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Welcome to The largest Girls Only Club... where boys can join on Discord! Join us for talks about Anime, Games, Manga, Visual Novels, and cute stuff. We have weekly giveaways, active text and voice channels, Color roles (with special roles that all members are eligible to work towards), a Global Leveling System, NSFW channels, SFW options for those who want to avoid NSFW content. Check our website out:
Ash 'n' Bones is a fun family sever focused on making friends, engaging in interesting conversations, and letting go of all your stress.
This server has taggable roles for all smash ultimate matchmaking. We also have a crew, ranked system, and tournaments. In addition, we have a place to share any creative things you might have created, and of course, a meme channel. We welcome players of all skill levels. Keep it safe, keep it fun, and have a good time! Don't forget to flair yourselves with roles when you get there...
Café X
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Join Cafe X ☆ Chill & Laid Back Community ☆ Discussion Channels ☆ Creative Prompts ☆ Themed Weekends ☆ 16+.
this Clubhouse is Community while also being a server based on finding and getting partners/partner managers we host a nitro giveaway at every 100 members until 700! so come join now!
- All round type of discord. - Server where you can make friends. - Great times, chill out, relax. - Monitored but no excess of rules. - Rules are simple, don't be stupid.
Hello and welcome! We are a small server with chill rules and laid back community. If you're looking to make new friends and want to get away from the chaos of other Discord servers, then you've come to the best place. We have emojis, a ton of bots, and welcoming members. Come and say hello!
A safe place for others to express their feelings, meet new people, and chill. The main goal of Second Home is to help all kinds of people with different mental disabilities. We don't judge, we welcome everyone, make yourself at home.
We are an inclusive community of creators, collaborators, and artists here to promote our content and connect with one another. There are many self-assingable creator roles and channels for talking about making content. We now do server partnerships!
» Anime, Manga, Nightcore etc. | A growing community with similar interests. | Tatsumaki | Music | Ranks | Kind members with an open heart! ヾ(`∀´)ノ゙ Since you went this far, you seem to be interested, my cutie~, » To have you and others included in our family and community would help us more to reach our goal to connect each other. Our goal is for people to have the opportunity to find new friends and people to talk to. We are basically interested in the following topics: Anime • Manga • Nightcore • Art • Gaming • Music • Roleplaying etc. However, you have almost unlimited possibilities of topics to talk about. Everyone is welcome to join. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to meet others peacefully! We look forward to your membership. ヾ(`∀´)ノ゙
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Scarlet is a server for people 13+! We offer fun bots, assignable roles, partnerships, economy, hobby based channels, NSFW with role, along with Nitro giveaways, and more! As-well as maintaining a supportive and wholesome environment for you to feel at home!
Unofficial discord community server for discussion about the MMORPG Dragon Nest, welcoming players from all regions!
☆ TXT ☆ is a server for the BigHit group TXT, kpop fans and people in general are also welcome. Friendly community, roles, channels, updates and bots included.
This is a server for making friends. If you want to be more than friends, too bad for you. Turn back now or forever be stuck in... the friendzone! Must be 18+
The Kingdoms of Gaia is a medieval-fantasy magical RP with cool lore and 4 unique kingdoms fully controllable by whoever rules them! Take up the crown from another player to rule the kingdom how you like. The server is set on helping and watching character's grow. Story arcs you make, interact and involve other players all to see yourself grow. Your powers also will grow stronger as you do! If you love to tell a story and involve others in it, you'll love this place! Note, we're a fairly small community trying to grow. It may be quiet, but with enough active people, it can easily change. Come help be a part of our growth! LF Partners to help grow!
Artist's Heaven is an art server full of friendly, constructive artists happy to help each other with feedback and aid. With a strong moderation team, the community is very friendly and happy to chat with and aid each other in improving. Commissions are welcome to help artists out, and make friends while drawing. All kinds of art is welcome so we hope to see you soon! Streamers welcome to, post your picarto/twitch when you go live!
