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Hivemind is a place for people from all over the globe to come together and work on projects. By combining experience in different types of fields we should be able to create something successful, and possible turn the projects into something profitable.
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Kusura bakmayın reklam yapmayı sevmiyorum ama yapmak zorundayım Davet Karşılığında Hediyeler Veriyoruz Örnek Olarak!!! BluTv Premium Hesap Yetkili Bayi [5 DAVET]✓ ✓ Minecraft Demir Premium [3 DAVET]✓ ✓ Spotify Herşeyi Değişen Süresiz Premium Hesap [5 DAVET]✓ ✓ Siz Daha Neler İsterseniz Ekleyeceğiz. Netflix Vb. Veya Komple Paket Olarak 5 TL'Ye Alabilirsiniz Ömür Boyu Garantili Dolandırıcı Değiliz,Dolandırıcı Türevleride Değiliz,Amacımız Ramazan Hediyesi.
At my Server you can buy : _______ACCOUNTS_______ > Origin Accounts > Spotify Accounts > Fortnite Accounts > Steam Keys > And many more.. _______ACCOUNTS_______ _______SERVICE_______ > I make a Websites > I make a Onepage > I make a Disocrd > And more... _______SERVICE_______
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An Asgardian and Marvel themed Kin server focused on fictionkin and factkin. We have no blacklist and a lot of activity.
**Hello my friend** **Sorry for taking your time** we built a community and a absolute friendly zone for the world of warcraft lovers and also offering our services about boosting up in wow and trying to do that in best way as possible and also **cheapest price** that you can find ,only for you guys. at the moment all of our services about boosting up in world of warcraft taking place in **EU** servers and **HORDE **faction. __For more information you can join in our discord server__ **you can also find your questions and the requirements in our discord. if you couldnt find your questions on the lists contact with admins.**
You want robux but you don’t have money ? Just read this: Here you can earn Robux for Free and is very easy. You have multiple possibilities to earn Robux : You can Invites Peoples, Win a giveaway (every Wednesday) and more. We give you the links of working sites and how they work. If you think is scam, I have screen to proof it.
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> KingRegedit - by Zowlak • Create your own custom regedit for improve your experience and your games, start to only 1€, best for 5€.
Here you can buy cheap followers, like, views, and subscribers for twitch, youtube, instagram
We are a growing noob friendly community dedicated to helping new players get a helpful start to the game we offer things ranging from guides to purchasable in-game goods for cheap prices Including currency, Levels, and Stat boosts!. For people who have been playing for a while feel free to chill with the rest of the community or help out some new players! Be nice and have fun!
Stone© Happy talking community 🔥
SBA proudly hosts the ScotTech Order Center, a place dedicated to developers and consumers. ScotTech is a Model Marketplace system that sells and accepts orders for anything that our developers can create. Developers recieve 100% of what they create and our role as a middleman eliminates the risk of scams.
Hello, and welcome to the official KryptoDev Server! This is a staff-led and community driven server with the purpose of organizing our community updates and suggestions. Updates about KryptoDev projects can be seen on our website ( and are announced concurrently on our server. Thank you for your time, we hope to see you there!
Code Square – Your Resource for Everything Programming / Coding, Business, Product & Design. Learning how to code? Starting up a business? We got you covered. We offer links to external resources, books and tools with a supportive and experienced community. NodeJS, Ruby, PHP, C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web, WordPress, Rust.
Selling gift cards with discount! Have cards for shop's, restaurants, airlines, hotels, spa & wellness and others. Codes are working online and in-store!
Organized brand new advertising server of 500+ members!
Hoşgeldiniz. Bilgilendirme yakında buraya eklenecek :)
Hello! This server is a support server for a bot called BloxManager Ranking Service We sell Ranking Services to Roblox It’s very cheap Join the server now!
This is a description!
Sanctity Co is a business with a variety of services! Currently, we sell: - Graphic Design - Video Games - Books - Board Games and Card Games - Website Development - And more to come! Staff positions open! Join and apply! We are looking for Graphic Designers, Board Game Designers, and more!
Community oriented carding server. Share methods, buy CVV, fullz and more!
We are a professional discord focused on making customized discord bots. Just leave a request of any type of bot you would like.
Apuity6 is the one stop shop for Discord Bot Development! Do you need a Discord bot developed for you/your server? Head on over to Apuity6! We will do our best to make you proud!
Nous offrons sur ce serveur discord Des Discord Nitros , Des comptes spotify PREMIUM et des NETFLIX ! Giveaway tout les jours + drop + systeme d'invitations ! Pas de fake !
We are a game company, who provides amusing content to the general public. We also host giveaways for our Broadway Sweeps Contests! We post music videos, the game plays, and extras with MMO's like Wizard101, Pirate101, Toontown Servers including Tooniversal (Our Own) Toontown Rewritten, Free Realms ( Our WIP ) WOW, Fortnite and more!
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