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A new server that has much to provide. For example, we have memes, custom ranks, and bot channels!
This server is for people who love the pokécord discord bot. Here we have many different activities revolving around this bot including tournaments and giveaways. We also have gyms that can be challenged. If you like pokémon and pokécord and have been looking for a server based around said bot then I highly recommend you join this server ASAP. English Only
Habt ihr Lust auf einen Discord Server mit einer Community die Gaming liebt und Fans von folgenden Games sind? -Alle möglichen Mario Spiele (auch Spin-Offs wie Mario Party und MK8D) -The Legend of Zelda - Splatoon 1 und 2 - Fortnite -Smash Bros Ultimate (Auch manchmal Turniere) Der Server hat Folgendes zu bieten: 🔵 Nette Leute 🔵 Viele gute Bots 🔵Lustige Smileys 🔵Partnerschaften sind auch möglich. Wenn euch dies anspricht, dann besucht doch Iggy and Friends (im Aufbau) Es würde mich freuen, Euer Iggy
A fun server with a great community and unique bots!
A Discord server for ducks.
Welcome to Discord Server Central {DSC} where you can list all your various discord servers, advertising platforms, streaming platforms and social networks We are the home of DSC - an easy to use advertising bot that broadcast 2k+ server bump advertisements to 200+ servers SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! Join today whether it is to post your server or invite DSC bump bot, we have mature yet friendly staff on hand to assist
Welcome to Developer Advertising!
Um servidor inovador para socializar, com comandos próprios e com pessoas muito legais!
Cephalons need a place to live, too. This is a home for Warframe bots and developers, but mostly the works of Tobiah.
HytaleBot's Support
StoneBot Suporte
Discord de la comunidad de Rhinos Gaming, #HailRhinos 🦏 ⚡️
OG Bot is a discord bot
yoo its the best streamer ever xD
Welcome to Pan. This is a server based on the communities from music, gaming and much more. What we have: -Staff -Mod Mail -Bots -Custom Coded Bots -Friendly Work Space Look forward to seeing you!
Development server for jagrosh's bots!
Give or get free stuff!
Yggdrasil support and community server
Vaeleth discord bot server.
Au cas où c'est pas évident depuis le début, Majestic est un BOT Discord créer par de supers humain surentraîner dans le développement. Ces surhommes on mit au point l'un des premier BOT 100% made in France qui à été conçus dans le seul but de vous aider dans votre lourde tâche de gestion de serveur Discord.
Тут просто описание
A guild dedicated to the Reflex bot.
a good server :P
a good server :P
Bot | Art
rejoint la team frero
Bot | Meme
Bine ai venit! Atat ce vrei sa-ti mai zic?
◤━━━━━━Welcome to Pika Palace!━━━━━━◥ **this is a pokecord only server, most other bots are not available** ● Here, you can chat with other trainers ● you can catch many Pokémon ● Even battle Gym Leaders and Elite 4! ● We also hold giveaways every saturday and Sunday! ● **We have game nights coming soon** ● We are open to partnerships all the time ● We have good staff who are very kind to! ● we also have music channels for people who just like to chill and listen to music!
Trivia Orchard is a HQ Trivia & Words bot that averages 11/12 (trivia) More game support is coming soon - Confetti - Loco The bot is currently in beta access for free and will cost $2.50 / mo for early birds (first 10 members) and $6 / mo for normal members.
boardcast bot
Toca do BearBot, um bot de discord com varias funções legais ;)
Basically, this place is for anything you could want as long as you’re not an ass.
Minha loja de desenvolvimento onde vendo Bot's para discord. Espero que gostem.
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