We are a community based server where you can meet new friends and talk about pretty much ANYTHING. We do host nitro events so don't waste any time and come join us! *DISCORD GOT TALENT EVENT COMING SOON*
Here you can share your artwork, give ideas and help others to improve! You can also get Artist of the week by sharing your art in the server, you will be able to get a role for yourself and choose whatever name/colour you want it. This is a friendly server so we do not allow hate. And if you are one of them people who hate on others, you will be muted or kicked *Depends on how bad the situation was.*
The official Dimini Inc. Discord channel. Server for conversation with Dimini administration, as well as other people who like Dimini.
Active Asian Social Community Server. We strive to have a family-oriented based community while maintaining a relaxed and fun environment. If you're looking for a place that's kind of weird, but well regulated, then this is the server for you. Well organized with daily events and hosted bots. Members can pick their own roles to describe themselves. We have channels for mostly anything. Channels and roles are straight-forward. We try to have a fair and just moderation team. Join us and have a look! ⛩️ Kpop Anime Gaming Community Asian Movies Drama Events Giveaways ⛩️ Bots: Nadeko Mee6 PokeCord (Fast Spawns) Tatsumaki Miki Unbelievaboat MusicBots
Serwer o tematyce ogólnej, na którym można znaleźć kanały aktywne kanały tekstowe jak i głosowe. Oferujemy kanały do umawiania się na poszczególne gierki z których można uzyskać rolę na poszczególnym kanale oraz kanał z memami, z waszymi pracami, nsfw, z waszymi pracami artystycznymi jak i zdjęciami, muzyką.Jeżeli chcieli byście dodać coś na serwer jesteśmy również gotowi rozpatrzeć to na specjalnym kanale Dysponujemy także kanałami z botami takimi jak: Mantaro, Miki, Myuu, Tatsumaki, Toasty, Rythm, IdleRPG oraz Yggdrasil. Rozdajemy także rangi za wspomaganie naszego serwera poprzez różne, owieczkowe emotikonki oraz aktywność i bycie miłym dla innych, zapraszanie innych osób na serwer i reklamowanie go
Le Renareich est un serveur francophone NSFW (16 ans mini) ouvert mais sélectif et protecteur de sa communauté, constitué d'une grande partie communautaire variée (jeux vidéos, art, culture, exhib, etc.) et d'un coin weeb. Nous disposons de plus de deux sections distinctes et facultatives, Furry et BDSM. Que vous soyez intéressé par notre communauté, les sections spéciales ou l'ensemble, vous êtes les bienvenus ! Avec une modération solide, nous faisons passer la qualité avant le nombre de membres, et nous ne demandons qu'à nous améliorer avec vous.
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Welcome to cRaZy! PUBG/FORTNITE/RUST/CSGO/APEX, Regular Gaming Sessions, Self assignable roles, Find teammates, Free advertising, Simple rules, Voice Chat, Music Invite:
An ordinary hangout/hideout server for Discord. Gotta love it.
Discord Server for all things politics! Debate on several topics, count, meme and more!
a growing chill hangout server where everyone is welcome! Come have a chat, make some friends and just have a good time. It's a safe space without judgement and you will be welcomed no matter what Growing a little bit every day, now at almost 200 members!
Join fast growing community with active and friendly people, fun events, giveaways, assignable roles, and much more. Thousand members are waiting for you!
