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Join the Saiyan Race to take part in many Dragon Ball related discussions, events & giveaways! Home of our Dragon Ball Legends bot: Android 21.
Join the Saiyan Race to take part in many Dragon Ball related discussions, events & giveaways! Home of our Dragon Ball Legends bot: Android 21.
This server is a friendly server and we just play in the bots channel allot!Please read the rules when you join!
We do Pokemon stuff like Gyms Elite Four + Champion Daycare AND MORE!
Cool, Fun, Amazing, Wonderful, Friendly, Community, Bots, Casino, Economy, NSFW, Verification, 13+, Gaming, Battle, Memes, Media, Anime, Art, Music
Bot Join me and a amazing army of gold miners (jk) We offer ** Spotify premium accounts ** ** Mincraft Accounts ** ** Origin Accounts ** ** Fortnite Accounts ** ** Hulu accounts ** ** Netflix accounts ** ** Discord Nitros ** ** Discord Hacks ( Unicodes and how to change your tag without nitro ) ** ** 5 bots to generate with ** ** It’s Free! No invites no nothing! ** Why wouldn’t you people save about ** £2500 ** just by joining it! So just click join! Peace ouch! My money
If you're careful and noclip out of reality in the right areas, you’ll end up in the Frontrooms, where it’s nothing but the pleasing scent of expensive pipe tobacco, the coziness of burgundy red, the endless crackle of a fireplace, and 450 channels of tastefully segmented lounges to be relaxed in.
Make 3D models, scripts, websites in a team, develop your skills and get paid in the process.
[FR - EN] Venez, On peut pas cliquer sur rejoindre à ta place
Paradøx and TeXit are two great bots for Discord. Paradøx is a multipurpose bot aimed at server moderation and utility; TeXit is a bot aimed at rendering LaTeX, a typesetting language for mathematics and much more. We have an incredibly friendly community that are capable of helping with any maths related problems.
A new Discord for a Massive Network. Literally, the name is Massive Network. Join here for chat with the community, and fun.
Discord Against Humanity is a spin on Cards Against Humanity. Discord Against Humanity allows you, the players, to submit prompts and responses and adds a unique twist to the game. The source code of the bot is available at
Discord Against Humanity is a spin on Cards Against Humanity. Discord Against Humanity allows you, the players, to submit prompts and responses and adds a unique twist to the game. The source code of the bot is available at
Jopebot is a twitch/discord bot with many features
Discord Server for the BOT Saki.
The server is where I post most of my finished projects and provide free downloads for them. It's also home to the Screenshare bot.
we are a server to play with bots, you can get your own bots online here, or just test them in the developer channels.
In this server we just have fun while to talking to new friends!!!! Their are also many fames such as pokecord, and if you need help you can DM me KrisH the server manager and ill try to see if i can help you!!!! 😊
je voudrais te présenter mon serveur ***Le✴DarksWorld✴*** ❓]Mais quel genre de serveur c'est ?[❓ Il se porte sur *3* Thème, lesquelles ? : ``` -📹Youtube📹 -📚Manga/Anime📚 -🎰Gaming🎰 ``` Quels sont les avantages des ses *3* Thèmes ? 📹``` YOUTUBE: ```📹 `` bien que cela semble logique on y trouve ma chaine a moi mais le plus intéressant on peut y mettre la [VOTRE] c'est pas génial sa ?`` 📚``` MANGA/ANIME: ```📚 ``Pour vous les fan d'anime voici une catégories rien que pour vous,dedans vous y trouverez nouveau anime et manga puis vous pourrez partager vos dessins si vous étés dessinateur.`` 🎰``` GAMING: ```🎰 ``Et pour nos petit Gamer la catégorie GAMING vous enchantera avec des info sur les nouveautés du monde du gaming.`` -Tu y trouvera mon bot a moi pour t'amuser
» CProtect is an open-source captcha bot to protect you, and your guild members from malicious automated bot attacks! I've seen too many servers get targeted over bot raids, so I've created a hassle-free, easy to use bot to combat these issues! - There are no websites involved, there are no annoying web-captchas involved! CProtect is revolutionizing moderation! Join the new face of moderation today! DBL » Website » Join this server to see how CProtect works!
Hey! We have a server with bots, requestable roles, and much more!
🚀 __FoxProtect - Support__ Ouvre ses porte ! __❓ FoxProtect c'est quoi ❓__ 📣 - Un bot discord pas comme les autres ! 🎉 - Avec des mises à jour chaque semaine ! 🎖 - Des commande spécial pour les membres FoxTeam ! 🛡 - Un système de grade facile a obtenir ! ♻ - Une fonction anti-raid avec une blacklist ! __📌 Les recrutements !__ - Des partenaires | ON - Des supports | ON - Des développeurs | ON __🔻 Tu veux nous rejoindre ? 🔻__ 🔸 Discord : → / - ! - \ FoxProtect / - ! - \ ←
Respeito com geral Rumo ao topo!
