, which we see as a necessary way to provide safety of our members from right wing brigades. We have common sense roles and provide a safe space to discuss politics and hang out.
Hey, if you are interested in belonging to a serious server, your place is here. This is a new tiny, but really friendly server. I hope to be able to maintain a colourful server, everybody can join from any country, but the topics are mainly European. We will discuss politics, history, and even sports all over Europe. Also, strategy game players are welcome. We will discuss politics, history, economy, and even sports all over Europe. Also, strategy game players are welcome. The freedom of speech is important, but we dont support racism or too extreme views as it hurts other people. Join and enjoy if you are interested in an international community.
A Extreme Right Wing discord server. We raid many left wing discord servers aswell as anti-fa's discords.
Islamic chill/discussion server
We are the church of the squirrel Slayer, brought to you by your pope
Hello, this is pretty much a hangout server, with some debate channels for anyone who wants to have their views challenged. It is a Discord mainly for my new YouTube channel (Plague Mistress), so you'll see my new videos posted whenever they come out. Anyways, I hope you'll join and enjoy!~
We are a community for pagans and alike to learn, grow, and socialize. We are 500+ members and welcome everyone. We are apart of The Nightshade Network and are a growing community. We have some great projects in the work currently for people of all beliefs. Come check us out and see if we are right for you, hope to see you soon.
A Christian server primary meant to spread the true gospel and well as for general bible discussion. We want people to understand the doctrines of Justification, Sanctification and Resurrection of the saints. Everyone is welcome.
A Discord server dedicated to communism. Marxism, Leninism, Learning.
A Christian hangout server for any and all that share the faith! Used for Bible teachings talk, gaming, venting, memes, and everything else appropriate. A server designed with the idea of bringing people together in mind - whether it's to talk, play video games, or discuss our faith. Come on in!
A cult/clan looking for new members. Feel free to join.
The place where Darkness meets Light and creates perfect harmony. The main idea of the server is to spread peace and keep fights aside. we want to learn one from another and create community where everyone is respected and loved, as every being and deserves respect and tolerance. We help people on their journey to practising and learn magick from different pantheons, and different styles of teaching. We also believe everyone can teach others something they are good with, but we are all trying to be there one for another. If you also want to learn about it then this is the place for you, even if you dont practice it. In The server of the shining star, we have many features such as: ● Self Assignable Roles ● Suggestion System ● A Venting channel where you can vent about everyday issues ● Even more features designed to help guide new users around ● Teaching system for different topic Join us and check it on your own!
Free speech political server that welcomes everyone regardless of political ideology to discuss a wide range of topics. There are many roles for you to choose from and you can earn admin rights by climbing through security clearance levels.
This server is a chat room server where you guys can discuss different topics. Be chill and have fun.
— 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚞𝚗𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚗 sun ⛅ Welcome to the Witches of the Unseen Sun. While we are a sever of primarily pagans and witches, we welcome all people of all religions. We have a great staff team that work to keep the peace and make sure everyone feels safe and welcomed. We also have a two step verification process that every member must complete before they get access to our community. This is to protect our members. ☀️ Welcoming community of pagans and witches 🌿 100+ self assignable roles 🌸 all religions + paths welcomed ⛅ Safe space for all types of people 🌺 LGBTQIA+ friendly 🍃 Lots of helpful info 🐝 Currently accepting staff apps 🍄 10+ different bots including anime, pagan, music and more
Are you having trouble expressing your political values in person? Are you aspiring to be like Ben Shapiro and defeat people in debates? Are you a politician? Well, if you are these things, Politics Cafe is a great place for you. You can debate over political topics such as capitalism, socialism, abortion, gay marriage, weed legalization, gun control and more!
we literally just mess around ironically worshipping cheesy mccheeseface. join for some funny lore and weird clipart
hi this is the Cult of Pappy Van Poodle we are an e cult devoted to worshiping Pappy Van Poodle we have rituals every saturday 3:00 AM (UTC) be there or be square
We are a server dedicated to history memes and gaming.
(No, we don't actually think you're dumb) A server where Satanists and Non-Satanists alike can come together and chat. This server is mainly focused on breaking the stigma surrounding Satanism, but we are open to members of all religions! We welcome everyone, from every background, of every belief. Come join us, share some memes, and find out what the media won't tell you about Satanism.
BANTER AND POLITICS. if you can't handle shitposting and a bit of toxicity then you shouldn't join.
For those of you seeking a great place to talk positivity and spirituality this is for you! Here there is nothing but welcoming vibes on a path to reach enlightenment and growth. Discuss LoA, Astrology, Astral Projection and many other wondrous topics about the soul’s capabilities. No one is discriminated against, all are welcome!
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