︵‿︵‿︵‿⋆ ˚。⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Welcome to Plumappu ₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎♡! ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ 。˚ ⋆‿︵‿︵‿︵ ✿ Plumappu is a brand new super duper cute and soft server where you can join and hopefully make many friends in a comfy environment! In Plumappu you will have lots of fun and feel right at home! c: ✿ ୨୧ Adorable theme! 🌼 ✿ Custom bot! (with fun store!!) 🐻 ୨୧ Unique leveling system! 🌼 ✿ Self assignable roles! 🐻 ୨୧ Many colour options! c: 🌼 ✿ Tons of different channels! 🐻 ୨୧ Waifubot! 🌼 ✿ 100 ADORABLE EMOTES !! 🐻 ୨୧ And so much more!!!! 🌼 ୨୧ So why wait? Come join our cute little family!! ୨୧
[Deutscher Discord Server | German Discord Server] Der deutsche Discord für den wahren Gamer! Brandaktuelle Gaming News, free Games und Gewinnspiele lassen jedes Gamerherz höher schlagen! Abgerundet wird dies durch eine übersichtliche Serverstruktur und unserem einzigartigen Serverbot. Überzeug dich selbst und finde bei derzeit über 3.000 Mitgliedern deinen Zockerbuddy fürs Leben ♥
We are a Gaming Community geared towards the life style of Active Duty, Reserve Components, and Veterans of all branches. Military Service members from the United States. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Civilians and those interested in military service and the life style are encouraged to join. We are a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out with like minded people, talk to new people every day, and play games. Everyone is welcome to join our fast-growing community. Community Meetings and Giveaways every month including beta keys, games, cash prizes and more. Staff(Officers) will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable. Hope you enjoy being a part of our community!
Welcome to the No U Gaming Club. We're a highschool gaming club and discord server. We play games such as ⚽Rocket League⚽ ?Apex? ⚔️For Honor⚔️ ☠️Dead By Daylight ☠️ ?Rainbow Six Siege? ?‍♂️League of legends ?‍♀️ 🥊Smash Bros🥊 We would like other gamers to join us for fun gaming sessions.Once our discord becomes bigger, we plan on doing major tournaments/events with prizes to win. When were bored, we like to use the mini game bots we added, as well as send memes to each other. We mostly play on PS4/Xbox, but PC players are also allowed to join.Must be between13-20 to join.We also have twitch support.
a froggy filled gaming/chill server filled with retarded teens and abusive admins. join at your own risk.
A random emoji server. Must have nitro to use outside the server.
This is an automotive car discord server! I do hope we can build a strong community here, and have lots of fun at the same time! Here we talk about cars in game, or in real life. I did however manage to type up a little sorta map so to say. I hope it is useful! You know, so we don’t get lost, or anything like that. c:
Neo Gamers is a community-powered server to provide a home for any gamer. The console and computer system doesn't matter. Even if you make games this is a good place to come and show off your work.
🌸 Welcome All Asian 'Drama' & 'Music' Lovers 🌸 Sharing, Respect, Laughter, Consolation, Joy, Happiness, Understanding, Mutual Passion are the Main Emotions that coexist within this Worldwilde Big Family called : 💜 ƇHIƝƓUS IƝ ƊRAMALAƝƊ 💜 aka Ƈ I Ɗ 👉 52 Channels: 🌷 8 Categories 🌺 50 Texts 🎵 2 Voices 👉 Self assignable roles (suggestions of new roles) 👉 16 Bots 👉 Partnerships 👉 NO NSFW ⛔ 👈 🦋 Join us to discuss in joy and conviviality 🦋 ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 💞 Thank You 💞 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
A fun server where we hang out, chill make friends and have fun. Hope you enjoy your stay :)
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. == Attend class, make friends, and learn to be a wizard. Simply make your profile, get Sorted, pick your wand and start roleplaying! (Knowledge of the books is valued but isn't required.) - 950+ Members - 200+ RP Roles & Channels - Active and evolving RP - Games and Events - Great Staff & Cool Bots - Harry Potter Fans All are welcome. We eagerly await your return owl and hope to see you at the start of term. Safe travels!
A chill community to hang out and Make Believe.~
Something for Everybody is a Discord community, which is dedicated to shape a community around members to allow there to be something for everybody to get stuck into. We have managed to get across our purpose, which was to form a community which has a variety in conversation topics, and yet have diversity to create an almost “hub” for people to socialise. We provide over twenty topic areas for “hot-topics” and hobbies such as sport and gaming.
Server dedicat pentru comunitatea română de LOL.
This is a group that is based around the furry community. We are open to anyone who is a furry, fur friendly or someone who just wants to find a server to call a home! We're a small family with big plans in the future, and we hope that our server can grow into a large community that everyone would be proud to call "Home". Come on in, you're always welcome.
The Woodlands is a community driven server. It is not limited to any topics or themes although it has a cute forest aesthetic. We welcome all kind of talks whether its sports to anime. We have great staff members and often have events and active VC's. We are really hoping to see you there!