A server for making bots for free! 5$/month Hosting fee! Faster order completion at 2$/feature! Reach Lvl 20 to get Bots for free!
Zeonix Botun Resmi Sunucusu
Partnership Discord Partnership Discord is were you can have your OWN server advertised in a server with over 1000 members. You can also advertise your own social media and support yourself with almost anything. Partnership Discord has experience in many things! We have Partnership Managers, helpful administration and moderation team. If you would like to join and partner with us feel free!
Konverte's bot development server. Konverte is Polish bot (It will soon be translated into English and English will be mainly language).
Art | Bot
Receive helpful resources from our Graphic Designer Tools bot to enhance your designing workspace with tips & tricks!
Discord bot advertising server.
Jogamos para um Cla HL Quer entra e fazer o teste!!
Minecraft Emote Server
AlertBot is a multiserver enabled, global ban/kick/warn list bot meant to help with the control and detection of raiders, dm spammers, underage members trying to get into NSFW servers, and a whole host of other categories. Since not all categories apply to all servers, you can choose which categories to enable and disable alerts/actions for. Because not everyone trusts a global ban list being accurate at all times, there is both kill mode and warn mode. Kill mode autobans any new member that tries to join your server, who is on the global list, under any category you have marked as enabled. Warn mode does the same, but instead of banning, it will send a DM to the server owner alerting them about the new member.
It's a Good Discord Server with Friendly Members
Sunucumuzda Partner Mevcut.
Mój pierwszy serwer
Bu sunucuda efsane kodlar paylaşılıyor!
If you want free discord bot join this server! --- Eğer bedava bir discord botu istiyorsan sunucuya katıl!
bot games server, with some futures uwu
This server isn't a bot support server. This is a Discord Bot List. Again: We are not a "Support Server" for bots, if you have an issue with a bot go to their support server.
Best discord server list | Лучшие дискорд сервера.
Olá, seja bem vindo
C'est un serveur ou toute les communautés de développeur sont invité a discuter entre eux de leur language favori, Il y a : -C -API Discord -Python -HTML -Ruby -PHP
Alors, Je vais vous présenter JeuTB. Qu'est-ce que JeuTB ? Vous avez tous les points en dessous : 🔴 JeuTB est un serveur de détente ⚠ Mais ce n'est pas une raison pour faire n'importe quoi il y a quand même un réglèment 🤖 Il y a beaucoup de bot amusants ! 😏 J'ai mis presque un an pour créer le serveur (bon je n'y ai pas travaillé dessus tout les jours mais c'est pour vous dire que j'ai fais quelque chose de bien) 👌 Le staff est recruté selon des critères spécifiques et donc devrait être sympa mais je ne vous garantit rien 💌 Nous avons un salon suggestion pour être encore plus proche du public ! 🔐 Le serveur est protégé des cancers, des selfbot par des bots anti-raid ! Une auto-modération puissante notamment au niveau des mots grossiers. 🆘 Le serveur dispose d'un salon de support pour créer des tickets afin d'aider au maximum les membres ! ⚖ Vous avez le droit d'avoir une seconde chance ! Si vous vous faites bannir, vous pouvez rejoindre un serveur spécial.
🎮 Игровая тематика сервера. 👑 Имеется система ролей и уровней. 🎭 Присутствует множество различных ботов, а именно: 🎶 Музыкальные боты работающие 24\7: ◾ Relax. ◾ Chill. ◾ Pop. ◾ Dance. ◾ Trap. 📣 Оповещающие боты: ◾ Раздачи игр для Steam, Uplay, Origin и т.п., ◾ Новинки фильмов. ◾ Выходы новых серий сериалов. ◾ Прочие развлекательные и информационные видео. ◾ Новости киберспорта и игр. ◾ HSFV и т.д. 🔥 Всё более подробно можете увидеть на самом сервере.
Server for the dyno bot turned into a hangout! If you like hanging out with others or like the Dyno bot this is the best server for you! My Tag : TrueArt#9195 Have any complaints DM that user.
Se serveur, c'est le serveur officiel de "Exoria" Sur ce serveur il y a plusieurs choses ➡️ - Des grades à acheter avec de l’argent IG ➡️ - Des jeux tel que le pile ou face, Shifumi, Akinator, pendu etc ➡️ - Rôle de Notification pour ceux qu’ils aiment pas les notifications ➡️ - Des GiveAways souvent organisés ➡️ - La radio SkyRock 24/7 ➡️ - Et plein d’autre chose encore
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