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(This server is Polish!) Serwer dla fanów minecrafta!
Looking for a community who loves role-playing? Join us now! VirtuoNet is a discord server themed like a virtual city. We have an economic simulation. You can work and do crimes in order to earn Virtos. You can buy a car and work as a taxi to earn even more Virtos! What about a fast, friendly, and dedicated pet? You can get yourself a falcon to take care of and hunt with! This is just the start and new features are being added regularly. 🤖 Our own exclusive bot! 🎉 Regular events & giveaways! 🎦 Rabbit Movie Party! 💞 Friendly community! Join Now!
Minecraft Emote Server
The Cell is a place for hanging out with people and bots alike!
AlertBot is a multiserver enabled, global ban/kick/warn list bot meant to help with the control and detection of raiders, dm spammers, underage members trying to get into NSFW servers, and a whole host of other categories. Since not all categories apply to all servers, you can choose which categories to enable and disable alerts/actions for. Because not everyone trusts a global ban list being accurate at all times, there is both kill mode and warn mode. Kill mode autobans any new member that tries to join your server, who is on the global list, under any category you have marked as enabled. Warn mode does the same, but instead of banning, it will send a DM to the server owner alerting them about the new member.
Bot | Meme
Bots, venting, memes, chat...
Geola is a premium-grade Discord bot that focuses on customization. We cover all the basics, such as moderation, utility, etc., but we really shine with customizing those "basic" features. For instance, Bot Logs. Instead of just assigning a channel for them, why not assign what actually gets logged? Ever wish Discord would remember the roles of a member, in case they left and joined later on? Fixed that for you. Oh and we also cover nicknames. It's the little things that Geola introduces, that come together to enrich your server's experience for the people that matter the most - your members.
Hi, This Server Is Based Around Pokemon Bots. This Is A Server To Feel Welcome In And We Are Normally Friendly. Check The Server Description For More Info.
Welcome to the Runaways server where you just try to run from reality and try to live life away from it but of well we just return back in there over in this server we help out each other we have fun together and share stuff together were a chill server you can make new friends here NSFW Gaming Arts Music
↣ ΣUREKA est un server regroupant de tout, mais surtout, un centre de discussion où tous les sujets et centres d’intérêts sont acceptés et partagés en ne tenant compte d’aucune différence ! ↣ Faites parts de vos centres d’intérêts, créations et situations de tous les jours librement. Ici vous pourrez faire de nouvelles connaissances tout comme raconter votre vie (●'◡'●) ↣ Nous souhaitons nous développer afin d'acquérir une grande expérience et vous proposer un contenue toujours à la hauteur de vos attente. Notre développement nous permettra par la suite de vous proposer d'autres fonctionnalités inédites. L'ambiance, la cohésion et la persévérance sont les mot clé de la réussite.
Eğlencenin Tek Adresi...
The Ayumibot server is the first discord run and managed by an ai! It is a fun and welcoming server for everyone
A basic server for pokecord where you can get pokemon easily.
We play on any console and on all games, if you ware looking for somewhere to have fun or to look for help then look no further! Join today to get help or have fun with other people!
Come talk to people in a server with a simple rule: Don't violate Discord ToS. Otherwise, fuck you.
ᴛᴇᴀᴍꜰᴇᴀʀʟᴇꜱꜱ ᴅɪꜱᴄᴏʀᴅ Looking for: ▸Disocrd Server Raids? ▸DDOS/Booting people/Websites? Join! TeamFearless.
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