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Servidor de minecraft habla hispana, basado en hypixel. IP:
Servidor suporte do bot Flack,venha adicioná-lo, conversar dar sugestões e muito mais.
The **Land of Ashes** is a unique Pokecord server that has many fun things to do, including: **✧** A friendly, active, and non-toxic **community** to talk to **✧** Unique gym system with 9 **dual-type gyms**, an Elite Four, and a Champion to try and beat for rewards! **✧** Vacant **gym spots** are open for application and **tournaments** will be held for them **✧** There are **giveaways** hosted very often, as well as events and interactive giveaways with mini challenges! **✧** Trustworthy, cheap, and active **pokemon daycare** ran by members **✧** Daily **games** such as word games, cards against humanity, pictionary, and more! **✧** Private channels where other members run their own **businesses and activities**!
Türkçe Discord Bot Yapma & Kod Paylaşım Sunucusudur. Sizde Sunucumuza Katılarak, Kendi Discord Botunuzu Yapabilirsiniz!
Salut toi x)
Support and testing server for my first ever bot!
Yeni Sunucumuza Hoş Geldiniz :)
Nous sommes une petite communauté français avec plein de bot gaming (enderbot, koya, strikebot, cassimon) et on a notre propre bot confectionné par @AżЄЯρŧĪφρ, notre fondateur !
Bot | Bot
A server where custom mod bots, factions bots etc are sold/shared.
LogoTalk ➖ deutscher mc server
Ceci et le discord du serveur roleplay
O servidor de suporte do bot Blup
SK-TURKün sunucusuna hoşgeldin
Bot sunucusu
Just come and chill
CS.16 serveri
"Weblefact Sunucusu" Birçok oyundan arkadaşlıklar kurabilirsiniz. Özel botumuz mevcuttur.
hahaha baha
This is a general purpose test server. Anyone can be admin or do anything, just ask if you want a permission. Do you need to spam a server, or use someone else's testing server that actually has members? use this one! This channel is for testing bots, spamming people, posting NSWF content, or anything else, really.
Le serveur officiel du bot BasicRP, permettant de faciliter le RP sur vos serveurs !
Support server for bot: Kanade Tachibana
Plop Plop Plop Plop Plop Plop Plop Plop Plop Plop
Hoşgeldiniz :)
Server zSloth
Art | Bot
This is the best minecrat server ever to face the bald earth
WarniaLand | PvP-Faction 1.8 Le Serveur PvP-Faction Bonjour, voici la publicité de WarniaLand | PvP-Faction 1.8 ! Qui sommes nous? Nous sommes le serveur discord d'un serveur Minecraft en 1.8 ! ^^ Nous sommes un seveur PvP-Faction, notre but et de vous divertir dans une expériences merveilleuse ! Nous recrutons du staff ! Pour envoyer ta candidature, nous te proposons de rejoindre le serveur pour obtenir plus d'informations !
![Imgur]( # Chika Fujiwara Support
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