ΛΡΟCRΥΡΗΛ ☾, a dark basement for the common weeb, gamer, artist or occultist. Active VC, Anti-Toxicity, Staff Applications Open. Events ⌯ Giveaways ⌯ Roles ⌯ Leveling ⌯ Long Talks
Ethereal is a space-themed server that is focused on having fun and socializing. Experience chill peaceful moments or some wild action. Come in the ship and chill! We are inclusive. 1:1 Male and Female ratio.
TOP 3 CHAT XP GAINERS FOR APRIL WIN NITRO!!! The Largest Oldschool Runescape Discord With A Highly Active Voice Chat.
"Friendly Times" is a community and dating hub (looking to also develop an RP community as RP now has its own category) suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. We embrace those who are different and welcome them to our server. Our server is dedicated to help you find friends online who you can not only chat with, but also build a lasting relationship. You could also find love on our server! We have implemented an NSFW channel as well for those who....need it.(currently the server is new and still small but is looking to grow and gain some reliable staff)
Spiral101 is a server where you can request help or help others in either Wizard101 or Pirate101! We will be having lots of giveaways in the coming weeks but we need Giveaway Hosts! Feel like giving to a community? then come and join us! We'd love to have you!
If you like anime, memes, games, nsfw, roleplaying and more you're at the right place! We are a community that offers lots to those who are seeking a open and friendly environment. We also offer an advertising channel for those who want to grow a server of their own. Feel free to stop by anytime and hang out with your friends!
A place to share drawings and converse with other artists.
Antisocial social skupina pro doup boye a smutný kurvičky. NSFW sekce. 250+ Členů. Najdi svého cukrtátu nebo svojí osobní děvku. Skoro vše je dovoleno.
# Inoffizielle Ford Community # Wenn du dich für Themen wie Autos, Fahrzeugtechnik, Tuning, Zukunftstechnologie, etc. interessierst bist du hier genau richtig. (Der Server befindet sich noch in der Aufbauphase)
Welcome to **Café 0131+**! Here, peeps all around Discord gather for debates on topics such as politics, modern day crises, and current events, as well as some light-weight discussions on lives and such. We also have artworks and memes for you to enjoy! Join today for engaging discussions and a great family that welcomes everyone!
Sunucumuzda istediğiniz konuda sohbet edebilir, müzik dinleyebilir,oynadığınız oyunlar hakkında konuşabilirsiniz.Küfür kesinlikle yasaktır.
A chill server for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. We have an active voice chat with people from all over Europe. 16+
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Welcome to Paradise! A truly Drama free discord server, whose community members enjoy real convo. mic spam free gaming and various community events. So, if your tired of the toxic internet B.S. we have created a safe haven or Utopian community to chillax in all categories. Music, Movies, Art Gaming, and VC. We are the best place to come organize eSports events or campaigns, without all the disruption of the cancerous disruptive internet trolls as a whole. Come meet new friends, or find one of our many channels to unwind after a long day at school or work. Relax while grinding in your favorite game or finishing your homework while listening to music. Monthly Events: Including art, mixed media, and gaming. Come to join the fun!
wicked the hedgehog is a hedgehog that is 14 years old and he has a gun and a katana that he uses to fight his stepdad vince and got his scars from fighting vince. his special abilitey is turning invisible when the bullies at school make fun of him and running fast away from theyre mean words. one day he will use his katana and gun to fight the bullies at school and math teacher mr wilkins.
Rope bunny is a term used within the bondage community to denote a person who is tied up with rope by another individual, known as a rigger or rope artist. Usually the term rope bunny is used to refer to models who are tied up to demonstrate techniques in rope bondage, such as shibari, but it may also be used to refer to anyone who is tied up with rope. Although rope bunny is a relatively common term, some people in the BDSM community object to it because it casts the bound partner as a victim rather than an active participant in a scene. Rope bottom is a more neutral description to use.
18+; centered around the art's, including traditional arts, music, photography, abstract and contemporary, graphics arts and more.
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